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The Minecraft avatar of Phedran
Born (1986-02-15) 15 February 1986 (age 34)[1]
Country Canada
Gender F

Phedran, also known by her personal name Amber Campbell, is a Canadian Let's Play commentator well known for her Minecraft modpack "Life in the Woods". Phedran joined the CrackPack server as a guest on 6 July 2016, having been whitelisted by Guude during one of his livestreams.[2]

Phedran has attended PAX Prime 2013, PAX East 2014 and PAX Prime 2014 with the Mindcrackers. She appeared as a guest in episode 72 of the Mindcrack Podcast.[3] Phedran often collaborates with members of the Cupcake Mafia, and has participated in group recordings of SpeedRunners. Recently, Phedran has accepted the invitation to play on the MindCrack Season 7 server, with many of the MindCrackers she has collaborated with in the past. She lived in British Columbia until in 2015 when she went to Northern Ireland to find help with her health. She has now been there for over 4 years, living with Tim who is known to get her water, tea, hot cocoa, and food during her streams. They have befriended their neighbor's cat, Jess. She is lovingly referred to as "not our cat" but we know that Jess chose Phedran and Tim.

Despite extreme pain, Phedran has been streaming every day on since Saturday, September 30, 2017 (she has been streaming on Twitch for much longer than that). She has built a long-standing community that lovingly refer to themselves as the 'Phed'eration. She has many helpers beyond Tim, such as her mods and patrons who can be found watching Phedran's streams or playing on her patron server.


  • Phedran graduated from high school in 2003.[4]

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