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The Minecraft avatar of Unhost

Unhost during a stream
Country United States
Gender M
Other names nativisions

Unhost, also known as Nativisions, is a Let's Play commentator and a former member of the HermitCraft server. He started doing Let's Plays on his own server and Redstone tutorials after asking Biffa during a livestream if he should start making videos. He has gained many of his subscribers and is well known for his 120 Minecraft facts videos and his hardcore superflat series. He currently has two overall 120 facts videos, a 1.3 update 120 facts, a 1.4 120 facts video (Made in two parts, part two was never made/uploaded) and 1.5 120 facts video and recently 1.8 120 facts video. He started creating YouTube videos after receiving inspiration from Maxime7345.Unhost has recently came back to making videos and is now doing a hardcore surival series[1]

Let's Play[edit]

Map Playlist Start date Brief description
Nativ Server Season 1 "Let's Play Minecraft - Season 1" 13 Apr 2012 Unhost plays on his own server with friends
Creative single player "Minecraft Tutorials!" 16 Apr 2012 Redstone tutorials early in his YouTube career
"Super Hostile 7 Legendary" "Legendary w/ Fillz : E01 - "Sandstoners!" [CTM]" 20 Jul 2012 A play through of the super hostile map Legendary with his friend Fillz (never finished)
Cluster Chunk "Cluster Chunk! (PVP)" 9 Aug 2012 Unhost plays the PVP map Cluster Chunk (by threetwo) with other YouTubers such as Docm77, Etho, and SethBling
Nativ Server Season 2 "Let's Play Minecraft : S2 E1 - 'One Point Three!' (1.3)" 23 Jun 2012 Server reset after 1.3. Features other YouTubers, server closed after being invited to HermitCraft
HermitCraft SMP server "HermitCraft - E01 : "Welcome!"" 19 Dec 2012 Watch Unhost play vanilla survival on the HermitCraft server

Minecraft skin[edit]

Unhost's skin

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