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Zisteau's Logoutivator to The Lens

The Logoutivator is a term coined by Zisteau[1] that exploited the mechanics of the game to travel upward nearly instantaneously. The specific design involved being inside a trapdoor block in the closed position and had only worked in multiplayer. If a player logged out (hence logout) of the game while in the block and logged back in, the player will be placed on top of the nearest open two-block-high space above the trapdoor, above any blocks in between. This was especially useful if one wanted to travel from beneath the caves to the surface, acting like an elevator (hence vator). The design of using a trapdoor no longer works after the Minecraft 1.3 update. Zisteau has replaced the system at The Lens with the Endervator.

Other members on the server had adopted this transport system, including kurtmac[2] and ShreeyamGFX. Guude pranked Zisteau by encasing Zisteau in Obsidian through his usage of the Logoutivator.[3]

This method of logging out and logging back in to intentionally transport oneself was previously used by Pakratt0013 for his random sound machine prank on PauseUnpause.[4] Transporting oneself above the blocks has happened multiple times unintentionally in the Nether rail system. Slab blocks were placed on some the rail to prevent Zombie Pigmen from obstructing the rail. If a player was logged out while on a minecart within the slab block, logging back in would transport the player above the bedrock roof.


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