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T3 Project

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The start of the scavenger hunt at Guudeland

The T3 Project is a scavenger hunt game by Pakratt0013. It consists of cryptic pillars placed all over the map. The start of these pillars was located at the center of Guudeland but has since been replaced by an improved King of the Ladder by Pakratt.[1] The game was created in IRC and in the Eluinhost forum with the help of fans.[2] The scavenger hunt has not yet been completed by any other member of the server. This page lists all the riddles with their locations and grammatically-corrected text.

Location: Guudeland (start) Status: Discovered
"This pillar you have found, I see! But there are many much more important than me! From near to far, cross the lands we lay, waiting for the certain day, which all is exposed to they who seek, the answers to the riddles on their peaks! Not that there's any treasure or loot, but in the end is but fame, but that point is moot! So if my brethren are what you seek, the start is near where you stand so to speak! 'The question is inside out leader's mind.'"

Location: Guude's head in Guudeland Status: Discovered
"Go to the place where you must 'go deeper' and never find an elusive Creeper. They spawn and burn but never die, 'til your touch send to cloud nine. Dig straight up from there in order to find the clue to the next place in the line!"

Location: Blaze harvester Status: Undiscovered (revealed by Pakratt)[3]
"This wall of Jericho, it will return. It falls and is built as the hourglass turns. As this far wall falls at its constant chore, the wall you seek is near ashore. From Jericho's wall, at zero take a long haul to seek and find a wall you must fall."

Location: East of PauseUnpause's base Status: Undiscovered (revealed by Pakratt)[3]
"Three of these are for us to see, but while not all give light, all are perceived to be not behind any that are known for flight, but behind any that give no light is the solution to your current plight."

Location: VintageBeef's Nether rail Status: Undiscovered (revealed by Pakratt)[3]
"His laughter is known across the earth, but while on here, we shamed his girth. But with that said, I wonder... What lies below five of his feet under?"

Location: Santa Status: Undiscovered (revealed by Pakratt)[3]
"Sometimes you need a break. So go have fun for goodness sake! Though you start and then you're done, I'm sure you still had some fun! Look for the torch seven from the pin and then dig down to let you in!"

Location: Golf course Status: Undiscovered (revealed by Pakratt)[3]
"A dark place you'll find, but the water brings light. Six true ways to choose, but today none are right. At the center if you dig towards the firmest stone. But bring a sword, for green cubes, if you're on your own!"

Location: Nebris' drop shaft Status: Discovered (by Nebris)[4]
"Of wings I have four and four wings do not fly. My brother near the water does the same job as I. And though my wings should flap around, at one spot I'm always found. If you find me and my spindle, look up the middle to find the next riddle."

Location: Windmill Status: Discovered (by Nebris)[4]
"Almost there, a single more stop! But the location known by not a lot. Whom you seek says all that we speak. Password it must be /told from the #'s in riddles I've shown. Ordered in a form that is extremely well known."

Location: Nether cobble bridge Status: Discovered (VintageBeef and someone prior to him)[5]
"Though the path is obvious, I know, this note as you go: As you avoid the gravel on the path you travel, remember: The path you travel, while I know is quite narrow, the entire way is also straight as an arrow."

Location: Nether Status: Undiscovered (revealed by Pakratt)[6]
"Congratulations. You've made it to the end! The signs from before are for you to place on the monument. Place your sign and take a picture of the monument as you see it. Be quick! This on a timer when it ends, it's all gone!"

As indicated in one of the final pillars ("...Password it must be told from the #'s in riddles..." the riddles include references to numbers ("cloud nine," "at zero take," "Three of these," "five of his feet," "torch seven from," "Six true ways" and "four and four wings" (8) which equals 9035768. Reversed it is 8675309, the numbers in a popular song by Tommy Tutone, the origin of "T3." ERU was a bot that used to feed the MindCrack chat to the IRC, and if it was given that series of numbers it would provide the location of the path that would lead to the monument (x=867 z=530 y=9).[6]


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