Baj's Spoon

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The Baj Spoon

Baj's Spoon was W92Baj's enchanted Efficiency IV, Unbreaking III, Diamond Shovel. It was what Baj called the "greatest shovel man has ever made."[1] Its ability to wreck the landscape quickly made the Spoon notable. Other members of the server have since mentioned this Shovel in their videos, including Guude,[2] Etho,[3] BdoubleO100,[4] and VintageBeef.[5] This has caused much confusion among viewers who do not know the back story of the Spoon. Before Minecraft 1.3, the quick digging effect of this Shovel only works in multiplayer and does not work as effectively in singleplayer.[6] Baj had named the Shovel as the Spoon long before enchantments were available in the game.[7]


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