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This is a list of Keralis1's HermitCraft videos, recorded sessions by Keralis1 on the HermitCraft server.

Season 1 (pre-map reset)[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
31 Dec 2012 "HermitCraft with Keralis - Episode 36: Base Tour - Keralis"
  • A tour with Wifey - spawn, nether, his base
  • Searches for a pig to ride on
  • Wifey rides the pig to spawn town

Season 2 (post-map reset)[edit]

Keralis' playlist for this season is "Hermitcraft 2.0". He started this season without an intro for his videos. Since episode 32, he used an intro created by ImTeras.[1]

Video Notable events Featuring
22 Jun 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.1 - Let´s Play or Not?"
  • Map reset
  • Requests feedback if he should do survival
  • Travels from spawn to town, explores town
25 Jun 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.2 - The Spawn House!"
  • Built his house at town
  • Talk on the baby, pause on FTB series
  • Explores town
  • Travels to his future base in the mountains near Topmass'
27 Jun 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.3 - The Horse & Stables!"
  • Progress on house - mage tower
  • Talk on Zombie sieges
  • Tames a horse - named Darth Vader
28 Jun 2013 "Minecraft - Pig Bungy Jumping!"
  • "Frankiee the bungy jumping pig"
1 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.4 - Death & Payback"
  • Topmass killed Darth Vader, two horses in repayment
  • Visits Topmass' place, sees Pungence's and Skyzm's prank
  • Pranks Topmass by hiding his horses in a hole, replaces them with pigs
  • Explores changes in town, shows changes to his house
3 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.5 - Lets Build a Community Barn!"
  • Builds the community barn at town
red3yz, Xisuma
9 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.6 - The Campsite!"
  • Frankiee disappeared
  • Builds an RV and campsite at his mountain base
12 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0 w/ Xisuma: Ep.7 - Asian Theme!"
  • Builds an Asian-themed building on an island with Xisuma
15 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.8 - The Ender Dragon!"
  • Slaying of the Ender Dragon
  • Baby zombie named Dinnerbone
CilantroGamer, IAmSp00n, Jessassin, KingDaddyDMAC, King_Happy, MrMumbo, topmass, VenomKisser, Xisuma, ZombieCleo
17 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.9 - Boobie Mountain Resort!"
  • Builds some lodges for his resort
  • Talk on visiting a food market
17 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0 - Boobie Mountain Resort!"
  • Explores town
  • Builds more lodges at his resort
  • Caving under his base for rails
  • Visits Topmass' base, CilantroGamer's Skeleton farm and base, Dmac's Skeleton farm, Joe Hill's Mausoleum
19 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0 w/ Xisuma: Ep.10 - Smexy Hobo & The Temple!"
  • HermitCraft Info Kiosk changes
  • Continues building the Asian-themed building with Xisuma
25 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.11 - Base Tours!"
  • Progress on resort, builds starter houses nearby
  • Views damage on Hypno's place at town
  • Explores the map - Enderman farm, Mumbo's, Red3yz', Biffa's, King_Happy's, The Pixel Nerds'
26 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0 w/ Xisuma: Ep.12 - The Temple is Done!"
  • Sheep devil
  • Finishes building the temple
29 Jul 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0 - Derp-it-up!"
  • Builds the RV park, lakes, tents at his resort
  • Visits his and Xisuma's temple
  • Gathers quartz in the Nether
  • Caving for gravel
7 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.13 - Pranked! Time To Teach Somebody a Lesson!"
  • Pranked by Cilantro - house filled with cobwebs and string
  • Pranks back Cilantro with Xisuma - builds a giant block of TNT
16 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.14 - Pranked! Again?! There Shall Be Poop!"
  • Pranked by Aurey and Topmass - Hello Kitty pixel art on his house at town, bunch of cats in basement
  • Talk on cat allergy
  • Gathers wool at Joe Hills' and Biffa's places
  • Builds a giant cat that poops at Topmass' place
  • Shows progress on resort
29 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.15 - The Boobie Lodge!"
  • Plays with shader mod
  • Builds the Boobie Mountain Lodge
31 Aug 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.16 - What is Love? (Bonus Prank Episode)"
  • "What is Love" gift prank from Xisuma
3 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.17 - The Boobie Pool!"
  • Continues building the lodge
  • Builds the boobie pool behind the lodge
5 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0 - Lets find those diamonds!"
  • Caving for diamonds
  • Traps some Zombie villagers
  • Baby K
5 Sep 2013 "Why I Hate Minecraft Survival?!!"
  • Livestream highlights
13 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.18 - Adam & Eve"
  • Discovers Pungence's and Unhost's horse track
  • Completed interior of the lodge
  • Gathers supplies to cure a zombie villager - visits double Blaze farm
  • Traps and cures more Zombie villagers
  • Visits town to name nametags Adam and Eve, names villagers with help from Xisuma
  • Lodge partially burned down
20 Sep 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.19 - Makin´ Babies!"
  • Adam and Eve escapes
  • Travels to spawn for iron, visits town for materials, explores changes in town
  • Killed a Zombie villager, cures another one
  • Builds Iron Golem protection
  • Xisuma builds a villager breeder for Keralis, transports villagers
4 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.20 - Chests! Moar Chests!"
  • Started building a water park
  • Builds a storage room
  • Biffa and Xisuma chilling at his lodge
  • Talk on Grand Theft Auto V
Biffa2001, Xisuma
11 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.21 - The Bridge!"
  • Builds a bridge across the water, tunnel through the hill
  • Talk on producing videos
  • Xisuma tidies up the world for 1.7
12 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.22 - Story Time with Keralis!"
  • Built four starter houses
  • Gathers clay while talking about his childhood
18 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.23 - TreeHouses!"
  • Care package from Xisuma
  • Grows big trees and builds treehouses
19 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.24 - My House!"
  • Builds his modern house on Boobie Mountain
22 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.25 - The Airfield!"
  • Enchants some shovels
  • Builds an airfield for his resort
24 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.26 - Airplane!"
  • Builds an airplane on the runway
  • Talk on baby K and changing his recording schedule
26 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.27 - Kerizon Wireless - Connecting People!"
  • Kerair airline
  • Connects "cell reception" from Boobie Mountain to town - builds cell towers at Topmass' place, Xisuma's place in town, and the resort
  • Kerizon Wireless telecom
  • Leaves a message for Xisuma and Topmass about the tower
  • Discovers advertisement for the Pet Cemetery on the resort
29 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.28 - Bush & Biome Adventure!"
  • 1.7 update
  • Fishes for new fishes
  • Boobie Mountain covered in snow
  • Visits the new 1.7 town
  • Explores 1.7 lands
  • Plants new bushes around the resort
31 Oct 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.29 - Fishing Huts!"
  • Builds some fishing huts, removed tents
  • Halloween event
Spumwackles, Xisuma, joehillssays, KingDaddyDMAC, Pungence, sl1pg8r, ZombieCleo
1 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft"
  • At the End, enchants pickaxes in attempt to get silk touch
  • Travels from Boobie Mountain to the 1.7 town
  • Explores 1.7 lands, attempts to search for a mesa biome
  • Discovers mesa biome with help from viewers
4 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.30 - Mesa Biome Express & Pranked!"
  • At the mesa biome, settles there
  • Connects the biome to the nether, digs a tunnel straight to his portal
  • Discovers Mumboosh Jumboosh prank
  • Builds a railway - Mesa Biome Express
  • Caving under mesa biome for gold, discovers enchanted book with four enchantments and ravine
6 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.31 - Sir-Bush-Alot Strikes Back!"
  • Burns down Mumbo's statue
  • Brought Name Tag the horse from town to the resort
  • Visits Mumbo's base - return prank by building a statue on top of the mob drop catcher while Mumbo is online
  • Extends the mob drop catcher to the top of the statue's head
  • Fills the base with bushes
MrMumbo, Xisuma
8 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.32 - Wild Wild West Saloon!"
  • New intro
  • Visits the new town, gives some acacia saplings to Biffa
  • Builds the Boobie Outpost Saloon in the mesa biome
  • Talk on Wife vs Minecraft, Battlefield
12 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.33 - Super Easy Diamonds! I´m Rich!"
  • Fights Withers with Xisuma at the wastelands
  • At the mesa biome mining for resources using a beacon with Xisuma
16 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.34 - The Western Bank!"
  • Repairs at the End
  • Grabs supplies at Boobie Mountain, views major changes in the Nether
  • Travels to the new town, views changes around it
  • Harvests dark oak wood in the roofed forest
  • Builds a bank in the mesa biome
  • Talk on YouTube comments
20 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.35 - We Got a Church!"
  • Signs up for ABBA caving
  • Explores the new town, searches for a place to settle
  • Works on the bank
  • Builds a church at the mesa biome
26 Nov 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.36 - BumboMumboJumbo Vault Door!"
  • Gets a tour of the Iron Foundry at spawn
  • Builds a Kerizon Wireless tower at Mumbo's base
  • Tours Mumbo his outpost
  • Requests a vault door to be built at his bank
5 Dec 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.37 - Landscaping, Wither Farm & Vault"
  • Built a prison cart and gallows
  • At Dmac's new place, helps him decorate the front, partially built it into Pungence's plot
  • Visits the Wither Skeleton farm, Iron Foundry
  • Builds the bank vault
  • Talk on visiting Ubisoft's Dreamhack, Oculus Rift
KingDaddyDMAC, Pungence
12 Dec 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.38 - House in The New Village!"
  • Brings Name Tag to the new town
  • Visits Slip's base
  • Builds a suburban house at the new town
17 Dec 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.39 - The Horses Have Eyes!"
  • Name Tag supposedly died
  • Stumbles across Skyzm's and Hypno's bases
  • Searches for a new horse, brings it back to town
  • Trolls Cleo and Dmac in the Nether
  • Names horse NameTag1
  • Measures the speed of his horse, kills it for being too slow
  • Takes Xisuma's horse
KingDaddyDMAC, Xisuma, ZombieCleo
19 Dec 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.40 - Bob The Builder - House Progress!"
  • Checks out the town Christmas tree, ABBA tournament, community foundry
  • Enchants and repairs at the End
  • Continues building his house
  • Talk on getting a gift for Wifey, playing video games and his job
  • Visits Cleo's museum with Dmac, swaps skull tooth with diamond block from display
23 Dec 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.41 - How To Easy Kill a Wither!"
  • Reads Skyzm's Festivus book, visits Festivua pole
  • Views progress on Nether hub
  • Farms at the Wither Skeleton farm
  • Kills the Wither with Dmac at the easy killing area
  • Visits the Iron Foundry for iron
  • Builds beacons at his house with Dmac
25 Dec 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.42 - ABBA Caving vs. ZombieCleo"
  • ABBA caving with Cleo
30 Dec 2013 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.43 - Back From The Dead!"
  • At Mumbo's base - retrieves Name Tag the horse
  • Views progress on Nether hub
  • Brings Name Tag to his house
  • Retrieves his gift at the Christmas tree
  • Talk on his Christmas, getting next gen consoles, playing other games
  • Progress on house, starts working on the interior
  • Measures Name Tag's speed
  • Visits Biffa's Bakery
6 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.44 - Pranked, Thief & Interior Design!"
  • Pranked by Cleo - giant wooden horse built that defecates invisibility potions at his home
  • Name Tag disappeared
  • Continues working on his house
  • Trolls Hypno
  • Visits Xisuma's wasteland for quartz
  • Gathers quartz in the Nether
11 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.45 - The Hunt For a Thief!"
  • Hunts for Name Tag
  • Explores the commercial district, visits Cleo, Biffa, red3yz, Boobie Mountain, Mumbo, old town, Xisuma, Hypno, iJevin, Slip
  • Renames Cleo's horse to Name Tag?
red3yz, Unhost
14 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.46 - Boobie Mountain Playground!"
  • Checks on ABBA tournament tree
  • Keralis' theory on Name Tag
  • Reads Cleo's Cease and Desist
  • Explores Pungence's and Unhost's horse ranch
  • Builds the Boobie Mountain playground
  • Talk on baby K, playing Battlefield with fans, Xbox One
20 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.47 - Interior Completed!"
  • Views changes in the Nether and the hub
  • Shows progress on interior of his house
  • Redeems Biffa's Bakery voucher, accidentally signed the sign-in book
  • Explores the commercial district
  • Completes the interior of his house
  • Burns down Cleo's wooden horse
28 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.48 - Bush Time!"
  • Explores Cleo's publishing company, infestation at Spum's meat shop
  • Works on the garage of his house, builds the driveway and a car, builds the front lawn and porch
  • Talk on FIFA, Season 2 of Wife vs Minecraft
  • Buys and reads an issue of Cleo's Hermiton Herald
31 Jan 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.49 - May The Best Keralis Win!"
  • ABBA caving with Red3yz
4 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.50 - Killing Spree & Backyard!"
  • Using the Faithful resource pack
  • Beacon mining beneath his home for diamonds
  • Adds lighting to his lawn
  • Builds a garden behind his house
  • Randomly kills Skyzm, Dmac, and Pungence, got killed by Pungence
skyzm, Pungence, MrMumbo, KingDaddyDMAC
7 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.51 - Dr.GreenThumb"
  • Hired by Slip to build a park on the Ribbon
  • Crashes into Cleo
  • Singing with each other
sl1pg8r, ZombieCleo
12 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.52 - The Gazebo"
  • Visits Unhost's new place and new buildings in the commercial district
  • Quartz and Glowstone gift from Slip
  • Diamond armor gift from Xisuma
  • Builds a gazebo at his place
  • Talk on his baby and going to Paris
  • Buys a bunch of bushes at Cleo's flower stall, buys subscription for the Hermiton Herald
  • Built two cars at the front of his house
  • Reads the second edition of the Herald
22 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.53 - The Future Plans!"
  • Gathered resources at the old town
  • Shows Cleo's Nether train station
  • Flower coupon from Cleo, donkey from Spum in return for service
  • Builds the road in front of his house, worked more on the front
  • Plans for a car dealership, scouts out an area for it at the commercial district
28 Feb 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.54 - The Best Shop Ever! Or?!"
  • Uses the shaders mod
  • Makes a to-do list
  • Builds the Rent-A-Derp shop
6 Mar 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.55 - Who Farted? Day in Hermiton! Prank?!"
  • Slip first customer at the Rent-A-Derp
  • Fart bubbles added to Keralis' statue by Slip
  • Visits Dmac's P.I. agency, hires him to investigate Name Tag missing
  • Pranks Slip by changing his nametag shop into a rug shop
  • Spends a lot of diamonds in the commercial district
  • Reads the third edition of the Herald
12 Mar 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.56 - Barbecue! Horse! Customers!"
  • Dmac customer at Rent-A-Derp
  • Visits Xisuma's hay bale shop
  • Horse gift from Cleo
  • Builds more at rear of the house
  • Reads the fourth edition of the Herald
18 Mar 2014 "Hermitcraft 2.0: Ep.57 - Keralis Fried Chicken - Opening Soon!"
  • Shows around his mesa base, harvested clay
  • Builds a sign for his fast food restaurant in competition to Dmac's


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