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This is a list of well known phrases used by members of Mindcrack.


Alphabetical list of phrases


Phrase First user Description
Advanced Lighting Technique Zisteau[1] Lava poured from above to light up an area and kill mobs.
Allllright guys. Docm77[2] Doc's introduction to his videos.
Anderpants AnderZEL[citation needed] Anderz' leggings.
Applerise Nebris[3] A holiday celebrated on 27 April, commemorating Nebris obtaining an apple. Originated in UHC Season 6.


Phrase First user Description
Beef? PauseUnpause[4] Said in a high-pitched voice, typically in a frightened manner, calling out to VintageBeef.
Buddon SethBling[citation needed] The way Seth mispronounces the word "Button."
Bullshit Bill  ?[citation needed] Originating from the Mario Kart 8 series, referring to the Bullet Bill item in the game.


Phrase First user Description
Come get some! Zisteau[citation needed] An invitation to mobs.
Come to the damn land! Docm77[5] Telling Etho to come help during the final battle of UHC Season 4.


Phrase First user Description
Did a VintageBeef Guude[6] Death by falling. After avoiding death for a long time VintageBeef fell to his death while working on his house.[7]


Phrase First user Description
Eject dicks Guude[8] A typo of "Eject disk" made during a Feed the Beast episode.
Euphoric Pyro_0[citation needed] Originally popularized by a comment from /r/atheism, Pyro began using the term ironically in episodes of Garry's Mod.

See also: In This Moment I Am Euphoric - Know Your Meme.

Everybody's Mindcrack, Zisteau. Zisteau[9] A reference to the British comedy franchise Red Dwarf, used on April Fool's Day 2014 where all users on /r/mindcrack had their usernames changed to that of Mindcrack members.

See also: Red Dwarf - Everybody's Dead, Dave


Phrase First user Description
Floating Block of Ice kurtmac[10] Typically sung, a running joke from his "Far Lands or Bust," series.
For Justice! Nebris[citation needed] Nebris' catchphrase.


Phrase First user Description
Get a _____ job! BdoubleO100[11] An insult to mobs. First used as "Get a rock job!;" there are several other variations, such as "Get a flame job!"
Get to the damn land! See "Come to the damn land!"
Got a new series starting today with two Mindcrackers I haven't got to play a lot with recently. Guude[12] Believed at first to be a confirmation of UHC Season 19, the series in question ended up being Team Vintage Guusteau. Since then, the phrase has been used to hype fans.

Notable uses:










Guude's got it! BdoubleO100[13] A pleasant tune to be sung when pointing out the obvious fact that Guude was able to obtain 'it', whether 'it' be a solution to a puzzle such as those found in Portal 2 multiplayer or the Wool in Super Hostile maps.


Phrase First user Description
Hello guys! Guude[citation needed] Guude's intro to his videos.

See also: Zisteau's prank video mocking Guude.

Hell's blazes! BdoubleO100[citation needed] An exclamation, a play on typical Southern US dialect.
HYPE! Guude[citation needed] A way of showing excitement for Ultra Hardcore, a new series, or a new member of Mindcrack.


Phrase First user Description
I ain't wearin' no dress! BdoubleO100[14] A reference to a bet between him and generikb in their Race to Commander in Call of Duty.
I want to go to there. mcgamer[citation needed] Said throughout MC's many Minecraft parkour map Let's Plays. "There," typically refers to the end of the course.
I'm going to win. mcgamer[citation needed] Showing determination to reach a goal. Used extensively during UHC Season 10.
Indeed kurtmac[citation needed] A catchphrase of Kurt's which he often says. It has become popular with other Mindcrack members, who sometimes reference Kurt when they say "Indeed", or imitate the ways he says it.


Phrase First user Description
Lupus Guude[15] Lapis Lazuli. The term developed because the ore reminded Guude of Remus Lupin's name.


Phrase First user Description
Magic wire VintageBeef[16] Redstone. First used in generikb's Redstone Wars 5 - Co-op Puzzles with VintageBeef, PauseUnpause, Xisuma, and generikb.
Man pants (or "Man pance") Zisteau[17] Refers to leather leggings. Originally chain leggings coined by Vechs as "manpance" in the Super Hostile map The Kaizo Caverns. The wearer is said to becomes reckless, which eventually costs them greatly. The term was first referenced in Zisteau's Kaizo Caverns series.[18]
Melancia VintageBeef[citation needed] Watermelon. A Portuguese word.
Mornin' Miners Pakratt0013[19] Pakratt's intro to his videos.


Phrase First user Description
Phone going off! BdoubleO100[citation needed] Exclaimed after hearing a phone ring during a recording.
Pink Sheep kurtmac[20] From his "Far Lands or Bust," series, in which Kurt expresses excitement whenever he encounters a pink sheep.
Place blocks! BdoubleO100[21] Place blocks rapidly to prevent mobs from advancing. From OOG: Legendary Failures when Guude and BdoubleO opened an area with a number of mobs.
Please shut the fuck up. BlameTC[22] In response to Njfarmer89's comment on Episode 7 of UHC Season 12 in which they said ":/ This season is horrible." BTC then expressed that "the [whining] is getting very annoying," and asked the whole of /r/mindcrack to "shut the fuck up." He later added the "please," in order for the comment to seem "more polite."

Notable Uses:

Guude satirically using the phrase to silence BTC's criticism of Game of Thrones

Potato on a Stick Reddit User[23] A reference to how some people visualized the MindCrack logo on the town hall at the beginning of season 4.
Popsic VintageBeef[24] Bread. From the Portuguese word "papo-seco"


Phrase First user Description
Secret Saturdays  ?[citation needed] Originally referring to VintageBeef, it now is used after any speech that could be construed as partaking in an orgy. See the Podcast for usage.
Shirts! BdoubleO100 A reference to the original shirt commercial by BdoubleO during OOG: Legendary Failures when Guude went to the bathroom.[25]
Spoon W92Baj[26] Shovel. A well known example is Baj's Spoon.
So, do you guys like stuff? VintageBeef[27] A way to change the subject, first used in a UHC Season 10 episode where he ran out of things to talk about in the video.


Phrase First user Description
That may be a full Damon. Millbee[28] Full moon. Originated in the episode Millbee in which used a Matt Damon texture pack.
The Office is a pretty good show. Etho[29] A way to change the subject. Originated during the mushroom prank on Guude. A creeper had just blown up the signs proving he contributed to the prank and Guude asked what Pause and Etho were discussing.
This bucket has wheels! Coestar[30] Exclaimed by Coe when he attempted to craft a bucket, but crafted a minecart instead.
This is Easy Mode. mcgamer[citation needed] Used to describe a particularly non-difficult task.


Phrase First user Description
Why won't the wood get in me?! BdoubleO100[31] BdoubleO was trying to pick up logs Guude dropped when he died, but was unable to due to a full inventory. Other interpretations of the phrase were realized by Guude moments later.


Phrase First user Description
Yiss. Vechs[citation needed] A variation of the word "yes."
You ever heard of Minecraft? BdoubleO100[32] Pickup line. BdoubleO suggested this as a pickup line that cowboy-Etho would use during OOGE's playthrough of Vinyl Fantasy II.
You heard it! Docm77[2] A variation of Doc's intro.
You've been Etho'd! kurtmac[33] A catchphrase used when Etho disproves a common misconception. Kurt first coined the phrase in UHC Season 9 when Etho explained to the viewers that Sharpness I iron swords are more powerful than unenchanted diamond swords. Team DOOKE then jokingly discuss ideas for a logo and animation for the phrase. Redditor Heplooner took these ideas and created a video using a logo created by iTha64Gamer. The video prompted Etho to create a variation in his survival singleplayer world.[34]
YWEYAWYWAYAS Millbee[35] An expression of great joy. Typed in chat by Millbee in UHC Season 11 after getting his first kill on Pakratt0013. The phrase is typically accompanied by a humorous gif created by Redditor jindo1.[36]


Phrase First user Description
Zebra tree/wood Guude[37] Birch tree/wood. The term developed because Guude thought the texture looked like the fur of a zebra.

Numbers and special characters[edit]

Phrase First user Description
_____ of Justice See "For Justice!"
_____, the thing that Arkas built. Nebris[38] An allusion to something that someone doesn't know the origin of, sometimes used in reference to Mhykol.

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