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The Minecraft avatar of HCJustin

Justin in real life
Born (1985-03-03) 3 March 1985 (age 33)[1][2]
Country United States
Gender M
Other names Justin, HCJ, HCJustinn

HCJustin, or simply his personal name Justin, is an American Let's Play commentator, a founding member of the Buffalo Wizards, a guest of the 7 Days to Die Mindcrack Server since April 2016, and a guest of the CrackPack server since July 2016. He appeared as a guest in UHC season 28 in March 2017.

Let's Play[edit]

Buffalo Wizards[edit]

Justin met OldManWillakers (Rob) and Roamin in the early 2000s playing Dark Age of Camelot. He lost contact with them, but re-met Rob when they both happened to be livestreaming DayZ at the same time.[3][4] His username is derived from his childhood nickname "Hardcore Justin".[5][6][7]


Justin has appeared in Mindcrack Garry's Mod episodes since the series return in September 2015, and also in Mindcrack Mario Kart 8 episodes since January 2016. He first joined the 7 Days to Die Mindcrack Server as guest during Mindcrack's April 2016 monthly 24-hour stream. Justin was invited to join the CrackPack server as guest by Coestar, livestreaming from the server for the first time on 12 July 2016.[8][9]

Personal life[edit]

Justin has a number of tattoos on both his forearms, the first of which he got at age 23.[10] Justin owns a pug Dexter[11] (born 11 November 2007), which he bought in March 2008.[12]


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