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Map of the HermitCraft 2.0 map

HermitCraft 2.0 is the second major map of the HermitCraft server. The seed of the map is -6804765309294671425. The seed was chosen by Red3yz from a YouTube video by NiclasBlocko. It primarily features a quad witch hut, which has still not been utilized yet.[1] There are two major towns on the server. Initially the names of these towns had no name, usually colloquially referred to as spawn town, Hermit Town, and Hermiton. The name Hermiton is now commonly used to name these towns, Old Hermiton for the old town and New Hermiton for the new one.


Unlike the previous map, the spawn chunks were reserved for redstone machineries that depended on the mechanics of the spawn chunks. Currently MrMumbo's "Iron Foundry" based on Tango Tek's design is the only machinery there.[2] King_Happy's Nether portal elevator used to be there but has been dismantled due to lack of use.[3] The area outside the Foundry is currently barren.

Old Hermiton[edit]

The town was selected a fair distance away from spawn. It was planned to have people build close together.[4] This is a list of all structures built at the town in chronological order of date built.

New Hermiton[edit]

A new town was selected to be closer to the new biomes that were introduced in Minecraft 1.7. It was planned to be more organized than Old Hermiton and in similar style to the spawn town of the last map.[5]


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