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Guudeland are public areas for minigames and amenities in all the MindCrack servers since it was first begun by Pakratt0013.

MindCrack Season 3[edit]

Leaf SpleefShooting GalleryPaintball ArenaKing of the LadderKing of the LadderPanoramic view of Guudeland
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Entrance to Guudeland

Guudeland in Season 3 was south of the spawn village. Pakratt0013 first conceived the idea and worked on the majority of its attractions. The area contained many games and was still incomplete at the time of the map reset in July 2013. The entrance to Guudeland was a large-scale replica of Guude's face.


King of the Ladder[edit]

King of the Ladder

The King of the Ladder (KotL) consisted of a Nether brick column with four Ladders placed on each side. The goal of the game is to reach the top. To keep the playing field equal, weapons and armor are not allowed. Half of the ladder was above sea level and half reaches below to bedrock level.[1] At the base of the ladder, there was a floor made of Iron Bars with Lava below it. It is possible to fall through the iron bars into lava. Two Spider spawners are located nearby; they become active at night.[2] A previously-built King of the Ladder existed nearby and spanned from ground level to the sky. At the top, there were Redstone lamps with pressure plates on which one could stand.

Leaf Spleef[edit]

Leaf Spleef

The goal of the game is to break leaf blocks underneath opponents. The last one remaining in the arena would win. The leaf blocks were grown into the ground by growing trees and cutting off excess blocks. The leaves did not decay because of the careful placement of wood blocks. The game would begin once the wood blocks were removed from the arena.[3]

Paintball Arena[edit]

Paintball Arena

The paintball arena was a 45-block diameter circle that had four color-coded entrances. Each entrance has a supply of bows and arrows. The goal of the game is to shoot the other players with it. The rules included no armor and no block-breaking. The arena was built by PauseUnpause[4] and VintageBeef.[5]

Shooting Gallery[edit]

Shooting Gallery

The shooting gallery allowed players to shoot at Zombies as they travelled down a water chute. The Zombies were supplied from a Zombie spawner beneath the area. The spawner could be accessed by a staircase nearby.

TNT Arena[edit]

TNT Arena

Skeletal Assault[edit]

Skeletal Assault


Food Court[edit]

The food court was a semi-automated wheat harvester.

One intending to use the mechanism would hold bonemeal and seeds in the hotbar, stand between the two installed dispensers, and plant a seed on the given block of tilled dirt. The player would then switch to bonemeal and grow the seed. The mechanism would automatically harvest the wheat. Additional bonemeal and seeds would be supplied from the adjacent dispensers.

Guude Night Inn[edit]

The Guude Night Inn

MindCrack Feed the Beast[edit]

Guudeland on the Feed the Beast server was built by Etho near spawn. It was based on the Guudeland on the vanilla server.


King of the Arcane Levitator[edit]

A King of the Ladder variant using arcane levitators from thaumcraft.


Based on the arcade game Frogger, this game is built using high speed locomotives with an automatic fuel resupply station under the 'arena'.

Call of Duty[edit]

BdoubleO100 and Etho have worked to replicate a multiplayer map from Call of Duty: Black Ops II. The game involves complex Computercraft procedures that accurately replicate checkpoint captures, random spawning, and scorekeeping in ways similar to Black Ops II.


Videos of the construction or games being played in Guudeland.

Perspectives Notable events Featuring
16 Apr 2013
  • Looking for an area to build Guudeland in FTB
20 Apr 2013
  • Starting to build Guudeland on the FTB server
  • Clearing an area for, and designing, King of the Arcane Levitator
1 May 2013
  • Working on building Frogger in Guudeland

MindCrack Season 4[edit]

Wither Arena[edit]

An arena built out of obsidian and lava underground for fighting the Wither.

==MindCrack Season 5


==Stuff It

         ==-By GenerikB==

This is a stadium for a sport of some sort in in which there are 2 teams,Fire Donkeys and Jungle Cobras.Each team has to deliver a specific item to the hoppers to get a point.The team with the most points wins.


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