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Season 28[edit]

UHC28 Banner.png
Season 28
UHC {{{name}}}
Version 1.11.2
Type Teams of two
Objective Last team standing
Players 14
Map size 2000x2000 (shrinking)
Date 18 March 2017[1]

The twenty-eighth season of Mindcrack Ultra Hardcore is a fight to the death between seven teams of two. All players are disguised as Guude. The world border begins at 2000x2000, shrinking down to 1x1 over the course of three hours.

The first episode was released on 20 March 2017. The intro features Guude's typical intro song by Professor Shyguy.


Team German Efficiency.pngDocm77ragou42
German EfficiencyDocm77ragou42
Team Guano.pngGuudeJSano19
Team Handsome Boys.pngHCJustinPauseUnpause
Handsome BoysHCJustinPauseUnpause
Team Jeb!.pngArkasNebris
Team On a scale of Baj to Anderz.pngAnderZELW92Baj
On a scale of Baj to AnderzAnderZELW92Baj
Team Ratpack Dwellers.pngDireDwarfPakratt0013
Ratpack DwellersDireDwarfPakratt0013
The Meme Team.pngOMGchadPyro_0
The Meme TeamOMGchadPyro_0

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