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The Minecraft avatar of Biffa2001
Born (1976-02-29) 29 February 1976 (age 43)[1][2]
Country United Kingdom
Gender M
Other names Biffa, Agent B

Biffa2001 is an English Let's Play commentator, a founding member of the HermitCraft server, and a guest of the Mindcrack modded server since February 2014.


Biffa is from England, United Kingdom. When asked about his city of residence, Biffa says "not so up North but not so down South."[3] Biffa is a husband, and a father of two sons.[4] His second son, Theo, was born on 1 January 2012.[5] Aside from YouTube, Biffa works two jobs[4] but despite his busy schedule, he finds time to record whenever he can.[6]

Let's Play[edit]

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
SimCity "SimCity 5 - SimPals" 11 Mar 2013
SimCity "SimCity 5 - SimTastic4" 21 Mar 2013 Featuring Docm77, Keralis1, and Xisuma
The Sims 3 "The Sims 3" 15 Apr 2013
Civilization V "Civilization 5: Brave New World" 10 Jul 2013
Starbound "Starbound" 3 Dec 2013 Received early access to the game
Banished "Banished (City Building Strategy Game)" 24 Jan 2014 Received early access to the game
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Survival singleplayer "Biffa's Minecraft Adventure" 1 Feb 2011
Survival multiplayer "Biffa's Redux Multiplayer (Minecraft)" 19 May 2011
Survival singleplayer "Biffa's Minecraft Redux" 24 May 2011
"Super Hostile #2: Sea of Flame II" "Vechs Sea of Flame 2 (Super Hostile) Playthrough" 5 Sep 2011 Inspired by OOG
"The Most Extreme" "The Most Extreme (Survival & Challenge map)" 17 Oct 2011 Map by Xisuma
"404 Challenge" "Guude's 404 CTM Adventure Map (Super Hostile)" 22 Oct 2011 Guude's 404 challenge
"Vinyl Fantasy" "Vinyl Fantasy" 25 Feb 2012
HermitCraft survival multiplayer "HermitCraft Vanilla Minecraft Server" 14 Apr 2012
"Aether II" "Aether II w/Skyzm (Minecraft Mod)" 18 Jun 2013 Featuring skyzm
Mindcrack CrackPack Modded multiplayer 8 Feb 2014 A guest on the server's fourth map


Biffa is a founding member of the HermitCraft server. He had been invited to join by generikb due to his work on Let's Plays.[7]

Biffa's Bowl

On HermitCraft 2.0, Biffa's first house was a largely wooden home open to the air at the main town.[8] He initially established a remote base at a witch hut but gave it up after finding out that most of the hut is outside the swamp.[9] He found another witch hut and established a base there.[10] He had cleared a huge perimeter centered around the witch hut to improve the efficiency of the witch farm, which is based on King_Happy's witch farm design. He was in the process of building a massive base in the sky above the witch hut, larger than his Bowl. He had plans to build a dark room mob farm above the witch farm.[11] The sky base could be accessed using Ender Pearl elevators.[12] He planned to have automated machines and several farms for crops, animals, and villagers.[13]

Mindcrack modded server[edit]

Biffa joined the Mindcrack modded server in February 2014, during its third map (Crack the Beast). He was invited to join the server as a guest to continue his collaboration with W92Baj.[14] Biffa helped develop the CrackPack modpack, and appeared on Mindcrack's CrackPack server on the Best Team. He reappeared during season 2 of the CrackPack server.

After a year long absence of Mindcrack's modded server, Biffa returned as a guest on the upon the launch of a new CrackPack server in June 2016.

Minecraft skin[edit]

Biffa's current skin is modified from his previous skin; his helmet lifted with his face visible. This skin was made by Awsam36.[15][16]

Biffa2001's Minecraft skin

Previous skins[edit]


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