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This is a list of VintageBeef's Mindcrack videos, recorded sessions by VintageBeef on the 7 Days to Die Mindcrack Server.


Video Notable events Featuring
6 Jan 2016 "7 Days To Die - EP01 - My First Day!"
  • Starting out on the server, evading zombies
  • Touring Anderz' house, claiming his own house
AnderZEL, Docm77
8 Jan 2016 "7 Days To Die - EP02 - Midnight Madness"
  • Surviving the night with Arkas, starting his corn farm
Arkas, Docm77
10 Jan 2016 "7 Days To Die - EP03 - Hunting Trip!"
  • Hunting animals with Guude
  • Fighting zombies, looting a store, waiting out the night