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The Minecraft avatar of Shreeyam

Shree in real life
Born (1997-08-13) 13 August 1997 (age 26)[1]
Country United Kingdom (England)
Nationality English
Gender M
Other names
  • Shree
  • ShreeyamGFX
  • ShreeyamNET

Shreeyam, or simply Shree, is an unofficial member of Mindcrack, and a former moderator of /r/mindcrack. He joined the Mindcrack Server in May 2011 after winning a slot in the second contest.[2] His Minecraft username was ShreeyamGFX until July 2015.[3]

On 16 August 2013, Shree announced that he had left the server, and would no longer be recording any Minecraft videos for YouTube.[4] Although initially stating he wouldn't, Shree privatized his Season 2 and 3 Mindcrack videos, but later made them unlisted at the request of fans.[5]

Shree served as a moderator on /r/mindcrack along with fellow Mindcrackers Guude, Zisteau, Pakratt0013, and mcgamer until stepping down on 13 December 2014.[6] He had been noted for his extensive behind-the-scenes role in the subreddit's maintenance.[7]

On 9 July 2015, Shree returned to the Mindcrack Server.[8]


Shree was born in Kathmandu, Nepal, then immigrated to New Delhi, India, and finally to Britain, all at a young age. He is now a British citizen.[9]

Let's Play[edit]

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Terraria "Shree Plays Terraria" 19 May 2011
Team Fortress 2 "TF2" 5 Sep 2011
Kerbal Space Program "Kerbal Space Program" 20 Jun 2012
Race Driver: Grid "Race Driver GRID" 13 Sep 2012
Civilization V "Shree Plays Civ V" 21 Oct 2012
Battlefield 3 "Shree Plays BF3 Campaign" 25 Nov 2012
SimCity 4 "SimCity 4" 25 Feb 2013
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Survival single player "Shree's Minecraft LP" 13 Mar 2011
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer 10 May 2011
Singleplayer survival "Minecraft Superflat Survival" 18 Jan 2012 On a superflat world


Shree joined the Mindcrack Server in May 2011 as a wildcard selection from the second contest. Then aged just 13, Shree was easily the youngest member on the server. He joined during Season 2 and collaborated at varying times with adlingtont on his castle. He featured notably in VintageBeef's first livestream as well, the event that marked VintageBeef's celebration of reaching 500 subscribers. During his time on the Season 2 server, Shree released twenty-three episodes and build an island home and a suspension bridge. He was unable to finish the bridge before the server was finally reset.

Shree had a plot in spawn village but did not build anything on it. He did not have a computer at the time Guude restarted the server for season 3. By the time Shree got onto the server, everyone was leaving the village.[10] Shree had an underwater base just west of Guudeland. He had a plot at Blockhaven, the spawn town in the MindCrack Fan Server, though he gave up his plot.[11]

On 9 July 2015, Shree announced his return to the Mindcrack server, but has not yet announced whether he's officially joining the roster or not, being considered a VIP member as of right now.[8]

Minecraft skin[edit]

In July 2015, Shree updated his skin to be the bedsheet ghost from the "Ghosts Ahoy" quest in RuneScape, created by taraforest.[3] Shree received a Cape for attending MineCon 2015.

Shreeyam's clean skinShreeyam's covered Minecraft skin

Previous/alternate skins[edit]

Shree's previous Minecraft skin was the Sniper from Team Fortress 2.


  • Shree is an advocate of ISO 8601, the standardization of date formats, and uses the YYYY-MM-DD format in daily life.[12][13]
  • He currently works as an optics engineer in the US
  • As an avid sewer, and has created many items in the past including pants and wallets

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