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The Hermette hut was a small mushroom-themed hut on the first HermitCraft server. It was built by Aureylian as her first and only permanent residence on that map and was revealed during her first episode on the server. The hut was situated on a small spit of land on the outskirts of spawn within a swamp biome. The hut had two rooms: the upper room where Aureylian's bed and storage chests were located, and the dungeon-themed basement where Aureylian would attempt to trap other Hermits in a game to "collect" them all.[1] An underground pathway leading to the Hermette hut led to the dungeon and was wired with redstone to close behind anybody who activated it.[2] When the server was to be reset, Aureylian completely filled the hut with TNT and destroyed it as part of a "present" from Biffa2001 that destroyed all of the Spawn area.[3]


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