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Alternative names Etho's Lab, Etho Slab, Ethers
Gender M
Age 26[1][2]
Country Canada
Active LPs



Etho is a Canadian Let's Play commentator and an active member of the MindCrack server. He was invited to join in November 2011 by Guude, at the same time as Docm77, after competing in the second Race for the Wool. Etho is part of Team Canada and OOGE.


Etho has been generally reticent regarding personal details about his life outside of YouTube. A popular inquiry regards his formal profession. Etho noted that viewers had regularly claimed him to be a teacher, an IT professional or even a member of NASA, but revealed that he works in horticulture as part of a family owned greenhouse business.[3] The comments of this video were later blocked due to a certain user that traced this business and released images of Etho and his location. He does not have any post-secondary education, graduating from high school with 35 of his credits coming from work experience.[4] In June 2012, Etho began producing YouTube content full time, having left the greenhouse business to do so.[3] He called this his "dream job" and joins other members of the MindCrack community who have all openly shared that they currently do - or soon plan to - make producing YouTube content their full-time source of income.

Etho is also known for his peculiar pronunciation of common words such as "lava" and "pollen". Etho runs his channel in a "family-friendly" way by not using any swear words and doing his best to censor swear words said in his presence.

Let's Play[edit]

Etho had been interviewed by the German Minecraft Pros.[5] Etho has a popular Minecraft survival single-player series titled "Etho Plays Minecraft." The series, originally called "Let's Play Minecraft", continues to be produced. He is noted for his skill in redstone and the complicated contraptions that prove them. He is notable for creating practical (or extremely complicated) Redstone contraptions, such as his mob sorting system which can separate creepers, zombies, and skeletons with fairly great accuracy and Wilson, his Tamagotchi-like "pet", fully redstone controlled.

Game Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Terraria "Etho's Terraria LP" 21 May 2011
Harvest Moon 64 "Harvest Moon 64" 30 May 2011
Maniac Mansion 2: Day of the Tentacle "DOTT - Episode 1: Naive Human 4 Aug 2011
Don't Starve "Etho Plays - Don't Starve" 20 Nov 2012
Sword of the Stars: The Pit "Etho Plays - SOTS The Pit" 25 Apr 2013
Cube World "Cube World - Episode 1: Fun Game" 6 Jul 2013
Sam & Max Hit the Road "Sam & Max - Episode 1: Still Awesome" 1 Sep 2013 Etho's old childhood game
Terraria 1.2 "Terraria 1.2 - Episode 1: New Discoveries" 5 Oct 2013 Featuring Zisteau. See Terraria
Starbound "Starbound - Episode 1: New Adventure" 3 Dec 2013
Map Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
Survival single player "Etho's Minecraft LP - Season 1" 17 Dec 2010 Titled "Etho Plays Minecraft" after episode 128
"Super Hostile #6: Canopy Carnage" "Canopy Carnage" 2 Sep 2011
"Super Hostile #7: Legendary" "Etho's Legendary" 11 Oct 2011
MindCrack Survival multiplayer 7 Dec 2011
"Super Hostile #10: Spellbound Caves" "OOGE - Spellbound Caves" 27 Jan 2012 Featuring OOGE
"Super Hostile #4: Kaizo Caverns" "OOGE - Kaizo Caverns" 13 May 2012 Featuring OOGE
"Vinyl Fantasy II" "OOGE - Vinyl Fantasy II" 21 Jul 2012 Featuring OOGE
"Uncharted Territory" "Minecraft - Uncharted Territory" 8 Sep 2012
MindCrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer 1 Dec 2012
"Ruins Of The Mindcrackers" "Ruins Of The MindCrackers" 6 Apr 2013 Featuring Team Canada. See Ruins Of The Mindcrackers
"Ruins Of The Mindcrackers II" "Ruins Of The Mindcrackers 2" 16 Jul 2013 Featuring Team Canada. See Ruins Of The Mindcrackers
"Uncharted Territory 3" "Minecraft - Uncharted Territory 3" 20 Sep 2013 Featuring Team Canada
Simulation Protocol #01 – Animosity "Simulation Protocol" 11 Feb 2014 Featuring Team Canada

Computer specs[edit]

  • Intel i7 4770K Processor
  • Nvidia GeForce GTX 770
  • 32 GB Ram (Not confirmed what type)
  • 3 TB Hard Drive[6]

Previously had:

  • Minecraft running on RamDisk.
  • Logitech G330 Headset
  • Double Y Y Ram compresser

It is unknown whether or not Etho's previous parts still apply to his new computer.


Etho has participated in MindCrack Ultra Hardcore since Season 3, except Season 7 and 12. Etho was the winner of Season 8, having killed six other players. In season 9 he joined up with DOOKE (Docm77, BdoubleO100 and kurtmac) his team from season 4.

Etho's main base of operations on the Season 4 server is at EthoCorp Laboratories, which doubles as a potion shop. EthoCorp Laboratories constitutes his first build on the reset server. He also started work on a Horse Timer that can reliably and accurately determine how fast a horse can run and how high a horse can jump calculated with snow slabs. His most recent undertaking is the "Mountain Base" or known as Ethopia which Etho has since flooded and built a tree farm on. Etho also collaborated with BdoubleO on the nether hub which is now finished. Etho also created the Death Games based off his Death Games on the Season 3 with Nebris, Arkas, and MC Gamer. He built this early on in the season, and has had to continuously fix it and improve it due to increased amount of players. This game has a sword in the chest with a name of a Mindcracker. If this person is online, the attacker is required to use a preset of armor and weapons. Players can choose to use potions, and are often times taken from Etho's potion shop at spawn. If the one of the players is killed, the other player gets a diamond. If a Mindcracker sees his name in the chest they can "clear" their name from the chest by pressing a button. In addition to EthoCorp and The Death Games, Etho also built Underground Sound. It allows players to create their own tunes using a system of note blocks.

On the Season 3 server, many components of Etho's base were underground. His mob system was the most prominent structure on the surface. The nearby island has his free-range Cow farm and Sugar Cane farm. Underneath the mob system is his Mancave, which was smoothed out by Zisteau in a prank. In the cave, Etho had the largest Slime farm in the server. In the Nether, Etho had built a Dual Blaze Farm with a prominent structure surrounding it, simulating a hanging platform. Water source blocks were used as decoration within the structure. Outside the structure, there were five water source blocks spread throughout the ceiling of the Nether. Etho is part of Team Canada, an alliance formed by PauseUnpause to prank others as a group. His collaborated with Docm to create the server's first Wither Skeleton spawning pad. Etho went on to create his new base and storage room underground in a jungle some what near Zisteau's place. He planned for the new base to contain having a lush jungle underground with a hanging storage room with a beacon and mob tower farms, although he didn't finish that idea before the map reset.

Etho's recent endeavors on the modded Feed the Beast server include Etho Corp, of which he is the founder and self-proclaimed chief executive officer. Under the banner of Etho Corp, Etho has built his base on the server, which includes floating islands of various purposes (tree farming and storage, among others). The Honeycomb Labs, the basis for much of his bee research on the server, is situated nearby the main components of his base. After the server reset, Etho initially decided to power his operations entirely on biomass but later deviated from this plan. He has placed an emphasis on Railcraft because he thinks carts flying through the air looks cool. Etho's base on the server is within the vicinity of AnderZEL, with whom he first left the spawn village because of lag issues. Recently, Docm77 moved nearby.


Interviewer Recording(s) Topics
4 Jan 2012 German Minecraft Pros "[Let's Talk]Ethoslab![English][HD]"
8 Nov 2013 Biffa2001 "Tea Time with Biffa #6 - The Minecraft Community Show for YOU w/ Etho"
  • MineCon
  • Which channels inspired him on YouTube
  • Tips for maintaining or growing a channel

Minecraft skin[edit]

Etho's Minecraft skin is Kakashi Hatake from the Japanese manga and anime franchise Naruto. He chose it because it was one of the most detailed skins at the time, even though there are better versions nowadays. He previously had a Super Mario skin,[7] possibly similar to SethBling's skin.

Etho skin.png


  • Etho has a strong dislike of onions which Millbee and BdoubleO have used against him on the MindCrack server.[8]
  • Sparkling soft drinks cause him nose bleeds.[9]
  • Etho can turn his feet 180 degrees backwards, and can make a loud popping sound by creating a vacuum in his ear with his pinky.[10]
  • Etho is 6'2" (188cm) tall.[11]
  • Etho stated in his Cube World LP that his hair[12] is similar to one of the possible characters.[13]
  • He occasionally wears glasses.[14]
  • Etho might be attending MineCon 2014.[15][16]
  • Etho is one of the members who have "op" status on the MindCrack Server.[17]
  • generikb is known for posting pictures to Twitter claiming to have met Etho at MineCon.[18][19][20]

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