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The Minecraft avatar of rayman86
Born (1982-12-01) 1 December 1982 (age 37)
Country United States
Gender M
Other names Rayman, Ray

rayman86 is a former active member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He was invited to join the server after X_Wing_Ian was de-whitelisted in March 2012. Rayman is a member of the CobbleHATERz with Pakratt0013, Nebris and mcgamer.

Let's Play[edit]

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Borderlands 2 "Borderlands 2 [HD] - Rayman, Tib, and Alurl" 21 Sep 2012 Featuring Alurl and TibTuner04
XCOM: Enemy Unknown "X-COM: Enemy Unknown [1080p HD]" 11 Oct 2012
Don't Starve "Don't Starve [HD] with Rayman" 16 Nov 2012
Lego The Lord of the Rings "LEGO Lord of the Rings [1080] - Ray & Kids" 30 Jan 2013 Featuring his kids
Terraria "Terraria - blind play" 29 May 2013
Payday 2 "Payday 2" 10 Aug 2013
Terraria "Terraria - Blind 1.2 Reboot" 5 Oct 2013
Dungeonland "Dungeonland with Honney, Oddmast, & uisdead99" 4 Oct 2013 Featuring HonneyPlay, oddmast, and uisdead99
The Walking Dead "The Walking Dead - S1:E01 - Catchin' a Ride [Livestream]" 10 Feb 2014 Twitch livestream upload
Map Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
"Super Hostile 14 Waking Up" "Waking Up [HD] - Rayman, Tib, & Pakratt" 24 Sep 2012 Complete the monument featuring Pakratt0013 and TibTuner04
"Super Hostile 12 Inferno Mines" "Inferno Mines - Ray, Tib, and Pakratt" 24 Apr 2013 Complete the monument featuring Pakratt0013 and TibTuner04
Modded survival multiplayer "Minecraft FUBAR'd" 25 Apr 2013 Featuring TibTuner04
"Mindcrack Race For Heads" "Mindcrack: Race for Heads - Episode 1 - Get some!" 28 May 2013
MineCon Adventure Map "Mindcrack Minecon Adventure Map" 7 Dec 2013 Featuring KritX01
"Anamnesis" "Anamnesis with Zueljin & Rayman86" 19 Jan 2014 Featuring zueljin

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Before the 1.5 map reset, he had a plot in the Boulder Springs neighborhood of Blockhaven. Its main feature was that he did minimal terraforming, building over the natural terrain without moving naturally-generated blocks. Rayman traveled to a snow biome a distance away to build a dwarven city underground. Hovels were built into the walls undergound. Members were encouraged to build hovels of their own, however only TibTuner04 and BigGunn had built something there.[1] Rayman had plans to build an underwater dome near pantone2738U's ridiculously distant base, which could be accessed through the Blue tunnel in the Nether. He had started to build Nether connections between her village to his build.[2] Rayman lived in the "futuristic-themed" town in the most recent map. He dug a massive pit and left it undeveloped.

Rayman had a series titled "Mindcrack Fan Server: Week-in-review" in which he provided weekly news on the Fan Server. Rayman has participated in the Fan Server UHC in seasons 6, 7, and 8.

Minecraft skin[edit]

rayman86's skin

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