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The Minecraft avatar of Aubron

Aubron in real life
Born 22/23[1]
Country United States
Gender M

Aubron was a moderator for the MindCrack subreddit and a former member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. He joined the server after being invited by MonkeyDK.[2] Aubron was somehow confused with Etho in the past,[3] and it has become a joke that carried into his first videos on the MindCrack Fan Server. He left the server on 19 May 2013 due to inactivity and to remove perceived bias in his moderation.[4] He demoted himself from a moderator of r/mindcrack on 30 July 2013 due to ideological differences with the way Guude moderates the subreddit.[5]


In addition to being a moderator for the MindCrack subreddit, Aubron has contributed immensely to the MindCrack community before his departure.[1] He created a bot for the MindCrack reddit that announced live Twitch streams and posted UHC episodes.[6] He hosted the torrent files for many of the recent map downloads on his website.[7] On 12 July 2013, he released the "Mindcrack Notifier", a Google Chrome extension that makes MindCrack videos more accessible to fans.[8] Twitter and Twitch notifications were added later on.[9] The source code for the extension was released a few months later.[10] On 19 July 2013, he provided the MindCrack API, a set of helpful scripts for web developers to use.[11]

Let's Play[edit]

Aubron had several Let's Plays on various Minecraft servers, including the subreddit server, MindCrack Fan Server, and MindCrack FTB Fan Server.

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Before the 1.5 map reset, Aubron settled in a jungle biome. uisdead99 had built a massive "upvote" structure in reference to Aubron's activity on Reddit.[12]

Video Notable events Featuring
1 Nov 2012 "Aubron Plays - Mindcrack Fan Server - 001 - 'Aubron? From /r/mindcrack?'"
  • Touring Blockhaven
  • Introducing himself
  • Searching for a place to settle
3 Nov 2012 "Aubron Plays - Mindcrack Fan Server - 002 - 'The Etho Bump'"
  • Showing the progress on his base
  • Caving
  • Talking about the result of Etho's comment and explaining the "Aubron is Etho" joke
  • Discussing plans for his base
4 Nov 2012 "Aubron Plays - Halloween on the Mindcrack Fan Server" Alurl, PotatoBoy99
29 Jan 2013 "Bonus Video - Highlights from Guude's Birthday on the Fanserver"
  • Guude's birthday party
See Guude's birthday party

Minecraft skin[edit]

Aubron's Minecraft skin

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