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The Arena with the desert village

The Arena was a community project headed by BdoubleO100 on the post-1.8 server. It was located south of BdoubleO's and Guude's mountain residence.


The design of the entrance was loosely based on a FyreUK build.[1] BdoubleO had initially planned to have many games within the Arena, including King of the Ladder, PvP, and Spleef, and have the Arena be able to transform into different game modes,[2] although the final design prevented that from being possible. The Arena was designed to be massive, but small enough so that any seat can view the center stage.[3] There are three entrances to the Arena that lead directly to the stands. The floor of the stage is covered with Sand lined with Sandstone and Obsidian, a design based on Guude's arena design from pre-1.8.

An Iron Golem farm was later planned to allow for Iron Golem fights[4] but did not materialize. A mob dark room was also planned to be built beneath the stage with elevators and sorting machines to allow mobs to enter the Arena.[5]

The center stage was converted into a courtroom by BdoubleO for the trial of the B-Team.[6]

The Arena roof was largely ruined after Guude reenabled fire spread.[7] Guude had initially set the server to have perpetual rain but someone slept and cleared the weather.[8] Many people in the server got together to rebuild the roof of the Arena.[9]


Outside the Arena, a desert-themed town was built. BdoubleO had initially planned to have a forest at the front with a path leading into the Arena but have scrapped that idea. A courtyard with a fountain made with cobble materials in the center and several buildings made mainly with sandstone materials were constructed. To get the sand needed to build the town, BdoubleO had planned to build a sand generator to quicken the process of gathering it[10] but did not construct one. He instead used Docm77's efficient sand generator, which was built right after the Minecraft 1.3 update.[11] Underneath the fountain, Arkas built a nightclub.[12] BdoubleO has populated the village with villagers from Guude's village nearby.[13]

Other members of the server have built structures at the village and is encouraged by BdoubleO in order to vary the build styles in the village.[14] generikb had built an RV at the village,[15] which Guude considered the best build on the server.[16] The RV is no longer there. thejims has built a prison.[14]


The Arena and the town have been pranked multiple times. The entire town was walled and covered with Sand by adlingtont and was littered with levers by mcgamer as a prank on BdoubleO. An unknown prankster used Jungle Wood Planks to spell "ETHOS ARENA" on the pillars. However, BdoubleO still declares his arena unprankable.


Although BdoubleO was the primary builder, he received substantial input and building materials from other members of the server.

Member Date of
Arkas Ongoing Construction
kurtmac[17] 5 May 2012 Miscellaneous building blocks
Docm77[18] 29 May 2012 Glowstone
AnderZEL[19] 4 Jun 2012 Gold Blocks
Mhykol[20] 18 Jun 2012 Obsidian
thejims[21] 18 Jun 2012
River and Mycelium island
Pakratt0013[22] 24 Jun 2012 Pillar design and materials
Zisteau[23] 26 Jun 2012 Obsidian
Nebris[24] 30 Jun 2012 Obsidian
Etho[25] 5 Jan 2013 Fireworks

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