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This is a list of Arkas' Mindcrack builds, structures built by Arkas on the Mindcrack servers.

Mindcrack Vanilla Server[edit]

Season 3[edit]

  • Arena: Arkas built the Builder's shack that served as a storage and resting spot for those working on the arena. Arkas was one of two main builders of the arena (the other being BdoubleO100). It was located at 362z, 1556x.
  • Arkas' Village: The village was located to the east of the Mothership. The walled town was covered in mycellium provided a home for the villagers before they were to move to the Mothership. The village was located at 1317z, 157x.
  • Mothership: The Mothership was a large, circular, manmade island in the ocean beyond spawn. Arkas was in the process of rebuilding it for the second time when the season ended. It was located at 1069z, -183x.
  • Subway System: The Subways system was built in spawn at the very beginning of the map and was rarely used.
  • Town Home: Arkas' elaborate home in spawn was rebuilt several times. It was located at 213z, 225x.
  • Treasure: Arkas created the treasure for BdoubleO to explore

Season 4[edit]

  • Arkasdam: His jungle city, named after named after Amsterdam and himself.
  • Flash Moo and the Flying Companions: Originally a small roadside stage in spawn, demolished when the theater was built.
  • The Mindcrack Theatre: The theater in spawn town, built after the Flash Moo and the Flying Companions.
  • The Block Exchange: A business he built in spawn that offers certain blocks (i.e ice, cobblestone, mycelium) in exchange for diamonds.
  • Dwarven Village: A small town that will be beside the road connecting Arkasdam and spawn. The village currently consists of a house, stables and an inn. It is distinct by the use of granite and andesite blocks with checkerboard patterns and sharp lines.

Season 6[edit]

  • Mansion: His detailed home on the server, surrounded by sectioned farms and a circular wall (location: 385, 830).

FTB Season 3[edit]

  • ArkTech HQ His third version of ArkTech HQ base is currently still intact and he uses it. There is a creeper grinder to get sulfur and an IC2 power generation system in this base. He also a giant storage room where he keeps all of his items. This base in planned to be fought over
  • Starship In the End, Arkas is building a spaceship which people are jokingly calling a Star Destroyer. He is actually basing it off of a Crusader class cruiser from Star Wars. Arkas says that once the baseshp is finished that will be ArkTech HQ.
  • ArkTech Airbase In the spawn jungle biome, Arkas built an airbase where he keeps all his Flans Mod parts and planes.