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  • Who are you?

I am the administrator of the Mindcrack and HermitCraft wiki. I am also known as spacey_MC on Reddit.

  • How may I contact you?

You can add a message to my talk page. Just click the "Add topic" link on the top right corner and type away. You may contact me through other means:

  • How did you come across Mindcrack?

I discovered Mindcrack through Kurt's first livestream when he invited Guude and BdoubleO to the chat. I checked out Guude's videos and have been hooked ever since.

  • Are you connected to any members of the Mindcrack server?

No, unfortunately I'm not.

  • Why create a wiki for Mindcrack and HermitCraft?

The Mindcrack community is very large and diverse. It has been growing at a very fast rate, and is even acknowledged by Mojang, particularly Dinnerbone. Many newcomers who are starting to watch these videos will not understand the back story of Mindcrack and their members; inside jokes, personal stories among the members of Mindcrack, and historical events can confuse them or fly over their heads. Long-time fans who have watched the videos for a while want to be able to refer to old videos without the need to rewatch everything. I started this wiki so that anyone, from newcomers to long-time fans and including the Mindcrack members themselves, can read into the story of Mindcrack and be able to document notable events. My primary goal of this wiki is to have a comprehensive database of all knowledge of Mindcrack into an easily accessible place with the help of the community.

I started documenting HermitCraft when many Mindcrack and Mindcrack Fan Server members started to become active between the servers. Unfortunately no one from the Mindcrack server play on it anymore and the Mindcrack Fan Server no longer exists. HermitCraft will still be documented but to a limited extent.

  • How may I help?

You can start helping out right away! If you come across a page with incomplete information and you have the knowledge to complete it, click the "Edit" button and type away. Anyone is free to edit the wiki. Check the help page if you want to understand the wiki markup language.

  • Where are you now?

I have drifted away from Mindcrack and HermitCraft after a series of discouragements. I am currently following another Minecraft SMP group doing some work with them but not to the same extent as this wiki.

A shout out to Jayothan for his early contributions to the wiki. I hope you are doing well! Thanks everyone for helping promote and acknowledge the wiki!