Guude's Netherwart Farm

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A view of the Netherwart Farm as of 1 June 2012.

Guude built a massive netherwart farm in the Nether of the Season 3 MindCrack vanilla server. He cleared out a massive area nearby the Nether rail tunnel connecting the Nether hub to Guude's and BdoubleO100's houses and the Arena in a video he published to YouTube on January 19, 2012. During the excavation, he inadvertently created 5 x 5 areas in which ghasts could spawn, startling him considerably during the work; the event led him to redesign the farm in a way that would have no 5 x 5 open areas.[1]

The completed farm was unveiled in a video he published on February 13, 2012. The farm was expanded to include melons alongside the netherwart and was decorated to mimic the Overworld; the walls and ceiling were coated with light blue wool with the white-wool clouds interspersed on the ceiling. Two-dimensional trees made from leaves and logs, in addition to a square orange and yellow sun, were placed along the walls. Grass blocks from the Overworld were placed in the floor and spread across all the farm's empty flooring; some tall grass was added by Guude around the edges. A button next to the entrance to the farm automatically harvested all melons and netherwart in place in the farm using sticky pistons. The farm is not comprised of efficiently-placed rows of crops and was not intended to be useful, but rather as an entertaining side activity.[2] Naturally spawning magma cubes posed issues in the completed farm, trampling crops.[2]


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