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This is a list of Biffa2001's modded MindCrack videos, recorded sessions by Biffa2001 on the MindCrack modded server using Feed the Beast and CrackPack. Biffa's playlist for this server is "MindCrack Crack Pack - Modded Minecraft Pack"

Feed the Beast Season 1[edit]

This season occurred on the modded server's third map, which also included CrackPack.

Video Notable events Featuring
26 Feb 2014 "MindCrack FTB #5 - Cheaty Raided & "Raiding"!"
  • Views the damage from Nebris' raid on his base
  • Discovered JSano's base
  • Base relocated to another location
  • Caving with Baj in their future base

CrackPack Season 2[edit]

This season occurred on the modded server's fourth map.