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BdoubleO from his Season 9 Episode 7 UHC video, "We Win!"
Alternative names BdoubleO, BOO, Bdubs, Bubbles, Bubbs, John
Gender M
Age 31[1]
Country United States, Michigan
Active LPs

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow


BdoubleO100, also known as BdoubleO or John as his personal name, is a Let's Play commentator and an active member of the MindCrack server. The BdoubleO username derives from part of John's last name. He was invited by Guude to join the server at the beginning of the 1.8 season. BdoubleO is a founding member of the B-Team, and a part of OOG, OOGE and Team America. He is an inactive member of the HermitCraft server.

Let's Play[edit]

BdoubleO was a fan of Guude's MindCrack series since season 2. He messaged Guude one day to ask if he could make an intro music for him. Guude didn't message him back as he was flooded with messages. So BdoubleO donated to Guude and reminded him of the offer. After a while of corresponding, BdoubleO asked Guude if he was interested in doing Vechs' CTM map "Legendary."[2] Together they formed a team, OOG, and has created one of the most engaging Minecraft series. Since then, the duo has played together on "Nightmare Realm," "Sea of Flame II," Portal 2, and Saints Row: The Third. BdoubleO has produced intro music for several series, including Race for the Wool, Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV, Spellbound Caves, Sea of Flames II,[3] Building with BdoubleO, Nightmare Realms, and Portal 2. Much of his music can be downloaded at[4]

In "Minecraft Peep Show," BdoubleO tries out the new features of upcoming versions of Minecraft in survival single player. He has suspended the series since the MindCrack server started using snapshots of Minecraft. In the most recent season of OOGE, BdoubleO, Guude, and Etho played a CTM map titled "Vinyl Fantasy II."

BdoubleO currently has a few Minecraft series running. In "Building with B double O," he builds structures and cities in survival single-player. BdoubleO loves music and often plays Music Discs in the game.

On 5 December 2013, BdoubleO and his wife Nicole announced that they are having a baby together.[5]

On 3 March 2014, BdoubleO released a video announcing the child him and his wife are having is a girl.[6]

Game Playlist or first episode Start date Brief description
NBA 2K12 23 Feb 2012
Borderlands 2 "Borderlands 2" 24 Sep 2012 Featuring generikb, kurtmac and Juicetra
NBA 2K13 "NBA 2k13 Season 3" 5 Oct 2012
FTL: Faster Than Light "FTL - Faster Than Light" 30 Oct 2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops II "Call of Duty :: Race to Commander" 16 Nov 2012 Featuring generikb
Viva Piñata "Viva Piñata" 26 Feb 2013
SimCity 15 Mar 2013
Cube World "Cube World" 4 Jul 2013
Saints Row IV "Saints Row 4 :: OOG ::" 21 Aug 2013 Featuring OOG
NBA 2K14 "NBA 2K14" 4 Dec 2013
SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow "Cities of Tomorrow" 18 Dec 2013
Garry's Mod "Garry's Mod" 22 Jan 2014
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Survival singleplayer 19 Apr 2011
"Super Hostile #7: Legendary " "OOG: Minecraft "Legendary" Failures" 25 Jul 2011 Featuring OOG
MindCrack Survival multiplayer 14 Sep 2011 Featuring generikb
"Super Hostile #8: Nightmare Realms" "OOG: Nightmare Realm" 25 Jul 2011 Featuring OOG
Survival singleplayer snapshots 18 Jun 2012
Creative "Let's Make an Adventure Map" 22 Jun 2012
Herobrine's Mansion "B-Team Adventures :: Herobrine's Mansion" 5 Nov 2012 Featuring generikb
MindCrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer "Feed The Beast" 15 Nov 2012 Featuring generikb
Wrath of the Fallen "B-Team Plays - Wrath of the Fallen" 14 Dec 2012 Featuring generikb
Creative singleplayer "Lets Build" 3 Feb 2013
Herobrine's Return "B-Team Adventures :: Herobrine's Return" 18 Mar 2013 Featuring generikb
Multiplayer world "Minecraft Inspiration" 8 Oct 2013 Featuring Keralis
Diversity "Minecraft Diversity" 15 Dec 2013 Featuring generikb
Attack of the B-Team modded multiplayer "Attack of the B-Team" 2 Feb 2014

Music from Ronald Jenkees[edit]

BdoubleO is a fan of popular musician Ronald Jenkees. He has close contact with Jenkees and was allowed to play many of Jenkees' music in his videos. Music played include:

Music First played Date published
"Disorganized Fun - Throwing Fire" "Minecraft Building with BdoubleO: Episode 15 - New Record" 21 Apr 2012
"Ronald Jenkees - Derty" "Minecraft Building with BdoubleO: Episode 15 - New Record" 21 Apr 2012
"Disorganized Fun - Synth One" "The Mindcrack Minecraft Server: Episode 31 - The Arena" 23 Apr 2012
"Ronald Jenkees - The Rocky Song Remixed" "Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore - S5 - Episode 1" 26 Apr 2012
"Ronald Jenkees - Gold Spinners" "Minecraft Peep Show: 1.3 Peep Show - Episode 1 - Jungle for days" 18 Jun 2012
"Disorganized Fun - Stay Crunchy" "Batman: The Dark Knight Rises - Minecraft Seed Preview" 19 Jul 2012
"Days Away - Magnetic Moment" "The Mindcrack Minecraft Server - Episode 130 - You Can't Prank Me!" 30 Nov 2012
"Days Away - 7 Times" "The Mindcrack Minecraft Server - Episode 132 - That's where that goes" 4 Dec 2012

Jenkees himself was pleased that BdoubleO has exposed many people to his music.[7] BdoubleO praises and acknowledges Jenkees' musical talent many times in his videos.[8]


BdoubleO has participated in MindCrack Ultra Hardcore since Season 3, excluding seasons 12 and 14. BdoubleO has recently rebuilt his house at the spawn village and has built a home near Guude in the mountains. Following his love for music, he built the Record Shop and has collected Music Discs to sell there. He has worked on a massive construction project to build the Arena. BdoubleO and generikb teamed up to form the B-Team, which spawned from their actions against Etho. Together they perform comical hijinks around the server. The duo has recently joined the other Mindcrackers on a new server that has Mods for Minecraft, called Feed the Beast.

BdoubleO took the task of building the town hall after the server reset that led to Season 4. The town hall serves as the focal point for the new Spawn area on the server. On the server, he resides in his modern house within the vicinity of Spawn. BdoubleO has also constructed the nether hub with Etho. This serves as the main transportation system on the Mindcrack server. Some of his other builds include docks in the jungle that has a path that leads to a jungle temple that is going to be made into a small adventure map. He is also working on an arena that is fire vs. ice. He is building this with Etho.


BdoubleO appeared as guest on the HermitCraft server on 21 October 2012 during Keralis1's livestream,[9][10] but didn't officially join the server until 5 January 2013. He teamed up with generikb and new members Juicetra, Pungence, and skyzm, in response to Biffa2001's and Xisuma's prank on Generikb. Their first action was to litter Biffa's and Xisuma's bases with giant letter B's.[11] He later issued a build-off challenge to Keralis1,[12] but his series became inactive and he is no longer a member of HermitCraft.


Interviewer Media Topics
13 Oct 2011 Kevin McLennan, The Reticule "BdoubleO talks about life and all things Minecraft"
  • Answers questions about himself and his growing YouTube channel
29 Nov 2012 RubenDelight "Interviewing MineCon! - BdoubleO100"
  • Staying handsome, uploading videos, creating music and finding Minecraft

Minecraft skin[edit]

BdoubleO received a Cape for attending MineCon 2011. Although he attended MineCon 2012, he gave away his cape.[13] BdoubleO has an alternative skin created by kurtmac for use in MindCrack Ultra Hardcore.[14] Parts of the skin was based on BdoubleO's primary skin. He alternates between the two skins at times.

BdoubleO100 skin.png

Previous/Alternate skins[edit]


  • BdoubleO is whitelisted on the "CrewCraft" server: a survival-multiplayer Minecraft server that features popular YouTube personalities. His only involvement on the server was fighting the Wither with Crew members: KYR_SP33DY, JahovazWitniss, MrNobodyEpic, ShadowBeatz, and SideArms.[15] He was most likely invited due to his collaboration with Sp33dy a few months prior.[16][17]

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