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The Minecraft avatar of Starrlett

"The Crazy Millbee Fangirl" in real life
Born (1994-11-06) 6 November 1994 (age 25)[1]
Country United Kingdom
Gender F
Other names Starr, Starrlett20

Starrlett, also known as Starrlett20, or her personal name Penny Kate Starr, is a former member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. She joined the server in February 2013 after she was invited by HiBoy.[2] She left the server on 10 June 2013 following internal disputes.[3][4]

Starr's enthusiastic following of Millbee earned her the flair "Crazy Millbee Fangirl" on r/mindcrack.[5]


Starrlett is a self-proclaimed Anglo-American, who initially launched herself into the Mindcrack community through various fan-made trailers, notably for UHC and the Mindcrack Mod. The name "Starrlett" originates from her surname 'Starr', and she has used it as her online persona since she created her editing channel on 16 August 2009. Her original Mindcrack fan-trailers were released to this channel, but she later created her gaming channel on 5 May 2012. She hopes to go into the film industry, particularly film sound editing.

Let's Play[edit]

The YouTube avatar of StarrlettGames

Starr's YouTube banner
Join date 26 Jan 2020
Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Various games "Starr Flashes Back!" 25 Feb 2014
Disney's Aladdin in Nasira's Revenge "Aladdin: Nasira's Revenge" 6 Mar 2014
Doorways "Doorways' 25 Aug 2014
This War of Mine "This War Of Mine" 23 Nov 2014
Game of Thrones "Game of Thrones [TellTale]" 4 Dec 2014
Fable: The Lost Chapters "Fable" 5 Jan 2015
To the Moon "To The Moon" 18 Sep 2015
Firewatch "Firewatch" 11 Feb 2016
Alice: Madness Returns "Alice: Madness Returns" 22 Feb 2016
The Forest "The Forest w/ Edson" 24 May 2016
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
"Mindcrack Mod" "The Great Mindcrack Scavenger Hunt" 16 Aug 2012
"Ruins Of The Mindcrackers" "Ruins of the Mindcrackers" 17 Feb 2013
Lodestar SMP server "The Lodestar Server" 24 Jul 2013
MineCon Adventure Map "Mindcrack Minecon Adventure Map" 3 Nov 2013 Featuring ImTeras
Godiva Gaming UHC event "Ladies' X-Mas UHC" 17 Dec 2013
The MobCave UHC event "The MobCave UHC Season 1" 9 Jan 2014
"Midnight Gloom" "CTM: Midnight Gloom" 3 Mar 2014 Featuring EddCase
Godiva Gaming UHC event "GG UHC: Midsummer Murders" 16 Jun 2014
Insorum SMP server "The Insorum Server" 4 Sep 2014
Starr's Birthday UHC event "20th Birthday UHC!" 10 Nov 2014
Godiva Gaming UHC event "GG UHCharity" 17 Dec 2014
"Metro: Post-Apocalypse" "Metro" 15 Jan 2015 Featuring EddCase
Godiva Gaming UHC event "UHChill w/ Godiva Gaming" 23 Mar 2015
Godiva Gaming UHC event "Godiva Gaming UHC: Fight or Fright" 17 Oct 2015
TimeShot UHC event "TimeShot UHC X" 8 Nov 2015
Godiva Gaming UHC event "GG Ladies Choice UHC III" 14 Feb 2016
VanillaSwirlCTM "Vanilla Swirl CTM" 29 May 2016 Featuring The Mob Cave
Base Race "Base Race [July 2016]" 16 Jul 2016 Featuring EddCase
TimeShot UHC event "TimeShot UHC XIV: Castles" 25 Jul 2016
TimeShot SMP server "TimeShot SMP" 7 Aug 2016

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Starr's playlist for the server is "Mindcrack Fan Server LP".

Season 1 (second map)[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
20 Feb 2013 "The Mindcrack Fan Server! [ep.1] Tour with Uisdead99: Part 1"
  • A tour of town with Uisdead99
devonsama, uisdead99
21 Feb 2013 "The Mindcrack Fan Server! [ep.2] Tour with Uisdead99: Part 2"
  • Continuation of last episode
  • Travels to the Nether
  • Briefly visits darkphan's underground base
25 Feb 2013 "The Mindcrack Fan Server! [ep.3] Exploring and Chatting"
  • Finds a place to settle
  • Settles in extreme hills
4 Mar 2013 "The Mindcrack Fan Server! [ep.4] My Past on YouTube"
  • Received a gift
  • Nether portal woes
  • Plans for a city carved in the hills
  • Talk on her YouTube history, the editing community, subscriber count

Season 2 (third map)[edit]

Video Notable events Featuring
18 Mar 2013 "The Mindcrack Fan Server! [ep.5] Server Reboot! A New Adventure Begins!"
  • Map reset
  • Surviving and clearing trees on her plot in the steampunk town
  • Quick tour of the steampunk and visit to western, anarchist, futuristic and treehouse
ladyonyx, oddmast, ZaneyGamer
10 Jun 2013 "The Mindcrack Fan Server! [ep.16] Leaving"
  • Looking for the prank on her plot and what is on nearby plots
  • Announcing that she's leaving the Fan Server and talking about why she is leaving
  • Adding herself to the graveyard

Minecraft skin[edit]

Starrlett's clean skinStarrlett's covered Minecraft skin

Previous skin[edit]

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