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The Mob Cave are a duo consisting of EddCase and OddyC, Let's Play commentators and active members of the MindCrack Fan Server. They joined the server in October 2012.

Let's Play[edit]

EddCase with his brother OddyC have played together in several Minecraft Let's Plays, including an Ultra Hardcore dual, tutorials, and a simple vanilla let's play from both points-of-view.

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

EddCase won his slot on the server through a contest held by rayman86.[1][2] The entry video was created by both members of the channel, knowing that only one of them would be able to get on the server. It was decided that EddCase would be the one to join the server. He has started his series on the MindCrack Fan Server with OddyC as a co-host. Due to their entertaining first video, OddyC was later invited to the server by arrowhoodcobra.

They have participated in seasons 7 and 8 of MindCrack Fan Server Ultra Hardcore.

"EddCase on The Mindcrack Fan Server" playlist
"OddyC's Odyssey on the MindCrack Fan Server!" playlist
Notable events Featuring
"EddCase MCFS: Ep1 - Egg and Mushrooms" 28 Oct 2012
  • Touring around town
  • Getting lost
  • First death
10 Nov 2012
  • Welcoming Oddy to the server
  • Wanders away from town, caving
10 Nov 2012
  • Continuation of last episode
  • Talk on picking up MindCrack phrases, Gary Larson cartoons
  • Searching for a place to call home
13 Nov 2012
  • Continuation of last episode
  • Edd builds a Wheat farm on a platform while Odd caves
  • Edd encases sword-wielding Skeleton, names it Oscar
  • Talk on commentating in videos, Harry Potter
6 Dec 2012
  • Received a plot, transported Alurl's materials
  • Leaves a message for Harumei for stealing their Ink Sac
31 Dec 2012
  • Explaining EddCase's Myst themed Christmas gift to Morgwen
8 Jan 2013
  • Caving
  • Talking about what they got for Christmas, the Game of Thrones and FTB

Minecraft skins[edit]

EddCase OddyC
EddCase's skin OddyC's skin

Previous Skins[edit]

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