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Feed the Beast

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Feed the Beast, abbreviated as FTB, is a collection of Minecraft modifications (mods). The MindCrack members play on Guude's private FTB server. All members are welcome to play on the server, but some have chosen not to. Feed the Beast is a modpack similar to tekkit, but compiled with permissions of the mod developers and simple installation from its own launcher.

Mindcrack FTB[edit]

Season 1[edit]

MindCrack FTB started while Feed The Beast was in beta. This map lasted a short period of time.

Season 2[edit]

When FTB came out of beta the Mindcrack FTB server was reset. Since the update the members played on the "MindCrack" version of the pack, which includes additional mods not found in the regular FTB pack. After the map was reset, Doc's friend monkeyfarm joined the members on the MindCrack FTB server as a guest.


Mods Included Features
Buildcraft 3 Adds pipes, engines and automations
Railcraft Added features for Minecarts and rails
Forestry Adds bees, automated farms, ores, backpacks and more. Works best when used with buildcraft
Extra Bees (Forestry addon) Adds more bee species, bee products and machines that manipulate bees.
Steve's Carts Add new modules and upgrade to carts which allows them to mine, place torch, bridge, farm, fight mobs, place rails, breed animals and more
Portal Gun Adds portal guns and more
Ender Storage Adds 4096 different shared ender chests.
Redpower Adds custom redstone wires, microblocks, lamps, project table, tools, bags, machines, computers, power, frames, easy automation and more
Factorization Adds many useful machines and things. Notably for ore processing, crafting and transferring items.
NEI Provides a list of items and the recipes used to craft them
ChickenChunks Adds chunkloader that is very not buggy, works after server reset, custom range and works with redpower 2 frames.
ExtraBiomesXL Adds additional biomes, plants and terrain blocks
IndustrialCraft2 Changes vanilla blocks, adds batteries, reactors, ores, rubber trees, cables, machines, tools and more
Advanced machines (IndustrialCraft addon) Adds faster but more expensive machines
Compact Solars (IndustrialCraft addon) Adds compact version of solar panels
Gravitation Suite (IndustrialCraft addon) Adds advanced version of some items, most importantly the GraviChestPlate which enables flight
GregTech (IndustrialCraft addon) Changes IndustrialCraft recipes and machines to make it harder. Adds end-game machines and items
Nuclear Control (IndustrialCraft addon) Adds devices that make monitoring and controlling nuclear reactor possible
Modular Force Field System Adds forcefield with configurable settings to camouflage forcefield, customize shape, kill players or mob, take players item and more
Thaumcraft 3 Adds an aura/flux system. Adds items and blocks that does a wide range of things
Thermal Expansion Adds machines with configurable input and output for ore processing, storing energy and making many different things. Works well with buildcraft.
ComputerCraft Adds the ability to make and program computers and turtles
MiscPeripherals (ComputerCraft addon) Give turtles and computers many useful miscellaneous tweaks and upgrades. Works best when used with various other mods.
Wireless Redstone(WR-CBE) Adds the ability to send redstone signal via wireless frequency.
Mystcraft Allows players to travel to different Ages (worlds like the Nether, End and Overworld)
Twilight Forest Adds a new dimension with new bosses and biomes.
Rei's Minimap Adds a minimap
Iron Chests Adds a range of new chests

Crack the Beast FTB[edit]

In February 2014, a new FTB server started, using a mod pack developed by W92Baj with the help of the Feed The Beast team. The idea of the server is that it is like a faction server where players are fight against each other. Also like a faction server, there are safe zones where fighting is off limits. Biffa2001 joined the server as a guest, to collaborate with Baj. OldManWillakers also joined the server as a guest, to collaborate with PauseUnpause. Monkeyfarm will not be playing on this map.


On 9 February 2014, Biffa released a list of mods contained in the pack.[1] Redditor HotPocketRemix provided links and descriptions for the mods. On 26 March 2014, Biffa released another list of the latest mods.[2]

Mods included Features
1.6.4 Sortfix 1.0 Patch for NEI to fix sorting of liquids.
Applied Energistics Allows advanced automated storage systems.
Ars Magica 2 Adds spell creation / boss monsters
BackTools Shows last equipped tool on back of player model.
BC Transport
BiblioCraft Adds storage shelves / stands for different types of items.
Binnie Mods (Extra Bees and Extra Trees) Extra Bees and Extra Trees: Expands the Forestry catalogue of bee and tree types.
Biomes O' Plenty Expands the number of biomes that the world generator uses by a significant amount.
Blood Magic: Alchemical Wizardry
Buildcraft Adds pipes, engines, etc. It's Buildcraft...
Calclavia Core Adds core functionality needed to support ICBM.
Chicken Chunks Adds the (in)famous chunk loaders.
Code Chicken Core Adds core functionality needed to support Chicken Chunks, Ender Storage and NEI
CoFHCore Adds core functionality needed for Redstone Arsenal and Thermal Expansion.
ComputerCraft Adds programmable computers.
DeadlyWorld Adds challenging traps made using vanilla items to the world generator.
EnderStorage Adds the color-distinguished ender chests.
Evoc (Vanilla Serverside Optimization) Tweaks certain lag-causing blocks from vanilla Minecraft to reduce server load.
Extra Utilities Adds various small features.
Factorization Adds machines for processing ore, routing items and managing inventory.
Finndus Fillies Horses drop mob-specific items when killed.
FlansMod (with Modern Weapons Pack & WWII Pack) Adds vehicles and related items.
Forestry for Minecraft Greatly enhances trees and adds bees.
GraveStone Players drop a gravestone on death.
Hats Adds hats.
HatStand Adds a stand for hats.
ICBM Adds missiles and other military hardware.
iChunUtil Adds core functionality needed for Mob Amputation and Photoreal.
IndustrialCraft 2 Adds various engineering machines. It's IC2...
InventoryTweaks Allows easy management of player inventory and chests.
Iron Chest Adds multiple tiers of chests with expanded inventory space.
MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits
Magic Bees Adds Thaumcraft-inspired bees to Forestry.
MineFactory Reloaded Adds various automation machines for farming and similar tasks.
Mob Amputation Mobs and players have a chance to lose limbs.
MobiusCore Adds Evoc-like functionality to client-side instances.
Modular ForceField System Adds force fields.
Modular PowerSuits Addons
NEI Addons Allows NEI to display non-standard recipes from various other mods not covered by NEIPlugins.
NEIPlugins Allows NEI to display non-standard recipes from other mods.
NotEnoughItems Allows you to see and auto-fill recipes. Extremely important!
Obsidian Pressure Plates Adds obsidian pressure plates that are only triggered by players.
OpenBlocks Adds various random items.
OpenMods Adds core functionality for OpenBlocks, OpenPeripheralsCore and OpenPeripheralsAddons.
OpenPeripheralsAddons Extends OpenPeripheralsCore with more features.
OpenPeripheralsCore Adds peripherals to ComputerCraft, allowing for wider variety of control.
Power Crystals Core Adds core functionality for MineFactory Reloaded.
Railcraft Massively expands the vanilla minecart system.
Redstone Arsenal Allows creation of powerful weapons / tools.
Roguelike Dungeons Adds randomized maze-like dungeons to the world generator.
Tinkers' Construct Allows enhanced tool customization.
Tinkers Mechworks Adds neat stuff that doesn't really fit in Tinker's Construct.
Thaumcraft Adds a magic system.
Thaumcraft Mob Aspects Adds Thaumcraft support for monsters from other mods.
ThermalExpansion Adds industrial machines for block processing.
The Twilight Forest Adds an alternate dimension.
Universal Electricity Allows cross-compatability between various energy systems from other mods.
Voxel Mods
Waila Adds HUD indicator for which mod blocks, mobs, etc. are from.
Xeno's Reliquary Adds various magical-themed items.
ZansMiniMap Adds an in-game minimap.


Nebris gave a detailed summary of the basic rules of the server:[3]

  1. No PvP or theft in view of spawn
  2. Every 1st and 15th of the month,[4] a random biome will be chosen to be a safe biome. No PvP or theft in those biomes.
  3. Only storage and long term projects at spawn
  4. No PvP for first week. First safe biome is jungle.
  5. Avoid lag. Keep things at a low scale.
  6. Understand that you can and will be robbed, killed, and have your bases destroyed. Be an adult when you lose.

After the B-Team raided Nebris' base, the second rule was further clarified: A river biome inside a major biome will be considered to be part that major biome rather than a separate one.[5]

After Nebris saw Baj's and Biffa's base through a chunk error and raided the place, a new rule was added: When a base is seen because of a chunk error, the player has to leave a sign at the base to give the owner some time to prepare for an attack or move his base.[6] Additional rules were made due to the lack of interactions among server members and to encourage PvP:[7]

  1. The End is considered a safe biome
  2. Everyone is handed a beacon. The beacon must be defended and must be always turned on where the player's base is located. If the defense of the base fails, the beacon must be taken along with the player.
  3. Raids can only happen when the victim is online.
  4. A player receives a point for each successful attack or successful defense. Once someone dies, the battle ends. A scoreboard is planned to list everyone's score.
  5. Pranks are allowed in safe zones. Just follow the don't-be-a-jerk rule.

Major attacks[edit]

This is a list of all major attacks on victims or their bases on the server.

Date Attacker(s) Victim(s) or base(s) Video
18 Feb 2014 BlameTC Etho's Tinkers' Construct base "Minecraft Mindcrack Feed The Beast Ep 1: War starts with a bang"
19 Feb 2014 BdoubleO100
Nebris' primary base "FTB Death Stream w/ The B-Team!"
"Bravo-Team (B-Team) Feed The Beast"
21 Feb 2014 Nebris Etho's Thaumcraft base "Mindcrack FTB Season 3 Episode 8 - Base Raiding"
21 Feb 2014 Nebris Baj's and Biffa's base "Mindcrack FTB Season 3 Episode 8 - Base Raiding"


AnderZEL Arkas AvidyaZEN BdoubleO100
AnderZEL Arkas AvidyaZEN BdoubleO100
Biffa2001 BlameTC Docm77 Etho
Biffa2001 BlameTC Docm77 Etho
generikb Guude jsano19 mcgamer
generikb Guude jsano19 mcgamer
Mhykol Millbee monkeyfarm Nebris
Mhykol Millbee monkeyfarm Nebris
Pakratt0013 PauseUnpause Pyro_0 thejims
Pakratt0013 PauseUnpause Pyro_0 thejims
VintageBeef W92Baj Zisteau
VintageBeef W92Baj Zisteau


Several MindCrack members use a different skin for their Feed the Beast LP's

To apply custom skins in FTB, you may use /cofh skin set [url]. You may also set a cape with /cofh cape set [url]. This works on any FTB pack with Thermal Expansion installed (CoFH core, to be exact).

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