Alphy's Ninja Village

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Alphy's Ninja Village was an Asian-themed village built by Alphonia on the MindCrack Fan Server before the 1.5 map reset. The village could be accessed through the Orange tunnel in the Nether. The portal exited into her storage area, underneath the village. Past "The Great Sponge" display, which contained an actual Sponge block, there was a bedroom with a bathroom. The exit to the surface was through the kitchen and living room area. The first structures she built in the village were the gazebo and the dojo. The tea house was based on a building in Harvest Moon: The Tale of Two Towns, which she has a Let's Play of it. The market district was based on old market buildings in Pingyao, China. Next to the massive Wheat farm was an animal pen, which led to more animal pens underground. The roads were designed to feel like sandy roads. Villagers were brought in from Blockhaven by rail. Jason27, badreams, and FreeWithoutWalls had helped build parts of the village. Reams lived beneath the outhouse. Alphy had built the village in preparation for a tour with Guude, but Guude ended the tours just before her turn.