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The Minecraft avatar of Guude
Artistic representation of Guude's Minecraft avatar

Guude from his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge video
Alternative names Jason, GuudeBoulderfist
Gender M
Age 34[1]
Country United States
Active LPs

Garry's Mod

Space Engineers

Mario Kart 8

The Sims 4


Guude, also known by his personal name Jason, is an American web developer and Let's Play commentator who is the creator and de facto head of the MindCrack community. He is also the principal organizer of MindCrack events. Guude is a member of Team Nancy Drew, OOG, OOGE, Guano, Team Alpha Male and GOB.


Guude from his first public appearance, "One Year of MindCrack - Let's Vlog"

Guude is the creator of the MindCrack server. In October 2010, Guude created the server to invite his friends onto it. Since then, he has invited more people onto it and hosted three contests in which the winners were invited onto the server. After 1.8 Beta was released, Guude decided to restart the server to incorporate the changes from Beta 1.8.

In discussion about his motivations to begin publishing to YouTube, Guude has shared that he somewhat identified with John Goodman's character of 'Creighton Bernette' in the HBO original drama Treme, which went on to inspire him to produce his videos. His then current work as a self-employed programmer had become "overwhelming" and that "[he] needed something to occupy his mind and time that wasn't always work". In reflecting on his experience since then, he shared that, "I'm glad I did, it's been a lot of fun and I've met a lot of people that I'll probably be friends with for the rest of my life." It is through his YouTube content and the world of Mindcrack that he now makes a living, for which he is "very happy" and says it's been "a crazy ride".[2]

Guude is known for his childhood stories and his unique laugh. In Season 2 of his MindCrack series he went caving a lot relative to other MindCrack members. Eating spider eyes has become a running gag with him wherein many fans constantly remind him he can eat them, much to his apparent frustration. Guude is of Polish[3] and German descent - German from his mother's side,[4] while Polish from his father's side.[5] Guude has a life view of "I'd rather work until death for myself, rather than work an hour for somebody else."[citation needed]

Guude met his wife in high school.[6] On 3 November 2011, they had their first child, a daughter.[7]


Guude accepts fanmail through his PO box, and shares what he receives through episodes of "Mail Time with Guude".

PO Box 811
Holly Springs, NC 27540

Let's Play[edit]

The YouTube avatar of GuudeBoulderfist
Join date 8 Feb 2010
Subscribers 454263
Videos 4025
Views 109610705

Guude and BdoubleO100 often play together in various co-operative games or custom Minecraft maps, a partnership they named as OOG. Since July 2011, they have published six seasons of OOG content, including games such as Portal 2 and 'Complete the Monument' challenges created by the Minecraft level designer Vechs. The OOG pair later teamed up with Etho to form OOGE, playing more adventure maps.

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
World of Warcraft "Guude Time - Warcraft PUGs" 18 Nov 2010 Pick up groups
Amnesia: The Dark Descent "Amnesia: Dark Descent" 19 Mar 2011
Portal "Portal One - Years Behind" 25 Apr 2011
Penumbra Overture "Penumbra Overture" 11 May 2011
Terraria "Guude Plays Terraria" 16 May 2011
Crystalis "Guude's Childhood: Crystalis" 9 Jun 2011
F.E.A.R. "Guude plays F.E.A.R." 19 Jul 2011
Dead Island "Dead Island: 4 Player Co-op" 15 Sep 2011 Featuring VintageBeef and W92Baj
F.E.A.R. Extraction Point "F.E.A.R. Extraction Point" 30 Oct 2011 Featuring VintageBeef and W92Baj
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light "Lara Croft: GoL" 7 Jan 2012 Featuring Falanix
Portal 2 "Portal 2" 20 Feb 2012
Warp "Warp" 8 Apr 2012
Borderlands "Borderlands" 11 Feb 2012 Featuring Falanix
Yesterday "Yesterday the Game" 21 Apr 2012
The Walking Dead "Walking Dead" 24 Apr 2012
Back to the Future: The Game "Back to the Future" 6 May 2012
Batman: Arkham City "Batman: Arkham City" 15 May 2012
Psychonauts "Psychonauts" 10 Jun 2012
Dead Space "Dead Space" 23 Aug 2012
Borderlands 2 19 Sep 2012 Featuring Falanix and Peilla
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare "Chivalry with Mindcrack" 2 Oct 2012
Lucius "Guude Games - Lucius" 26 Oct 2012
Dead Space 2 "Dead Space 2" 7 Nov 2012
Far Cry 3 "Far Cry 3 Co-Op with Baj" 11 Dec 2012 Featuring W92Baj
Dead Space 3 "Dead Space 3" 6 Feb 2013
Surgeon Simulator 2013 "Surgeon Simulator 2013" 20 Apr 2013
Payday: The Heist "Payday: The Heist" 21 Apr 2013 Featuring Avidya, generikb and PauseUnpause
Lego City Undercover "Lego City Undercover" 2 May 2013
Metro: Last Light "Metro Last Light" 17 May 2013
The Last of Us 14 Jun 2013
Cube World "Cube World" 4 Jul 2013
400 Days "Walking Dead: 400 Days" 4 Jul 2013
Payday 2 "Payday 2" 14 Aug 2013 Featuring AvidyaZEN, generikb, PauseUnpause
Saints Row IV "OOG - Saints Row IV" 21 Aug 2013 Featuring OOG
Gone Home "Gone Home" 27 Aug 2013 Featuring OOG
Grand Theft Auto V "Grand Theft Auto 5" 19 Sep 2013
Knack "PS4 - Knack" 15 Nov 2013
Contrast "Contrast by Compulsion" 15 Nov 2013
Magic: The Gathering "MTG: Sealed - Ravnica Round 1" 17 Nov 2013 Featuring madcow21
The Walking Dead: Season Two "Walking Dead - Season 2" 18 Dec 2013
Garry's Mod 19 Feb 2014 Featuring changing group of members of the MindCrack server and guests
Thief "Thief - PC" 26 Feb 2014
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes "Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes" 19 Mar 2014
Dead State "Dead State: Zombie Survival" 24 Apr 2014
The Hidden "The Hidden" 12 May 2014 Featuring PauseUnpause, Coestar, OldManWillakers and Millbee
Space Engineers
  • 19 May 2014
  • 11 Jan 2015
Mario Kart 8 "Mario Kart 8 Online Multiplayer" 1 Jun 2014 Featuring Coestar, mcgamer, Millbee, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0 and Juicetra
Wolfenstein: The New Order "Wolfenstein: The New Order" 8 Jun 2014
Super Toy Cars "Super Toy Racers With Friends" 9 Jul 2014 Featuring kurtmac, Coestar, VintageBeef and Pyro_0
Sniper Elite III "Sniper Elite III" 9 Jul 2014 Featuring PauseUnpause
Unturned "Unturned Zombie Survival" 31 Jul 2014 Featuring AvidyaZEN, Coestar, Juicetra, PauseUnpause and sevadus
Disney's Magical Quest 3 "Mickey and Donald in Magical Japanese Funland" 1 Aug 2014 Featuring OldManWillakers
The Sims 4 "The Sims 4: An Idiot's Playthrough" 6 Sept 2014
Destiny "PS4 - Destiny - A Tale of Guude n Pause" 10 Sept 2014 Featuring PauseUnpause and, for the final two episodes, Millbee
Alien: Isolation "Alien: Isolation" 7 Oct 2014 Includes facecam
Tales from the Borderlands "Tales from the Borderlands" 25 Nov 2014
Don't Starve Together "Don't Starve Together with Millbee" 8 Jan 2015 Featuring Millbee - See Don't Starve
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
MindCrack Survival multiplayer 19 Oct 2010 The first 61 episodes were in a single player map
Single Player 404 seed "Minecraft 404 Challenge with Guude" 25 Feb 2011
Super Hostile #7: Legendary "OOG: Legendary Failures" 25 Jul 2011 Featuring OOG
Survival Single Player "MindCrack Ironman" 24 Sep 2011 Using the 1.8 seed MindCrack
Super Hostile #8: Nightmare Realms "OOG: Nightmare Realms" 10 Oct 2011 Featuring OOG
Chunk Survival "Neceros' Chunk Survival" 14 Oct 2011 Beta test of Neceros' map
Super Hostile #10: Spellbound Caves "OOG : OOGE - Spellbound Caves with BdoubleO, Guude, & Etho" 24 Jan 2012 Featuring OOGE
Super Hostile #4: Kaizo Caverns "OOGE: Kaizo Caverns" 13 May 2012 Featuring OOGE
MineZ modded Survival Multiplayer "MineZ" 4 Jul 2012 Featuring Team Nancy Drew. See MineZ
Vinyl Fantasy II "OOG : OOGE - Vinyl Fantasy II" 21 Jul 2012 Featuring OOGE
Deathly Trails "OOG : Deathly Trails" 22 Jul 2012 Featuring OOG
MindCrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer 14 Dec 2012
Dwarves vs Zombies "Dwarves VS Zombies" 17 Dec 2012 Featuring OldManWillakers, PauseUnpause and Guests
Dungeon Realms Modded Survival multiplayer "Team Nancy Drew - Dungeon Realms" 20 Feb 2013 Featuring Team Nancy Drew. See Dungeon Realms
Super Hostile #12: Inferno Mines "Guude & Jsano - Inferno Mines" 18 Apr 2013 Featuring jsano19
Gloria "Gloria Minecraft Adventure" 30 May 2013 Featuring VintageBeef
Modded Minecraft with Galacticraft and Chococraft
  • 27 Jun 2013
  • 20 Aug 2014
In season 2 there were more mods added. The complete list is currently unknown.
Payday 2: Endgame "Minecraft : PayDay 2 Map w/ GUANO" 12 May 2014 Featuring jsano19
Mindcrack CrackPack Modded multiplayer "Mindcrack CrackPack Server" 24 May 2014
Revenge of Cookie
  • 26 Jun 2014
  • 6 Jul 2014
Lords of Minecraft "Lords of Minecraft 18 Jul 2014 Featuring PauseUnpause, OldManWillakers, VintageBeef, Coestar, Arkas, Pyro, nisovin, HCJustin, Roamin and WastedTime
Diversity 2 "Diversity 2 with Guude & Chad" 18 Sept 2014 Featuring OMGchad
Alien: A Crafter's Isolation "Alien: A Crafter's Isolation with Chad (1 of 2)" 27 Nov 2014 Featuring OMGchad
Monstrosity No uploads until Episode 4.[8] 7 Jan 2015 Featuring OMGchad and VintageBeef



Guude owns another Minecraft handle known as easycgi. He explained that "[he] doesn't really use this character for anything... this is basically [his] cameraman."[9] The account was unused for some time but was later used to record time lapses of the rebuilding of the arena roof[10] and the vacation prank against PauseUnpause.[11]

On the Season 4 map, easycgi was used to record a timelapse of the Beginning of the World which was shown during episode 44 of the Mindcrack Podcast[12] and then later Slaying the Wither shown in episode 45.[13]


Interviewer Recording(s) Topics
10 Mar 2012 nocxx "[Let's Talk]GUUDEBOULDERFIST![English]"
29 Nov 2012 RubenDelight "Interviewing MineCon! - Guude"
  • Beginning of his YouTube channel
30 Jul 2013 OMGchad "Special: Interview with Guude"
  • PlayOnCon
  • Video games and Let's Playing
  • MindCrack
  • MindCrack, his channel, his videos
  • YouTube
  • Video games
  • Daily life

Minecraft skin[edit]

Guude's Minecraft skin is a representation of himself in sprite form wearing his G shirt. Guude received a Cape for attending MineCon 2011.[14] It is unknown if he redeemed his 2012 and 2013 capes.

Guude's Minecraft skin

Previous/Alternate skins[edit]

Guude's original skin was a modified "Steve", with his G logo and MC on the back.[15]


External links[edit]


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