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The Minecraft avatar of shaunstatic
Born (1988-08-26) 26 August 1988 (age 31)
Country Australia
Gender M
Other names ShaunStatic, Shaun, Static, 777static777

shaunstatic, also known as 777static777, simply Static, or his personal name Shaun, is a former member of the HermitCraft server. He joined at the start of HermitCraft in April 2012,[1][2] but didn't release his first video until 30 July 2012.[3] Static has been inactive from YouTube since his last video on 14 January 2013,[4] but has stated that he would be back producing videos.[5] He will not be returning to HermitCraft anytime soon.[6]

Static is most well known for his Spawn Point series where he tests which blocks mobs can and can't spawn on. Xisuma has since featured the concept in his Minecraft Myth Busting series.[7][8]

Static made his return to video making in June 2014 with a Survival singleplayer Let's Play.[9]

Minecraft skin[edit]

shaunstatic's Minecraft skin

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