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The spawn village was a town on the Mindcrack Server located adjacent to the world spawn of the season 3 map. A subway system connected each plot together underground, although it was rarely used. The village had a dedicated Nether portal located in the Nether hub.


Nebris was assigned 'town planner' of the village, in charge of outlining the roads and assigning plots of land to each member. The 32x32 plots of land were connected via uniform walkways and were subject to a building code that Nebris had outlined.[1] Despite this, Nebris' plot did not adhere to the building code,[2] and was twice the size of every other plot. Guude says he built the bulk of the roads in the village.[3]

In anticipation of an upcoming Beta 1.9 update, Guude had specifically asked players to not stray too far from the spawn village, or enter any strongholds until they could be explored as a group.[4] After Notch, the lead developer of Minecraft at the time, announced in October 2011 that Beta 1.9 would be retitled to 1.0.0 and delayed until MineCon 2011 in November,[5] Guude updated the server to Minecraft Beta 1.9-pre4, allowing members to leave the constraints of the village.[6]

In November 2012, Guude reassigned former member just_defy's plot and ShreeyamGFX's unused plot to new members Avidya and BlameTC, respectively.[7]



This is a gallery of all plots at the village on 1 June 2012.



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