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Beef at MineCon 2013
Alternative names Beef, Vintage, Beefers
Gender M
Age 32[1]
Country Canada
Active LPs

Forza 5

GTA V online

F1 2013

The Last Of Us: Left Behind

Ryse: Son of Rome


VintageBeef, also known simply as Beef, or Daniel M as his personal name,[2] is a Canadian Let's Play commentator and an active member of the MindCrack server. He joined the server in May 2011 after winning a slot in the second contest,[3] though Guude says he would've asked him to join either way.[4] Beef is part of Team Canada and Team Nancy Drew.


VintageBeef is a bearded man of Portuguese descent. He currently lives north of Toronto, Canada[5] with his dog Bubba. Prior to his YouTube career, he was a used-car photographer. In his spare time, he still does photography and, as of the late, mainly macro.[6] Before he started uploading videos under the name VintageBeef, he had two YouTube accounts. The first one was to subscribe to Guude and AnderZEL and the second to upload videos. He started to play Minecraft after watching videos of the game uploaded by Guude and AnderZEL. He then joined YouTube because he felt that there was no point in building something amazing to have no one else see it and to get some interaction with people online. The name VintageBeef originated from the job he held during his teens, a butcher or meat cutter. Beef also curses in real life but tries to keep it kid friendly in his videos. Beef had never publicly shown his face until MineCon 2013.[7]


Bubba is VintageBeef's English Bulldog.[8][9] Beef has released photos and short videos of Bubba on Twitter.[10][11][12][13][14][15]

Beef's first dog was a female Pit bull named Angel and his second was a male Rottweiler named Bailey.[16]

Let's Play[edit]

VintageBeef began his channel with a single-player hardcore Let’s Play of Minecraft.[17] He had been a longtime fan of Guude and upon the announcement of the second contest for entry into the Mindcrack server he submitted a video showing off a museum of various Mindcrack references and builds.[18] On 10 May 2011, he began his Let’s Play on the Mindcrack server.[19] Around this time, he also started a play-through of the game LIMBO[20] and his original Minecraft Let’s play ended, stopping at thirty-four episodes.

He was initiated into the Mindcrack Prank Wars by davmandave and Kennedyzak when they built an assortment of noise machines under his house.[21] Since then, he has actively set up pranks against other players and retaliated against ones set up for him. Team Canada was formed through the Prank Wars, when VintageBeef and Etho helped PauseUnpause set up a prank for Guude; the three have done various collaborations, including complete-the-monument Minecraft maps.

For a time, the only videos VintageBeef uploaded on his channel were episodes of his Let’s Play on the Mindcrack server, which began its second season (third for Guude) after the 1.8 map reset.[22] He began one of his largest builds in Minecraft soon after, a replica of Hunyad Castle, a near six-hundred year old castle in Hunedoara, Romania.[23] He started another hardcore Minecraft Let’s Play, which ended shortly after thirteenth episodes,[24] and also began a play-through of Skyrim.[25]

After the completion of Vinyl Fantasy, a complete-the-monument map done with PauseUnpause, he participated in the first Ultra Hardcore. Commonly abbreviated as UHC, the first featured himself, Guude, PauseUnpause and W92Baj, which would eventually form Team Nancy Drew. The four have also done a variety of collaborations, such as Shoot Many Robots, Chivalry: Medieval Warfare and various Minecraft adventure maps. After the first UHC, he soon began a play-through of Left 4 Dead 2 with PauseUnpause, W92Baj and Millbee. With PauseUnpause in particular, he played Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction and several Minecraft adventure maps. In addition to these games, he has played Journey and Rayman Origins; later, he plays Bastion, Sleeping Dogs (and its DLCs) and Red Dead Redemption.

Apart from first-person shooters, survival and action-adventure video games, he has also played racing games such as Forza Horizon[26] F1 2012, which he played with Kurt.[27] and later Grid 2. In addition to his currently ongoing Minecraft series, he has also played and finished Fable 3 and Guacamelee!.

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Limbo "VintageBeef plays Limbo" 21 May 2011
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim "Beef Plays Skyrim" 14 Nov 2011
Left 4 Dead 2 "Left 4 Dead 2" 29 Feb 2012 Featuring Millbee, PauseUnpause and W92Baj
Journey "Let's Play Journey" 14 Mar 2012
Resident Evil "Pause and Beef play Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City" 20 Mar 2012 Featuring PauseUnpause
Rayman Origins "Rayman Origins" 10 Apr 2012
Shoot Many Robots "Shoot Many Robots" 27 Apr 2012 Featuring Team Nancy Drew
Bastion "Beef Plays Bastion" 2 Aug 2012
Sleeping Dogs "Beef Plays Sleeping Dogs" 14 Aug 2012
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare "Chivalry Medieval Warfare" 1 Oct 2012 See Chivalry.
Red Dead Redemption "Red Dead Redemption" 3 Oct 2012
Forza Horizon "Forza Horizon" 23 Oct 2012
Sleeping Dogs "Sleeping Dogs - Nightmare In North Point" 2 Nov 2012
Castle Crashers "Castle Crashers" 7 Jan 2013 Featuring Docm77, GrimLP and Neceros
Sleeping Dogs "Sleeping Dogs - The Zodiac Tournament" 6 Jan 2013
Ni no Kuni "Ni No Kuni" 22 Jan 2013
Formula 1 "Formula 1 2012" 8 Feb 2013 Featuring kurtmac
Sleeping Dogs "Sleeping Dogs - Year of the Snake" 31 Mar 2013
Guacamelee! "Let's Play Guacamelee" 21 Apr 2013
Fable III "Let's Play Fable III" 12 May 2013
Call of Juarez: Gunslinger "Let's Play Call of Juarez: Gunslinger " 25 May 2013
Grid 2 "Let's Play Grid 2 " 31 May 2013
The Last of Us "Let's Play The Last of Us" 14 June 2013
Max Payne 3 "Let's Play Max Payne 3: 15 Aug 2013
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist "Let's Play Splinter Cell Blacklist 20 Aug 2013 Featuring PauseUnpause
NHL 14 "Let's Play NHL14" 11 Sep 2013
Kingdom Hearts Final Mix "Let's Play Kingdom Hearts" 13 Sep 2013
Grand Theft Auto V "Let's Play Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5)" 18 Sep 2013
F1 2013 "Let's Play F1 2013 With KurtJMac" 23 Nov 2013 Featuring kurtmac
Serious Sam 3: BFE "Let's Play Serious Sam 3 With Anders" 27 Nov 2013 Featuring AnderZEL
Grand Theft Auto V Online "Let's Play GTA V (GTA 5) Online!" 5 Dec 2013
Forza Motorsport 5 "Let's Play Forza 5" 17 Dec 2013
The Last of Us: Left Behind "Let's Play The Last Of Us: Left Behind" 19 Feb 2014
Ryse: Son of Rome "Let's Play Ryse: Son of Rome" 6 Mar 2014
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Survival Singleplayer "Let's Play Minecraft with VintageBeef" 9 Apr 2011
MindCrack Survival multiplayer 10 May 2011
Survival Singleplayer "Minecraft Hardcore Mode" 20 Oct 2011 Using hardcore mode
"Super Hostile #11: Lethamyr" "Pause and Beef play Super Hostile 11: Lethamyr" 3 May 2012 Featuring PauseUnpause playing variant D of the map
"Secrets of the Paragon Island" "Baj and Beef play Secrets of the Paragon Island" 9 May 2012 Featuring W92Baj
"The Chamber of the Creators" "Chamber of the Creators" 24 May 2012 Featuring PauseUnpause and W92Baj
"Deathly Trails" "Pause and Beef play Deathly Trails - Custom Minecraft Map" 29 May 2012 Featuring PauseUnpause
"The Trial of the Minemasons" "Minecraft Trial of the Minemasons" 19 Jun 2012 Featuring W92Baj
MineZ modded Survival Multiplayer "MineZ - DayZ meets Minecraft" 26 Jun 2012 Featuring Team Nancy Drew. See MineZ
"The Dropper" "The Dropper - Minecraft custom map" 3 Jul 2012 Featuring Guude and W92Baj
"Castlevania" "Castlevania II - A Minecraft Custom Adventure Map" 6 Jul 2012 Featuring Guude
"Stay Forever Together" "Stay Forever Together - A Minecraft Custom Puzzle Map" 7 Jul 2012 Featuring PauseUnpause
"The Library" "The Library - A Minecraft Dropper Compilation Map" 10 Jul 2012 Featuring Guude and W92Baj
"Kingdom of the Sky" "Minecraft - Kingdom Of The Sky" 22 Jul 2012 Featuring Guude
"Kingdom of the Sky 2: The World Burns" "Minecraft - Kingdom Of The Sky II" 7 Aug 2012 Featuring Guude
MindCrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer 14 Nov 2012
"Super Hostile #5: Black Desert II" "Minecraft Super Hostile Black Desert II" 6 Dec 2012 Featuring PauseUnpause
"From Ashes" "Minecraft From Ashes" 29 Jan 2013 Featuring PauseUnpause
Dungeon Realms modded Survival Multiplayer "Minecraft Dungeon Realms" 20 Feb 2013 Featuring Team Nancy Drew. See Dungeon Realms
Ruins Of The Mindcrackers "Minecraft Ruins Of The Mindcrackers" 6 Apr 2013 Featuring Team Canada. See Ruins Of The Mindcrackers
Cake Defense II "Cake Defense II" 21 May 2013 Featuring Etho and Dinnerbone
Gloria "Gloria" 30 May 2013 Featuring Guude
Wrath of the Fallen "Wrath of the Fallen" 14 June 2013 Featuring AnderZEL
"Ruins Of The Mindcrackers II" "Minecraft Ruins of the Mindcrackers 2" 16 Jul 2013 Featuring Team Canada. See Ruins Of The Mindcrackers
"Eronev Mansion Adventure" "Eronev Mansion Adventure" 27 Jul 2013 Featuring AnderZEL
"Eronev 2: The Soul Caudron" "Eronev 2: The Soul Caudron" 8 Aug 2013 Featuring AnderZEL
Uncharted Territory III "Minecraft Uncharted Territory 3 With Etho and Pause" 20 Sep 2013 Featuring Team Canada
Hypixel Server "Minecraft Blitz Survival Games" 14 Nov 2013 Featuring PauseUnpause, Etho and kurtmac
PlayMindcrack "Minecraft Play Mindcrack" 7 Jan 2014
PixelLeague Pixelmon server "Minecraft Pixelmon - Pokemon For Minecraft!" 17 Jan 2014 See PixelLeague
Simulation Protocol #01 – Animosity "Minecraft Animosity" 11 Feb 2014 Featuring Team Canada
Mystery of the Time Keeper "Minecraft Mystery Of The Time Keeper" 15 Mar 2014 Featuring jsano19
"From Flames" "Minecraft From Flames" 27 Mar 2014 Featuring PauseUnpause
Survival singleplayer "Minecraft Life In The Woods" 29 Mar 2014 Using "Life in the Woods" modpack

Minecraft adventure maps[edit]

He has done a variety of Minecraft adventure maps or mods with other Mindcrack members:


On the Season 3 map, VintageBeef two main projects were his replica of Hunyad Castle, a near six-hundred year old castle in Hunedoara, Romania.[53] and his Jungle Village. The jungle island was discovered by Nebris[54] but used by Beef because he wanted to add more variety to his builds.[55] While the server was using the 1.6 snapshots, Beef and Guude built a western themed town.

VintageBeef's first project on the Season 4 map is a massive sea fortress nicknamed the Lilly Pad. Now he currently resides at an extreme hills biome where he is constructing a Sky Mill. VintageBeef has built a variety of "pads" around his sky mill as he did whilst working on the Lilly Pad including a sheep pad and a futuristic chicken pad. Beef has made a giant hot air balloon to connect his nether portal to.

On the Feed the Beast server, VintageBeef was present for the unveiling, along with the rest of Team Nancy Drew.[56] He planned to build a cannery for zombie flesh,[57] but after a map reset (and a subsequent start of a new season), he decided instead to build a zoo that was planned to eventually house animals and mobs that Feed the Beast introduced.[58] He eventually went back to the cannery as a side project.


Interviewer Recording(s) Topics
29 Mar 2012 German Minecraft Pros "[Let's Talk]Vintagebeef![English]"
  • How he got into minecraft and his first reactions to the game
  • How he got started with youtube and viewer feedback
  • The story behind his username
  • MindCrack Ultra Hardcore
  • The additions in Minecraft Beta 1.8 and 1.9
  • One thing he would add and one thing he would remove from minecraft
  • Viewer questions, including topics like friends, favourites and his building skills in minecraft
  • The future of his channel
  • MineCon
18 Oct 2013 Biffa2001 "Tea Time with Biffa #3 - The Minecraft Community Show for YOU w/ VintageBeef"
  • His origins on YouTube and creating videos

Minecraft skin[edit]

VintageBeef's skin was made by Blae000 for Beef's skin contest.[59]

VintageBeef skin.png

Previous skins/Alternate skins[edit]


  • During his time on the pre-Beta 1.8 server, VintageBeef was referred to a number of times as "ModernChicken" by adlingtont and as "steakdude" by ShreeyamGFX.[60] These nicknames have since fallen out of use.
  • VintageBeef is a fan of the Montreal Canadians hockey team.[61]
  • As demonstrated throughout his Let's Play of Max Payne 3; Beef can speak fluently in Portuguese.
  • VintageBeef's favorite animal is a bear.[62]

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