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The Mindcrack Podcast is a discussion of recent gaming and online media news and events between members of Mindcrack. The podcast is pre-recorded and is published to the Mindcrack Network YouTube channel on a somewhat regular basis, with each recording session typically lasting over an hour in length.

The podcast was previously hosted by Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, and W92Baj, making up Team Nancy Drew. Since May 2014, Beef is no longer available to record the podcast,[1][2] allowing AvidyaZEN to become a more permanent member of the podcast, instead of a regular guest.[3] Since June 2014, Pyro_0 has appeared as a regular guest, while Coestar has appeared as a regular guest since August 2014. Many episodes also include guests from within the Mindcrack community.

In March 2015, the podcast was revamped, now featuring facecam and hosted by OMGchad.[4] Guude, Pause and Baj continue to appear regularly as podcast members. The final episode of the first season released on 9 Mar 2017 after running for 178 episodes.

During the 2019 Mindcrack Marathon, a stretch goal was announced to bring back the podcast. If the total raised during the marathon reached $200,000 they would make one episode, and every additional $10,000 would add another episode. The total raised was between $250K and $260K and so six episodes were unlocked. The first episode of season 2 was released on 2 March 2020, and in it they announced that they would continue making new podcast episodes if they reached a $2,000 goal in the new Mindcrack Patreon. Additionally, Patrons would have exclusive access to premium episodes that would release after each public podcast episode.

Starting in season 2 the podcast is hosted by Guude and Sevadus, often featuring guests like season 1. In April 2020 the Patreon goal was lowered to $1,000, and the goal was reached on 7 April 2020[5] allowing the podcast continue past 6 episodes. The podcast features animated faces starting with S2E6.[6] I S2E8 on 20 April 2020 two new goals were announced for the Patreon, a $2,500 goal which would add video to the podcast for Patrons like in the first season, and a $5,000 goal which was to be announced later.[7] The $5,000 Patreon goal was announced in S2E12 of the podcast on 18 May 2020 as a way for Patrons at the $25 per month tier to play on the Mindcrack server after 1.16 comes out, with there being a protected central area on the server where Patrons can't build and a claims system allowing Patrons to claim areas.[8]


Season 1[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
19 Jun 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 1"
  • Discussing movies
  • Origins of MindCrack
  • Plans for the MindCrackNetwork channel and future podcasts
  • MindCrack is more than just Minecraft
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
2 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 2" Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
9 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 3"
  • Air conditioning, fans, and the 2012 London Summer Olympics
  • Zeldathon and The Shaft
  • Passports, travel and conventions
  • Games and television shows
  • MindCrack mod
  • Microphones and headsets
  • Answering viewer questions: origins of MindCrack pairings, the logo and video production
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
16 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 4"
  • Child's Play, changes in Minecraft
  • Discussing Arkas' first video, Reddit meet-ups
  • Talking about buying, pirating and Let's playing games
  • Cows or Pigs, types of cars
  • Discussing AnderZEL's prank on Guude
  • Ads on YouTube
  • UHC origin
AnderZEL, Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
23 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 5 - Guest Zisteau"
  • Discussing Play On Con, other Con's and the South
  • Far Lands Or Bust, zombie games and World of Warcraft
  • Discussing Avidya's return and the lawsuit against Notch
  • Thoughts on how 1.3 will effect UHC and swearing
  • Discussing favorite things, cars and other LP'ers
  • Stand up comedy, music and collections
  • Drugs
  • Pranks, the origin of Zisteau's skin
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj, Zisteau
31 Jul 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 6 - Secret Special Guest"
  • Talking about PlayOnCon, hypnotism and drinking
  • Discussing the opening ceremony of the Olympics
  • Discussing computer specs, building computers and different operating systems
  • Answering a question about why Baj is an op on the server and talking about discovering the Furnace Prison
generikb, Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
6 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 7 - Guest Kurtjmac"
  • Discussing MineCon in Disney Paris and Mincraft 1.3
  • 100% Far Lands Or Bust milestone, other livestreams and DDOSing
  • generikb joining the server, next UHC season and Olympics
  • Answering questions about their dream retirement locations, favorite builds on the server, pranks
  • Talking about consoles, kids, watching others on YouTube, digital vs. hardcopies
  • Names when talking among themselves, New people on the server and knowing what others looks like
Guude, kurtmac, VintageBeef, W92Baj
13 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 8 - Guest Mhykol"
  • Talking about the Mars Rover, FLOBathon, the Kerbal Space Program (and its newest character based on Kurt)
  • Discussing Live streaming, UHC and internet and Google fiber
  • Mentioning Joe Hill's Pitfalls and Penguins and the Olympics
  • Discussing cobblestone vs. sand generators, Minecraft glitches, hidden gems, where technology is going, and ads
Guude, Mhykol, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
20 Aug 2012 Lost episode
  • Corrupted during a power outage. See note #1.
W92Baj, mcgamer, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef
27 Aug 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 9 - Guest Pyrao" Guude, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, W92Baj
10 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 10 - Guest Docm77" VintageBeef, W92Baj, Docm77, Guude, PauseUnpause
17 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 11 - Millbee"
  • just_defy leaving Mindcrack, MineCon 2012 ticket fiasco, comparing versions of iPhones and Wiis, super-sized sodas banned in New York
  • Questions: knowledge of redstone, disgusting edibles, YouTube partnerships, plugging other YouTube channels, use of social media in politics, the first prank, sharing videos with family
Guude, Millbee, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef
24 Sep 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 12 - Millbee...again!"
  • Kites, Borderlands 2, Aieron and disabled gamers, PlayStation 3 to drop support in 2015, contemplating if gaming has gotten easier, Left 4 Dead 2
  • Questions: Preparing for large Minecraft builds, what they'd add to Minecraft, Baj's view count, when they started playing Minecraft and the difference between versions, fandom of My Little Pony, cleanliness, the podcast on iTunes, sports, origin of their usernames, stereotyping YouTube commenters
Guude, Millbee, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
2 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 13"
  • Discussing being a snapshot server and finding bats
  • Talking about wanting more Minecraft biomes
  • Discussing MySpace, Kickstarter, a Minecraft documentary and DayZ standalone
  • Reliving the Wither fight and the first part of the trial and discussing the frequency of group events
  • Talking about CD's and their first music and games
  • Discussing Apple Maps, MindCrack Fan Server Ultra Hardcore
  • Answering questions about their biggest fail, female let's players, fan art, livestreaming, attractive teachers, what they do differently, too much Minecraft content, "greatest Mindcraft Let's Players"
  • Reiterating why some members didn't participate in group events
  • Talking about videos uploaded a day, accents, MindCrack impersonations, if Let's playing makes them have less fun playing games and how games are paid for
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
9 Oct 2012 Lost episode
  • Not recorded. See note 2.
  • Topics discussed included vision and movies
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
15 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 14"
  • Talking about Windows 8 censoring adult games/videos, Apple Map fails, Woodstock at Guude's house
  • Minutes of video their viewers are watching, SimCity, reasons games are prone to piracy
  • Discussing Walking Dead, most difficult part of their YouTube career, complaining about being considered tech support
  • Answering questions about MindCrack members having to play Minecraft, cameramen in UHC, legitimate fights among members
  • Talking about recording times, American politics, technology and conversation, narrating their lives, cars, vision, music
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
23 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 15 - Guest McGamer"
  • Talking about MindCrack turning 2 and giving autographs
  • Discussing Chivalry, the map download, /r/mindcrack reaching 11,000 subscribers and Arma 3 developers being in jail
  • Talking about Project Eternity kickstarter, Settlers of Catan kickstarter, the Apple/Samsung lawsuit, tablets and getting money for hacking
  • Answering questions about tingling sensations in the testicles, Lord of the Rings online, the MindCrack Apple app, encumbrance in games
  • Talking about racism in comedy, fan videos/art, starting YouTube, internet speeds, poop in Minecraft, best friends on the server versus real life
Guude, mcgamer, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
29 Oct 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 16 - Guest BlameTheController"
  • Welcoming BlameTC
  • Talking about celebrating Halloween on the MindCrack Fan Server
  • Discussing the different Halloween traditions in their areas
  • Talking PC vs console games, phones/ipad mini/ipad/tablets
  • Discussing lawsuits around piracy, predicting earthquakes,
  • Answering questions about what will be at MineCon and how fans should approach them
  • Answering questions about what they drink/eat while recording, funny moments that aren't recorded and themselves as pizza toppings
  • How to describe Minecraft, downloading videos, the new Minecraft sounds
  • Talking about YouTube audiences, a girl joining the server, advertising the podcast, and custom maps and what if a Mindcracker died, their worst subjects in school
BlameTC, Guude, VintageBeef, W92Baj
5 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 17 - Guest Avidya"
  • Talking about Hurricane Sandy, The Dead Linger, Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition, Windows 8 and tablets, YouTube comments and layout, Apple trademarks and products, Guude's daughter
  • Questions: minigames on the server, frequency of collaborations, YouTube likes system, how they got into gaming and Minecraft, over-saturation of Let's Plays, YouTube partnership, copyright infringements, and personal information in videos
W92Baj, VintageBeef, PauseUnpause, AvidyaZEN, Guude
12 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 18 - Guest Accountant Shreetho" PauseUnpause, ShreeyamGFX, VintageBeef, W92Baj
19 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 19 - Guest Zedsteau" Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj, Zisteau
26 Nov 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 20 - Minecon Edition feat. Dinnerbone!"
  • Recorded live in Paris, with Beef and Baj chatting via Skype
  • Talking about the Mindcrack panel, their experiences of MineCon 2012, and who they've been meeting
  • Discussing the possibilities of nether brick half slabs and uses for netherrack with Dinnerbone
PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, SethBling, VintageBeef, W92Baj, BdoubleO100, Dinnerbone, Docm77, generikb, JL2579, kurtmac, Guude
11 Dec 2012 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 21 - Guest EepBlah"
  • Featuring eepblah
  • Talking about the food and accommodations at MineCon and the London meetup
  • Discussing changing flights and Pause's apparel
  • Talking about MineZ, the MindCrack Network, witches and linux
Guude, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
7 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 22"
  • Talking about Feed the Beast, WarZ, guns and violent videogames
  • Discussing if World of Warcraft players make better employees, Steve Jobs and Lord of the Rings movies and Apple patents and reselling games
  • Answering questions about reading in school, large YouTube producers, raising money for charity, programming, what it felt like to get on the server, MindCrack app
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
14 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 23"
  • Discussing about different gaming systems/consoles
  • Talking about DayZ, internet messaging systems and the suicide of Reddit's co-founder
  • Answering questions about meetups, punching people, plans before becoming YouTubers, old games, YouTube features, the Walking Dead game and board games
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
22 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 24 - With Guest Etho"
  • Talking about the Arma developers being free on bail, illegal World of Warcraft theme park in China and game guides on Steam
  • Discussing Windows 8, upcoming games, cloud storage, discontinued action figures, Atari bankrupt, PayPal frozen funds
  • Answering questions about negative reactions from shout outs, dependency on YouTube, weirdest things they eat, gaming with significant others, emulators for old games, MindCrack in Hawaii, cake or pie, family watching their videos
Etho, Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
29 Jan 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 24 - With Guest Millbee"
  • Talking about THQ bankruptcy, cocaine amusement park, Terraria, violence in video games
  • Questions about downloading the podcast, Let's play rules, tentacles, game they'd chose to make, staying active, raising money for charity and Beef's face
Guude, Millbee, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
11 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 26 - With Guest JustVann"
  • Featuring JustVan
  • Talking about a portal movie, IGN, Facebook and US postal service
  • Discussing how upcoming consoles will affect gamers, arguing about spoilers and Walking Dead and The Pirate Bay movie and music use
  • Co-ops, memories from YouTube, skateboarding and other sports, a funeral for JustDefy, Minecraft texture customizer, FTB mods, pet peaves, swearing and evolution of MindCrack
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
19 Feb 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 27 with guests from The Shaft Podcast"
  • Featuring brentcopeland, EricFullerton and WesWilson of The Shaft Podcast
  • Talking YouTube content strikes and pirating music, Star Wars and movie directors
  • Discussing the Russian meteor, porn and policing the internet, Chivalry and game designs, PAX East, Chip in and Play On Con
  • Answering questions about YouTube likes/dislikes, cyber bullying, shipping, why people want to know personal details, romance, books and cussing
VintageBeef, W92Baj, Guude, PauseUnpause
5 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 28 with Kirk Hendrick"
  • Featuring Kirk Hendrick (khendrick)
  • Talking about the spawn wars, shirt slogans, the harlem shake, goat songs, Apple apps and micro transactions, other Apple products and PirateBay
  • Answering questions about Secret Saturday, what they'd take in a disaster, new Minecraft features, Guude in Canada, anime, age restrictions, multiple channels, spider photographs, non-Minecraft LPs
Guude, VintageBeef, W92Baj
12 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 29 - Beefless"
  • Hearing Pauses stories from his Cuban vacation, Discussing Sim City, Arma 3 and DayZ
  • Discussing Valve, paid YouTube, the push to ask viewers to like and subscribe YouTube
  • Answering questions about pets, the FTB dragon and lag, fan fiction, creating content, Reddit, a book about their life, servers, starting recording, Teams, hidden talents
Guude, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
18 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 30 - Guest Doc"
  • Talking about Ukrainian military dolphins on the loose (koala with shotgun mentioned), China breeding genius', the Berlin Wall, traveling to Mars
  • Discussing FPS games, neat inventions that go missing, internet ads and cookies, customer service, first jobs and the MindCrack Fan Server map reset and creative
  • Answering questions about making and watching collabs, MindCrack management, phones, UHC, violence in video games, building in Minecraft, how they would want to die
Docm77, Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
27 Mar 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 31"
  • Discussing about the games and their experiences from PAX East 2013
  • Talking about Survivor, numbers, Walking Dead game, games in alpha, Google and the Swedish language, Being charged for looking, driving distractions
  • Answering questions about livestreaming for charity, internet copyright laws, swearing on videos, famous people they'd like to meet, if game styles reflect real life, shows on their channels, what game they'd play for the rest of their life, taking names, advertising their channels
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
3 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 32"
  • Discussing April Fools, Minecraft 2.0 and UHC
  • Talking about piracy and copyright laws and SimCity
  • Answering questions about who to watch in group collabs, Minecraft skins, what they expect from life, arguments with friends, MindCrack game, Teams, pets, global warming
Guude, VintageBeef, W92Baj
9 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 33 - Guest BTC"
  • Horses in Minecraft, different games, tv shows, EA, internet required games, inability to sell games, online currency
  • Answering questions about close calls, meeting significant others, playtime for games, writing, politics and religion, gamer tags
BlameTC, Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
15 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 34 - Nebris"
  • Discussing UHC Season 9, Grand Theft Auto playlists, Google backing CISPA, Minecraft for XBox, Stone for tools, North Korea, EA
  • Answering questions about what their power would be, telekinesis, the future, winner of a MindCrack fight, non-Minecraft games, internet speeds, the podcast format, responding to negative comments
Nebris, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
23 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 35 - AvidyaZEN"
  • Talking about PAX, Talking about collaborative games they are playing and those that are upcoming, the new Zelda game, copyright issues, conventions, kickstarters, Defiance videogame/tv show, fake YouTube names, Surgeon Simulator
  • Answering questions about server members, team members in a zombie apocalypse, Will LP's get stale, video that most affected subscriber count, gender benders, game they have played the most, more dungeons in Minecraft
  • Talking about Pause's puppy, Google search results
AvidyaZEN, Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
30 Apr 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 36 - Guest Jsano"
  • A short bio from JSano
  • Talking about game developers making pirated games fail from piracy, the White House correspondents dinner, the Boston Bombing, plane parts found at Ground Zero, Call of Duty, video game systems, Yogscast channel issues and customer service, Sim City patches
  • Answering questions about WiiU, playing new games, stem cell research, discussing complex topics, making friends, who on the podcast would they kill, marry, and have sex with, protesting funerals, removing something from the world
Guude, jsano19, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
7 May 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 37 - Guest Bdoubleo100"
  • Discussing the format of starting mishaps of UHC 10
  • Talking about X-box always online and resale of games, consoles, Wii and WiiU, Keyboard Cat suing Warner Bros., discrimination in gaming, the singer Kriss Kross dying, firing a 3-d printed gun
  • Answering questions about how they would rule a kingdom, changes in a world where everyone is naked, non-MindCrack podcasts guests, looking back on past UHC seasons, selling MindCrack art for charity, playing games without recording, video game reviews, money vs. feedback on videos
BdoubleO100, Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
21 May 2013 "Mindcrack's Disorganized Podcast - Episode 38 - With Millbee & Pyro"
  • Discussing Nintendo's claim on LP'ers ad revenue their reaction to same-sex marriage in one of their games
  • Talking about the WiiU, cricket video games, EA online pass discontinued, secondhand games, DMCA strikes, Tumbler's sale, Video processed by YouTube, Adventure Time
  • Answering question about editing episodes, rewatching old videos, sponsors, Reddit vs. YouTube commenters, backing up videos, meetups, what type of student they were, mice and keyboards
Millbee, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, W92Baj
28 May 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 39 - Guest Adlington"
  • Talking about UHC 10, X Box One, it's interface with the Kinect, Godus Game and Curiosity Box, Mirrors Edge 2 and other games
  • Answering questions about the places one should travel to, the wolf spiders in Pause's house, If they could change one thing in their life would they?, Their first LP, if MindCrack should be like Rooster Teeth, MineCon 2013 location, Feed the Beast, rollercoasters, YouTube rage IRL, YouTube after death, Coestar, age of online gamers
adlingtont, Guude, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
4 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 40"
  • Talking about the X Box One and the newest restrictions, 3D printers, getting in trouble for helping, guns
  • Answering questions about what food they wouldn't eat, the reddit thread about their location, change in gaming over the years, YouTube names, dress or underwear
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
11 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 41 - Guest Shree"
  • UHC in Minecraft, the government monitoring the internet, PS3, The Last of Us, the Walking Dead DLC and other games, E3, laughing about a reference from MindCrack fan-fic
  • Answering questions about what game they want to become reality, if they think of subscribers when they record, MindCrack monthly meetings
Guude, PauseUnpause, ShreeyamGFX, W92Baj
18 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 42 - Guest Beef"
  • Discussing facetime encryption, human immortality, Aether 2 mod, X Box One, The Last of Us, porn games, EA, new consoles and "value added" and Mirrors Edge 2
  • Answering questions about their weirdest fan experience, Beef going to MineCon, the dragon egg, would they be successful creating a new channel, Gaming in the future, restoring lost save files, viewers reactions to the games they are currently playing
PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj, Guude
25 Jun 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 43 - Guest Bruce Willakers aka Old Man Willakers"
  • Featuring OldManWillakers
  • Discussing Rob's dream about Guude, dreaming, sleeping, Rob's game, Nintendo's stance on DRM, Florida banning pipes because they could be used for drug paraphernalia, Scrolls, card games, Zeldathon, streaming new movies
  • Answering questions about trust in companies, if they were a child again, YouTube subs, fighting penises, what life they planned for themselves in high school, non-computer games and their favorite Minecraft block
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
7 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 44 - Guest Nebris"
  • Accompanied by easycgi's aerial video of the beginning of MindCrack season 4
  • Reliving the mini meetup with Guude, Baj and JSano and discussing the upcoming Minecon
  • Discussing the beginning of MindCrack season 4, what has happened and what they want to build
  • Talking about the Nvidia Shield, Australia banning games, Walking Dead DLC, Cube World, and games they are playing
  • Answering questions about the music they use, accents of LP'ers, cursing, names for subscribers, life different without minecraft, money or friends ligaments, which questions get answered and discussing Nebris speaking Japanese
Guude, Nebris, VintageBeef, W92Baj
14 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 45 - Guest Pause"
  • With footage of Guude caving and easycgi's footage of MindCrack killing the Wither and building the beacon
  • Talking about Zeldathon, flights, Steam sales, Play On Con, League of Legends and professional athletes, tablets passing PC's in sales, puppy wars
  • Answering questions about meeting fans, sell promotion, proudest gaming moment, swearing
  • Official MindCrack wear and Guude snoring in London
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
28 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 47 - Guest Generikb"
  • Talking about Vidcon, the Minecraft 1.7 Biome update screenshots, Anderz road, very expensive Saints Row IV game, likes influencing other likes and woman gamers
  • Answering questions about Minecraft dreams, stereotypes, view statistics, YouTubers they watch, advertising on their channels, living in the same area and the differences if the members of MindCrack came together around a different core game
generikb, Guude, VintageBeef, W92Baj
28 Jul 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 46"
  • Talking about Play on Con, Outlast, kickstarter money being misused, Walking Dead, zynga and death threats to Black Ops 2 developers because of game changes
  • Answering questions about playing Awsomnauts, UHC mode on the server, pictures on the podcast, MineCon, Baj impressions, musical tastes changing, curry, Steam's legitimacy and "MindCrack-like" servers
  • Discussing people saying how MindCrack has helped them and a fan overhearing a business email and the Play on Con hypnotist
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
18 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 48 - Guest Millbee"
  • Discussing Shree leaving MindCrack and Millbee's channel being shut down
  • Talking about Resident Evil, Multiplayer Grand Theft Auto, Google Glass competition and Amnesia
  • Answering questions about jobs before YouTube, MindCrack's name, YouTube comments, likes and dislikes, the extent of Beef's Portuguese knowledge, having children, YouTube as a job
Guude, Millbee, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef
27 Aug 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 49 - Crew From Insomnia + Dinnerbone"
  • Recorded live at the Insomnia Gaming Festival
  • Talking about Insomnia, meeting fans, the Oculus Rift and fishing in Minecraft 1.7
Dinnerbone, Millbee, Pyro_0, W92Baj
8 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 50 - Guest Kurt and Brian aka Lorgon111"
  • Featuring brianmcn of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server
  • Talking about PAX Prime 2013
  • Talking about the new Mindcrack Weekly Recap and the first 1.7 snapshot
  • Answering questions about granting a wish for Make-a-Wish, MineCon attendees and panels, Dungeons and Dragons, worst injury's, meetups and conventions, and Brian's name origin
brianmcn, Guude, kurtmac, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
15 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 51"
  • Announcing a MindCrack charity livestream in October for Far Lands or Bust! and the auction items
  • Discussing the MindCrack panel and live UHC at MineCon
  • Talking about Chivalry, Terraria, Steam, Baj's cats, JK Rowling writing more books in the Harry Potter universe
  • Answering questions about what they are looking forward to MineCon, upcoming and continuing series, first dates, scariest moment, cosplaying and the PS4
  • Oprah jokes ;-)
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
22 Sep 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 52 - Guest Pakratt"
  • Talking about Pakratt's streaming, Grand Theft Auto, pirating, capturing from the PS4 and consoles
  • Answering questions about Baj's cats, advertisements, theme music, thumbnails, tv show genre, series they thought of doing, Nebris' whereabouts, fans playing UHC with them, disabling comments, what doesn't get discussed because of comments,
Guude, Pakratt0013, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
24 Nov 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 53"
  • Talking about their experiences at MindCrack Party and MineCon 2013
  • Discussing PS4 titles, beards, whats happening on the server, YouTube comments
  • Answering questions about series they'd like to bring back, Etho and SethBling's subscriber count, PC types, favorite cars, Top Gear challenges, other servers, usernames, musical instruments, food items, fan art and signing
  • Baj need to rehome his cats
Guude, VintageBeef, W92Baj
1 Dec 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 54"
  • Talking about the XBox 1, bitcoins, software piracy, censoring, Google+ commenting
  • Answering questions about monetizing art, Toronto mayor, game rating, which country they'd move to and liking videos
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
8 Dec 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 55 with Mr. Slab"
  • Talking about BdoubleO's child
  • Announcing the upcoming MindCrack Minigames public server and what games are planned
  • Discussing Starbound, Walking Dead 2, Bitcoins, US government passes a bill about patent trolls
  • Answering questions about favorite childhood memories, telling a story about waiting for Pause at MineCon, video quality, first videos, how they found Reddit, schedule, electronic vs. physical games/books, pronunciation of caramel, gender roles
Etho, Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
15 Dec 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 56"
  • Discussing PlayMindcrack, and the season 3 survival wars minigame
  • Talking about YouTube content ID, DayZ standalone alpha, Steam OS, NSA and World of Warcraft, Pirate bay, Suing those watching porn, and GTA V changes and issues
  • Having hysterics regarding relationship and circumcision questions
  • Answering questions about the MineCon 2013 postcards, PS4 friends lists, podcast facecams, calling 911, most painful experience, cussing in videos, religion, bit coins as donations, favorite genre's,
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
21 Dec 2013 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 57 - Guest SethBling"
  • PlayMindcrack has been opened for limited beta
  • Talking about UHC 13, Winter Steam sale, Twitch delay, bitcoins as currency, internet censorship in the UK
  • Having hysterics about circumcision (again)
  • Answering questions about how other YouTubers are listed in there cell phone, how Team Nancy Drew was found, how Team Canada formed, collaborations with smaller YouTubers, sleeping, watching other LP'ers uploads of games they are playing
  • Discussing Walking Dead and the MineCon Adventure Map, their thoughts on their recorded voices, who they'd play games with
  • Answering questions about the best Christmas present they've gotten
Guude, PauseUnpause, SethBling, VintageBeef, W92Baj
18 Jan 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 58 - OldManWillakers"
  • Featuring OldManWillakers
  • Talking about Pause's flooded basement, Cocaine found in Justin Bieber's house
  • Discussing PlayMindcrack and the new game PowerJuice and the upcoming towns
  • Sharing their favorite memories of 2013 and group videos that had rendering problems
  • Talking about DayZ and the use of "Beta" for games, GTAV for PC, The Last of Us DLC
  • Answering questions about trading real limes for mechanical ones, Steam machines, Mindcrack FTB, Optifine in PlayMindcrack, which game would they live their life in, shipping
  • Talking about the YouTube monopoly
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
24 Jan 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 59"
  • Talking about Pause's stream, Rust's revenue, Xbox paying for YouTube advertising, Windows 9, trademarking "Candy", GTAV
  • Answering questions about honorary MindCrack members, PlayMindcrack UHC cost and towns, money systems, starting channels, favorite game franchise, uploading with bad internet, YouTubers as celebrities
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
31 Jan 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 60"
  • Talking about hackers in Rust, expensive rare Nintendo game, refunds for pre-ordered games on Steam, potential screenshots of source 2.0, Nintendo boss took a pay cut because of the companies performance, Nintendo going into health care, trade ins
  • Answering questions about sexy voices, bathroom habits, weirdest dreams and sentient food, Guude's 2 year project and Voxwagon Bugs, addressing offensive comments, sports
  • Announcing a change in the email for podcast questions
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
7 Feb 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 61 - Nebris is back!"
  • Talking about DMX boxing George Zimmerman, Twitch's high peak web traffic rating, Uplay, game ratings, Namco-Bandai rebranding, decentralizing the internet, WesWilson working on GameVid Expo and notable Minecrafters attending, traveling to conventions, Baj streaming for PAX and cat charity, Bill Nye's debate on creationism
  • Answering questions about how they feel about people recording when playing with them, Seinfeld, CocaCola's super bowl ad, greatest weakness & strength, being recognized outside conventions, percentage of questions picked for the podcast, which fictional character they'd like to kill
  • Continuing the discussion of sitting vs standing to wipe
Guude, Nebris, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
14 Feb 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 62 | Guest Avidya"
  • Discussing about the format of UHC 14 and new and upcoming elements on PlayMindcrack
  • Sharing their incredulity that some people stand to wipe and discussing storing stuff in the oven and cereal in the milk
  • The return of Feed the Beast
  • Talking about Rust, DayZ, game sales, Steam tags, trademarks, potential scary games, hyperlink laws and Flappy Bird
  • Answering questions about the MindCrack Marathon and discussing charity streams, Mindcrack members attending conventions in 2014, and MineCon location jokes, favorite soups and fast food, what they would change in their life, animal that they would be and habits of the others they don't like
AvidyaZEN, Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
21 Feb 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 63"
  • Discussing about Doom, Pokémon on Twitch, viewer integration and viewers controlling the game
  • Talking about their panel at PAX East 2014 and Olympic hockey
  • Answering questions about saving lives, Flappy Birds, braces, Justin Bieber, MindCrack mods and nerves
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
1 Mar 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 64"
  • Talking about 100 million Minecraft registered users, a Minecraft movie, DayZ and PS4 delay
  • Yahoo users webcams compromised, Google glass, Pause's basement and traveling
  • Answering questions about PlayMindcrack, channel art, MineCon locations
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
7 Mar 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 65"
  • Talking about UHC 14, Chivalry map making contest, XBoxOne not working with external hard drive, Last of Us movie, Twitch plays Pokemon, games they are playing, Apple v Samsung
  • Answering questions about their favorite weather, MindCrack brand, PlayMindcrack and drama
Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
14 Mar 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 66"
  • Talking about the FTB server mishaps, PAX East, FAFTA game awards, announcing games or shows long before they are ready, Candy Crush, Vetting games on Steam, film footage that can be controlled by the user
  • Answering questions about pet peeves, another MindCrack meetup, changing Minecraft names, recording software and sharing their preferred methods of passing someone in the theater
AvidyaZEN, Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
21 Mar 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 67 with KurtJMac"
  • Discussing racing games, Oculus Rift, PS4 cost, pay to win games, DLC content, new dictionary words
  • Answering questions about diets, shower time, cutting footage into small bits, who would survive the longest, food's perception in different cultures and the continuation of the toilet conversation
Guude, kurtmac, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj
4 Apr 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 68 with Coestar"
  • Talking about setting goals, convention fraud, VidCon, Nintendo, PAX East, MindCrack Network, Mindcrack Weekly Recap
  • Answering questions about favorite weapons for war, what mythical creature they would be, and playing new games
  • Peeing in the shower
VintageBeef, W92Baj, Coestar, Guude, PauseUnpause
18 Apr 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 69 - Pax Podcast"
  • Recorded live in Boston, featuring OMGchad and WesWilson
  • Talking about their PAX Prime panel, SethBling waking people up, the PAX house and neighbors, PAX booths, Oculus, indie games, food and drinks, Curse "buying" MindCrack, getting into the Twitch party, and "winding down"
jsano19, Guude, PauseUnpause, SethBling, sevadus, W92Baj, Zisteau
4 May 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 70 with Lorgon111"
  • Featuring brianmcn of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server
  • Talking about Snapchat, MindCrack weekly recap returns, OMGchad restoring lost podcast audio, Minecraft Bingo, the CrackPack, Call of Duty, horror games and spiders
  • Answering questions about retro games, talking about game graphics, talking about time spent playing games
AvidyaZEN, brianmcn, Guude, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
8 May 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 71 with OMGChad"
  • Featuring OMGchad
  • Announcing the podcast is now on iTunes and podcatchers, recording, MMO's, net neutrality, game documentaries
  • Answering questions about decorating, discussing flying, browser based games, parental supervision, smoking, energy drinks, lucid dreams
AvidyaZEN, Guude, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
15 May 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 72 with Phedran"
  • Featuring Phedran
  • Talking about drinking and gambling, GTA5, Xbox without kinects, early access games, PAX Prime, Apple buying Beats
  • Answering questions about explaining enjoyment of watching video games to a parent, the worst thing they've gotten in their eye, discussing cultural food differences, favorite video game series, bathroom/sanitizing habits, podcast on YouTube
  • Talking about Godiva Gaming and Poutine
AvidyaZEN, Guude, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
22 May 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 73 with Aureylian"
  • Talking about the border and enchanting in UHC 16
  • Talking about the rumored Google/YouTube bid for Twitch, Halo, Apple being sued over iMessage and online security
  • Answering questions about Aurey joining the server, continuing the sit/stand when wiping conversation, record players, Mindcrackers as school kids, where would they go if they could time travel, embarrassing things at school, eating ice cream
Aureylian, Guude, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
5 Jun 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 74 with Squire Pyro"
  • Talking about phone numbers, Nintendo claiming videos and their proposed affiliate program, developers involving the community, Battlefield, PSP and iOS8
  • Answering questions about online friends, not uploading series, upcoming underwater boss in Minecraft, Steve Irwin, Smash Bros, Minecraft as the primary game for Mindcrack, wallet location & sitting or standing
AvidyaZEN, Guude, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0
12 Jun 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 75 with Sevadus"
  • E3 games, Rooster Teeth movie, drivers to use the x-box controller on the PC, streamer robbed while broadcasting, rumored steam sale date, Sonic movie, Cliffhorse, Insomnia
  • Answering questions about Pause's Wii Fit training, precautions when gaming, would they go to another MindCrackers funeral and preparations for death, when the mute their mike, how they like their eggs, most difficult thing in their career, favorite cereal and how Sevadus got his name
Guude, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, sevadus, W92Baj
19 Jun 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 76 with Millbee"
  • Handheld steam machine, Guude's desire to play Papers Please, Games Done Quick, Watchdogs, Nintendo, virtual reality, Phil Fish & the new Minecraft snapshot
  • Answering questions about fan fictions, PAX South 2015, Yogscast, MindCrack as a gaming community, effect of communities like MindCrack on the industry, sauce on burgers/chicken nuggets, continuing the siting vs standing debate
Guude, PauseUnpause, Millbee, Pyro_0, W92Baj
3 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 77 w/ DocM77"
  • Guude's PlayOnCon president
  • Minecraft 1.8 Discussion: Bunnies? Minecraft getting to big?
  • Telltale's Next The Walking Dead Episode Targeted For July
AvidyaZEN, Docm77, Guude
10 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 78 w/ Arkas"
  • Google Cardboard
  • Dankey Kang turns 33 - What was your first Arcade machine experience?
  • MS ending support for Win7 in Jan
Arkas, AvidyaZEN, Guude, W92Baj
17 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 79 w/ Blue"
  • Coe joins Mindcrack
  • Season 5 this weekend!
  • Zeldathon
  • Videos behind paywalls. South Park will soon be on HuluPlus and not free on the SP site
  • Yogscast YogDiscovery
  • TB talks about YogDiscovery
  • Manuel Noriega sues Activision over Call of Duty
  • File-Sharing Doesn't Hurt Box Office Revenue, Research Finds
  • Youcube last weekend to replace mine-o-rama. Yay them for pulling something off so fast
  • World Cup - Germany wins. woo
  • WC injuries
AvidyaZEN, Guude, W92Baj, BlueBayou
24 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 80"
  • Rust “reboot” is coming and everyone’s going to get it
  • Google will stop calling games 'free' when they offer in-app purchases
  • Battlefield Hardline is pushed back in to 2015
  • Microsoft have little clue
  • Britain decriminalised online piracy, only they didn't
PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, W92Baj, Guude, mcgamer
31 Jul 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 81"
  • Over 4.6million players beta tested Destiny, making it the largest console beta for an IP
  • Google $1 billion buy out for Twitch?
  • EA announces subscription service on Xbox One: EA Access
  • New CoD trailer
  • Xbox One to launch in China
  • Nintendo lost a lot of money
Guude, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, W92Baj
7 Aug 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 82"
  • BioShock 1 announced for iPad and iPhone
  • Hyrule Warriors will support local co-op, but not online
  • No Man's Sky is to be a time PS4 Exclusive, and will come out on the PC
  • Assassin's Creed Rogue
  • Evolve will be delayed until early 2015
  • JustinTV shutting down
  • Resident Evil HD Remaster
  • PS4 outsells XBone 3 to 1
  • Windows 9 could be free
Coestar, Guude, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0
14 Aug 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 83" AvidyaZEN, Coestar, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, W92Baj
21 Aug 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 84" AvidyaZEN, Coestar, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, W92Baj
28 Aug 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 85" Coestar, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, W92Baj
11 Sep 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 86" Pyro_0, Guude, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
18 Sep 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 87 - Guest Lt. Cool" Coestar, Guude, W92Baj
2 Oct 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 88 - Doc as temporary Pyro impersonator" Coestar, Docm77, Guude, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
9 Oct 2014 Coestar, Guude, Pyro_0, W92Baj
16 Oct 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 90 - Release day" Coestar, Guude, Pyro_0, W92Baj
30 Oct 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 91 - Angel" Coestar, Pyro_0, W92Baj
6 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 92" Coestar, Guude, OMGchad, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
20 Nov 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 93" Coestar, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, W92Baj
4 Dec 2014 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 94" Coestar, Guude, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0
8 Jan 2015 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 95" Coestar, Guude, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, W92Baj
15 Jan 2015 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 96" Coestar, Guude, PauseUnpause, W92Baj
5 Feb 2015 "Mindcrack Podcast - Episode 97" BlameTC, Guude, OMGchad, W92Baj

Season 2[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
2 Mar 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E1 - We're Back!"
  • 3:47 The return of the Mindcrack Podcast
  • 18:33 Audiobooks / Steven King
  • 30:05 Corona virus
  • 43:30 The Mindcrack Podcast in the future
  • 54:01 Prepping
Guude, Sevadus
9 Mar 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E2 - Coronavirus with Seth"
  • Talking about the patreon
  • How covid-19 is affecting Costco and travel
  • Expensive and good food
  • Extra Life United 2020
  • A wasted early Buttigieg vote
  • Seth's Mario the Gathering
Guude, SethBling, Sevadus
16 Mar 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E3 - ConeDodger"
  • Mindcrack Top Gear that never came to be
  • STI testing, dirty pee, cum in pee, sperm reabsorption, PrEP, and blood donation restrictions
  • Guude and Arkas are best food buddies
  • Matt's physical therapy, AlterG, restricting blood flow (the science behind cock rings)
  • Viruses: Euro travel ban, lack of covid testing, VZV (chicken pox and shingles), and how the placenta is an example of how not all viruses are bad
ConeDodger240, Guude, Sevadus
23 Mar 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E4 - Disneyland"
  • Disney; Matt loves Tigger, VIP tour, Guude at Disney Paris
  • Rona; shelter in place, Rachel Maddow, Maury
  • Matt plays with his soundboard
  • Arkas was supposed to be the guest
  • Guude got tested and is clean
  • Matt attacks a premium patron's comment about improving the podcast
Guude, Sevadus
30 Mar 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E5 - Are Kurt and Guude Friends?" Guude, kurtmac, Sevadus
6 Apr 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E6 - The Great Wipe Debate with Chad" Guude, OMGchad, Sevadus
13 Apr 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E7 - Clowning with Justin"
  • Discussing reaching the Patreon goal and possible new goals
  • Being in Discord servers, corporal punishment, books on Twitch and Minecraft
  • Playing various games extensively, games played by Space Cops
  • Bidets, sitting vs standing
  • Wearing masks in public, Nextdoor app, going out in public, COVID-19 testing in Florida, Florida rural areas
  • Justin's grandma being a magician and clown, clown insurance, Justin's clown stories, clown commandments
  • ICP, Breon being a juggalo
Guude, HCJustin, Sevadus
20 Apr 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E8 - Relationship Advice with Soccer and Breon"
  • Discussing Breon's juggalo picture getting deleted, Breon being a juggalo
  • Soccer as a potential gigolo and as a cougar's partner
  • Soccer introducing himself at the marathon, Matt being busy at the marathon
  • New ideas for SL/CED, good and bad incentives at previous SL/CEDs, specialty cooking appliances
  • Soccer's first date, not getting dates, opening lines, and first Tinder date
  • New Patreon goal and tier
  • Story of when Guude ate a sandwich off the ground, other stories from staying at places together
  • What happens at ICP concerts, the Juggalo community
  • Soccer working in the media
Breon, Guude, Sevadus, Soccermvp13
27 Apr 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E9 - “Snip” with Coestar"
  • Discussing podcast software, hinting at the $5K goal
  • Sevadus' lack of plant knowledge
  • Doctor visits, vasectomies, teeth whitening
  • Semen, cooking with semen, precum, story of Guude as a virgin
  • Georgia locations allowed to open early despite COVID-19
  • Hair stylists, barber shops, Guude getting shaved, estheticians
  • Discussing the shows Tiger King and Don't F**k with Cats
  • Popping pimples, acne problems, face mites
Coestar, Guude, Sevadus
4 May 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E10 - Turtles with Mhykol and Drew"
  • Discussing claps at the start, YouTube comments, how the podcast works
  • Economic Injury Disaster Loans, unemployment pay
  • Facebook groups and school streaming during COVID-19, extracurricular classes, tools for kids learning programming
  • Right to repair, where to get cars repaired, car companies having defeat devices, recalls on cars
  • Guude's and Sevadus' Disney cruises
  • Second wave of COVID-19, opening up locations early, medicine for COVID-19, symptoms, long term changes in the workplace
  • Story of Guude working at Shoney's, restaurants getting orders wrong
Drew, Guude, Mhykol, Sevadus
11 May 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E11 - Cults with Pyro"
  • Disney fireworks shows, Pyro peeing in public, Pyro meeting other Mindcrack members for the first time at Paris
  • Doc punching someone at a bar in Paris, hotel rooms at Disney Paris
  • Story of the birth of Jesus, Pyro growing up Catholic, Christian denominations
  • Branch Davidians, David Koresh, the apocalypse, Ruby Ridge, Waco siege
  • Mormonism and Scientology
  • Anderz clogging toilets
  • Rodney King, Latasha Harlins, LA riots of 92
  • Bombs near Pyro in Ireland
Guude, Pyrao, Sevadus
18 May 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E12 - The Baj Defense"
  • Telling stories from Chicago during the 2019 marathon and Anaheim during MineCon 2016
  • COVID-19 affecting people going out and their relationships, stay at home orders, mail-in voting
  • Discussing Guude's Discord
  • People believing false stories online, Americans not knowing about news from other countries, interactions between former US presidents, discussing how Trump has handled situations
  • Discussing the $2,500 Patreon goal, announcing that the $5K goal is allowing $25 Patrons on the Mindcrack server
Guude, Sevadus, W92Baj
25 May 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E13 - Cousin Conspiracies"
  • Discussing $2,500 Patreon goal getting reached
  • Sourdough baking, Guude's cousin visiting, QAnon conspiracy theories
  • Having facecams on Patreon, details about the Patreon
  • "No Mindcrack Podcast" video disappearing
  • Mindcrack Marathon options for COVID-19, disinfecting items
  • School supplies, kid's clothing
  • Guude's Disney cruise, Disney rides, Disney Springs reopening
  • Vaccination requirements
Guude, Sevadus
1 Jun 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E14 - The Great Outdoors with VintageBeef"
  • COVID-19 death numbers, locations reopening, Snapchat map
  • Beef's cat getting denied treatment due to COVID-19 risk, hospital patient numbers, mask usage
  • Disney reopening, Disney cruise status, COVID-19 numbers
  • Discussing Alex Trebek, populations
  • Guude's Discord cult
  • Beef's new house: internet, lawn care, internet options, wild animals
Guude, Sevadus, VintageBeef
8 Jun 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E15 - "No Mindcrack Podcast" with Pak & Honney"
  • Snacks and Drinks, caffeine, Treatstream
  • Honney's terminology, Pakratt's eating, Pak's and Hon's relationship
  • Wife Swap, news sources, state foods
  • "No Mindcrack Podcast" video getting found
  • BLM protests
Guude, HonneyPlay, Pakratt0013, Sevadus
17 Jun 2020 "Mindcrack Podcast - S2E16 - Humanity with Doc & Joe"
  • Countries that don't allow owned land
  • Political backgrounds of Joe and Doc
  • Boardwalks, Doc's visits to America, rolling cigarettes, Doc playing basketball professionally
  • Comparisons of certain US aspects to the rise of Nazi Germany, divides in America, racism in the US and Germany
  • Other's countries views of America, US military bases in Germany
  • Doc's shoes, wearing shoes in houses
  • Stories of Doc beating up racist at Disney bar, kicking rioters down stairs
  • History of Antifa, getting labeled as a terrorist organization, using labels to condemn political opposition
  • Trump's response to the protests, opinions on how the federal government should support local governments to help citizens
  • Content creators being unsupported by YouTube and Twitch, white privilege in content creation
  • Ethnic divides as Guude grew up, differences between far left and far right, how to educate people to avoid racism, how history should be preserved
  • QAnon conspiracies, Guude's cousin believing them, opinions on whether Trump will accept election results
  • Other countries taking over America's place on a global scale, increasing their power without America taking action
  • What actions to take in order to change conspiracy theorists and far right people, uses of various platforms for change
Docm77, Guude, joehillssays, Sevadus


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