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This is a list of shawnvmartin's HermitCraft videos, recorded sessions by shawnvmartin on the HermitCraft server.

Video Notable events Featuring
10 Aug 2012 "Date Night - SVM on Hermitcraft (Episode 1)"
  • First HermitCraft video
  • Settled in a wilderness
  • Caving with Alisha
15 Aug 2012 "Shawn's Sexy Bust - SVM on Hermitcraft Episode 2"
  • Talk on playing in creative, built Nether tunnel in creative
  • Visits spawn
  • Builds his head at Biffa's place
Biffa2001, red3yz
17 Aug 2012 "Instruments of Destruction - SVM on Hermitcraft Episode 4"
  • Levels up and enchants at spawn
  • Caving with dogs teleporting
17 Aug 2012 "The Hermit Lodge - SVM on Hermitcraft Episode 3"
  • At spawn leveling up
  • Tore down Nether tunnel
  • Starts building a lodge at his base, details plans for it
  • Caving
28 Aug 2012 "Mob Grinders 4 Dummies - SVM on Hermitcraft Episode 5"
  • Harvests wood for his lodge
  • Built storage room at the base
  • Sp00n's and Jessassin's melon dispenser in the lodge
  • Discovers a trapped snow golem in a cave nearby
  • Builds a skeleton xp grinder near his base
8 Sep 2012 "Trail Blazing - SVM on Hermitcraft Episode 6"
  • Built a Nether tunnel to his base and grinder
  • Finished his storage room
  • Searches for a blaze rod to make an ender chest
  • Discovers a blaze spawner
  • Harvests obsidian at his mines
11 Sep 2012 "Pig Wars - SVM on Hermitcraft Episode 7"
  • Jessassin rigged melon dispenser with lever
  • Pranks Sp00n by filling his house with pigs, Michael and Holly the initial pigs
  • Survive or Die 2 prank inspiration
19 Sep 2012 "Two A Week - SVM on Hermitcraft Episode 8"
  • Climbs up Cubehamster's tree to attempt to kill a zombie
  • Progress on clearing area for lodge
  • Plans on two recording sessions a week
  • Gets more oak wood and saplings at spawn
  • Requests viewer suggestions for names for rooms in his lodge
25 Sep 2012 "Self-Imposed Exile - SVM on Hermitcraft Episode 9"
  • Caving for resources after dying, falls into lava again, starved to death
  • Travels through the Nether to search for a new place to settle
  • Wanders around the new place
27 Sep 2012 "Sidequest - SVM on Hermitcraft Episode 10"
  • More wandering for resources
  • Settles in the extreme hills biome, builds his home
30 Sep 2012 "SVM Live"
  • Livestream
  • Pet naked sheep
  • Shows his mines and ravine
2 Oct 2012 "Diamond Jubilee - SVM on Hermitcraft Episode 11"
  • Livestreamed, part 2 not saved - built a rail line between his bases and caved
  • Mines some diamonds
  • Breeds animals for food in the valley
  • Enchants at the End farm via Biffa's Bowl
  • Biffa's threat