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The Minecraft avatar of DeadPocket
Country United States
Gender M

DeadPocket or John as his personal name is a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He joined the server on June 2012.[1] DeadPocket removed all his YouTube videos some time after the shutdown of the Fan Server.


DeadPocket has drawn many artworks. He has a DeviantArt and has submitted some on Reddit.

Reddit submissions[edit]

Submission Date
gL886uI-wTKuLel7.jpg "Meeting Guude for the First Time..." 19 Jul 2012 DeadPocket, Guude
spgYZbjfSlKegAup.jpg "Come Back Wolfie..." 13 Aug 2012 kurtmac
2egQmdm-vuHb29rT.jpg "Beef and Jason" 21 Aug 2012 Jason27, VintageBeef
4xY-FKGwW0-YqKH2.jpg "Steve vs. Steve" 4 Nov 2012 Jason27, VintageBeef

Let's Play[edit]

DeadPocket has played on a Minecraft adventure map titled "Ruins of the Dead" with luiscten.

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

DeadPocket was invited to the server.[2] Before the 1.5 map reset, he had a plot in the Alpine Valley neighborhood of Blockhaven.

Video Notable events Featuring
22 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack Fan Server - EP01 'Introduction'"
  • At spawn town
  • Introduces himself
28 Oct 2012 "Halloween on the Mindcrack Fan Server" See Halloween
28 Jan 2013 "Full - Guude's Fan Server Birthday Party"
  • Guude's birthday party
See Guude's birthday party

Minecraft skin[edit]

DeadPocket's skin

Previous skins[edit]

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