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The Minecraft avatar of Arkas
Gender M
Age 20 to 22[1]
Country Netherlands
Active LPs



Arkas, also known by his personal name Tijmen B[2] (pronounced "t mɛn" in Dutch, anglicised as "t mɛn"),[3] is a Dutch Let's Play commentator and an active member of the MindCrack server. He joined the server in September 2011 after winning third place in the third contest.[4] Arkas also entered in the first contest but did not win a place on the server.[5][6]


Arkas is from the Netherlands.[7][8] He previously studied neurobiology at university but lost interest around December 2013. Arkas will do YouTube full time until September 2014 when he will continue his study.[9] He says he knows what he wants to study but does not want to share it.[10] His Minecraft username is a modified version of "Arkan",[11] a gamer tag that originated from a Jedi roleplaying server, that was no longer available when he made his account.[12]

In his spare time, Arkas creates music. The music used in his videos is made by himself. When asked about releasing his music in March 2014, Arkas says "[his] music isn't ready for release,"[13] but since June 2014, has shared his music on SoundCloud.[14] Arkas is a large fan of Mr. Bill.[15]

Let's Play[edit]

Game Playlist or first video Start date Brief description
7 Days to Die "Arkas Builds :: 7 Days To Die" 2 Mar 2014
OFF OFF 25 Apr 2014
Map Playlist or First episode Start date Brief description
MindCrack Survival multiplayer
  • 10 Jul 2012
  • 2 Jul 2013
MindCrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer 24 Feb 2013
Singleplayer mapmaking "Arkas Builds An Adventure Map" 10 Oct 2013
Multiplayer mapmaking "Building The Mindcrack Public Server" 12 Dec 2013
Modded survival singleplayer "Life In The Woods" 25 Mar 2014 Using the "Life in the Woods" modpack.
Modded survival multiplayer server "TerraFirmaCraft w/ Friends" 24 Apr 2014 Using "TerraFirmaCraft". Featuring Honneyplays, Pakratt0013, Oddmast, DireDwarf, altblu and TibTuner04.
"Mayday" "Mayday w/ JSano19 - Minecraft Adventure Map" 7 May 2014 Featuring jsano19
"Ruins Of The Mindcrackers" "Minecraft - Ruins of the Mindcrackers w/ Pyro" 18 Jun 2014 Featuring Pyro_0. See Ruins Of The Mindcrackers


Arkas is considered a very talented builder and one of the best,[16] if not the best,[17] on the server. In the Season 3 spawn village, he rebuilt his house at least three times. He had a gigantic floating disc in the middle of the ocean, the Mothership, which was undergoing reconstruction until the closure of the server.

Arkas used to be the most enigmatic member of the server due to his lack of videos and lack of appearances in other members' videos until June 2012 when his voice was first heard during a prank by mcgamer and Nebris on Etho.[18] Arkas' first video on the MindCrack server was streamed live on Twitch on 10 June 2012,[19] but the stream was not archived. Prior to his first YouTube video on MindCrack published on 10 July 2012, his YouTube channel had only one video, which was a video submission for Guude's contest to enter the server titled "Arkas' Arena Contest Entry".[20] The video was not publicly available for a long time,[21] but was republicized when Arkas hit 100,000 subscribers.[22]

Arkas' first project on the season 4 server is his jungle city, Arkasdam. He settled in the jungle to utilize the bright green foliage found there.[23]


pihsrehtoM (read as "backwards Mothership") is Arkas' camera account which he uses to record timelapses.[24][25]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Arkas' skin is Man vs. Wild host Bear Grylls.[26] As of January 2014, Arkas' skin is the 28th most reused skin.[27]


  • Arkas will be attending EGX London in September 2014.[28] He will publicly reveal his appearance in a vlog sometime before September.[9]

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