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The Minecraft avatar of SethBling
Artistic representation of SethBling's Minecraft avatar

Seth in real life
Personal name Seth
Born (1987-04-03) 3 April 1987 (age 37)[1]
Country United States
Nationality American
Gender M
Other names
  • Seth

SethBling is an American Let's Play commentator and a member of Mindcrack. Seth joined the Mindcrack Server in September 2013 using the alias NewMindcracker, releasing his first video on 5 October 2013.[2] Prior to joining Mindcrack, Seth participated in the April Fools' Minecraft 2.0 event, and appeared as a guest in UHC Season 9 and Season 12.


SethBling lives in Seattle, Washington. He has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science.[3] He previously worked in the Xbox division of Microsoft.[4] Seth says he grew up Jewish, but is no longer very religious.[5] Like Zisteau, Seth says he has shared very little personal information but is not opposed to doing so.[6]

Seth's name comes from during high school. It was his AIM screen name. Because his actual last name was taken, so he used "Bling" instead.[7]

Let's Play[edit]

Seth made his first public appearance in a vlog prior to MineCon 2011.[8]

Map Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Creative world "Redstone Lessons with a Mojangster" 6 Oct 2012 Teaches Grumm the basics of redstone
"Stunzle" "Stunzle Minecraft Puzzle Map" 6 Nov 2012
FTB Survival single player "SethBling Plays FTB" 4 Dec 2012
FTB single player "Programming Tutorial with Minecraft Turtles" 20 Dec 2012
Creative single player "Minecraft Mega Blocks" 18 May 2013 Build blocks at a 16:1 scale with each block having a function
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer 5 Oct 2013


Guude received a negative first impression of Seth when they first met at MineCon 2011. Guude says he thought having "Bling" in his username made Seth very egotistical and self-centered.[9] Despite Seth having little interaction with Guude at MineCon 2012,[9][10] Seth featured in episode 20 of the Mindcrack Podcast recorded live in Paris.[11] In April 2013, Seth played part in the April Fools' Minecraft 2.0 event and also featured as a guest in UHC Season 9. After the event, Guude asked Seth if he wanted to join the server, but Seth declined the offer, reasoning that he does not produce normal Let's Plays.[10]

In July 2013, Seth participated as a guest in UHC Season 12, and joined the server to record the introduction to the season.[12] He had collected 3 steak, 1 arrow and 2 signs in his inventory before signing out of the server for the final time.[13] Later in the same month, Seth attended PlayOnCon 2013 in Birmingham, Alabama along with BlameTC, Guude and Mhykol. It was here that Guude says he really got to know Seth.[9] The two further solidified their friendship at VidCon 2013 in August.[14] While Guude was staying at Seth's house for PAX Prime 2013, Guude says Seth changed his mind about joining Mindcrack, and accepted Guude's second invitation to join the server.[15]

Seth joined the Mindcrack Server in September 2013 using the alias NewMindcracker. Guude explained that the use of the account was so that Seth could play without viewers knowing who he was, because he had a big project he wanted to serve as his big reveal.[16] Although Seth's project never became a reality, it was later revealed to be "Seth Week", a week where Seth would spend a week in creative mode to transition into his survival Let's Play.[17] Upon logging into his main account for the first time as an official member, Seth's inventory had remained unchanged since UHC12.[18]

Seth's first build on the server was the easy to use One-Click Farm at spawn.[2] He established his base east of spawn.[19] Seth created BlingMart, a store located in spawn rivaling the Doc Shop, where players could purchase items in exchange for diamonds.[20] Seth's later projects included the Message Board, a place where players were free to advertise their constructions,[21] and also an End-themed bubble outside of the Nether Portal to the Stronghold.[22] Seth says his inactivity towards the end of the map was because he had "basically beaten the game", having obtained a significant amount of resources.[23]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Seth's exclusive Minecraft Realms cape

SethBling's Minecraft skin is Nintendo character Mario. He received a cape for attending MineCon 2011[8] and MineCon 2013.[24] It is unknown if he redeemed his 2012 and 2015 capes. On 14 December 2015, Seth was gifted an exclusive cape for his contributions to Minecraft Realms. He was one of the two original users to be given this cape.[25]

SethBling's Minecraft skin


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