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The Minecraft avatar of im_bad_at_n
Gender M
Other names Thungon

im_bad_at_n, more notably known as Thungon, is a Let's Play commentator and a former member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He joined the server in June 2012 after he was invited by rayman86[1] but left the server in August 2012.

Let's Play[edit]

Thungon currently has two active Minecraft series: one in SSP, and one in multiplayer in which he and rsmalec plays a CTM map titled "Vinyl Fantasy II." Thungon appeared on mcgamer's "The Ultimate Miner" in which he and FreeWithoutWalls, another Fan Server member, compete in MC Gamer's competition.[2]

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Thungon has been on many servers before but dislikes SMP[3] and had requested to be removed from the whitelist.[4] Thungon had a plot in the Boney Bayou neighborhood of Blockhaven.

Video Notable events Featuring
30 Jun 2012 "The Mindcrack Fanserver, Episode 1, Mulitplayer Afterall"
  • First Fan Server video
  • At his plot numbered 404, plans to use only Lava for lighting
  • A walk around town and visits Rayman's and Purple's houses
  • Travels to the End to grind experience
  • Travels to a remote location with plans to build a base
17 Jul 2012 "The Mindcrack Fanserver, Episode 2, Prank Wars of 2012"
  • Progress on the remote base
  • Growing a tree canopy as a roof
  • Updates on attempting to connect his portal
  • Progress on his plot at town, including added lighting and altered ground blocks
  • Enchanting a Pickaxe at the End farm
  • Pranking Oddmast by replacing his Glass Panes with Glass blocks
16 Aug 2012 "The Mindcrack Fanserver, Episode 3, Odd Retaliation"
  • Progress on the remote base, including ground leveled and walled, and tree canopy enlarged
  • Video inset of him enchanting at the End farm to get Silk Touch to use on Ice
  • Travels to town, discovering Oddmast pranked him by replacing his Glass blocks with Glass Panes and Lava with Torches

Minecraft skin[edit]

im_bad_at_n's Minecraft skin

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