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This is a list of mcgamer's Good Morning Mindcrack series, recorded on the MindCrack server. The series was released by mcgamer for the first time on May 25, 2012 with the intention of releasing a quick ten- to twenty-minute video that viewers could watch while eating breakfast every morning. As a result, the episodes are generally recorded early the morning of or during the night before the episode is released. Topics included in the series are suggested by viewers in the comments.[1] Good Morning Mindcrack was cancelled by MC on March 15, 2013[2], due to being "burnt out" on Minecraft and "not being able to play it everyday..." However, the show returned on September 1, 2013 on the new Season 4 map.

Good Morning Mindcrack - Season 1[edit]

This season takes place on the post Beta 1.8 world. The playlist for this series is "Good Morning Mindcrack".

Video Notable events Featuring
25 May 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 5/25/12 - Dawn of a New Day"
  • First Episode
  • Builds a ladder from his workshop to his upside down house.
  • Discusses the basics of what exactly this show is about.
  • Talks about his fans and his rising popularity.
26 May 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 5/26/12 - Shouldn't Be Alive"
  • Takes down the staircase to his tree farm and replaces it with a giant ladder.
  • Begins making a big land mass on top of his upside-down house.
  • Talks about his style of commentary.
27 May 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 5/27/12 - UHC Thoughts"
  • First episode to include "The Picture of the Day."
  • Works on the ladder leading up to his tree farm.
  • Talks about Ultra Hardcore Season 6.
28 May 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 5/28/12 - Memorial What?"
  • Starts the episode at the Quad Spider Spawner and plans on enchanting two Diamond Pickaxes in hopes of obtaining Silk Touch.
  • Works on the upside-down land mass on top of his base.
  • Talks about Memorial Day.
29 May 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 5/29/12 - Oh Dat Redstone!"
  • Puts upside-down trees around his upside-down house.
  • Adds more Stone to said house to make it seem more steep.
  • Breaks his piston-activated enchanting room.
  • Talks about The Ultimate Miner - Season 2 and Zeldathon.
30 May 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 5/30/12 - Bane of Arthropods!"
  • Works on his upside-down house.
  • Talks about why he doesn't use view bobbing, socially awkwardness, and The Ultimate Miner Season 2.
  • Goes to the Quad Spider Spawner to enchant a Diamond Pickaxe.
31 May 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 5/31/12 - Pause the Stalker!"
  • Works on emptying out the Underwater Palace.
  • Talks about many random things.
2 Jun 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 6/2/12 - Giovanni Radio!?"
  • Shows the progress from his livestream the previous night, then goes mining.
  • Talks about the new adult-oriented Japanese Pokemon radio series and why he is intrigued by villains.
3 Jun 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 6/3/12 - Tired Ramblings"
  • Leads Grass down to the Underwater Palace.
  • Talks about self-censorship, Minecraft Snapshots, and E3 predictions.
4 Jun 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 6/4/12 - Shovel U"
  • Collects Sand from the desert.
  • Talks about the new Wii U Game Pad and fan art.
5 Jun 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 6/5/12 - E3 Day 1"
  • Goes branch mining with Mike and Alex after the first day of E3 conferences.
  • Shares their opinions of the Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft press conferences.
6 Jun 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 6/6/12 - E3 Day 2"
  • Works on his Nether portal room and collects more Sand from the desert.
  • Talks about Nintendo's E3 press conference.
7 Jun 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 6/7/12 - LOLawyers"
  • Goes to the Ender Ender and enchants a Diamond Shovel.
  • Talks about how silly he thinks lawyers are and pet peeves on YouTube.
8 Jun 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 6/8/12 - The Britons"
  • Works on making his Nether rail pretty.
  • Talks about his British and Australian viewers and Operation Every Cloud.
1 Jul 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 6/1/12 - So Many Things!"
  • Puts Sand over his Wall of Shame.
  • Talks about The Ultimate Miner audition tapes and E3 2012.
27 Aug 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 8/27/12 - Prank Debate"
  • Shears some Sheep for an "upcoming project"
  • Discusses the pros and cons of The Prank Wars.
  • Discusses the controversy surrounding Etho and his fans.
  • Foreshadows a future prank.
  • Drops another hint about his next Zelda Let's Play.
  • Random Opinion: "I really like fluffy pillows. :)"
28 Aug 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 8/28/12 - Summer's End"
  • Goes mining and talks about the end of Summer and how it might affect his videos and the possible changes for Season 3 of Good Morning Mindcrack.
  • Discusses the return of Mr. Furnace.
  • "Reviews" the game New Super Mario Bros. 2 and talks about the New Super Mario Bros. series as a whole.
  • Discusses the length of recent Good Morning Mindcrack videos.
  • Random Opinion: "All batteries should be chargeable."
29 Aug 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 8/29/12 - Not My Day"
  • Gathers Lava to decorate his Nether Portal to the 1.3 cabin.
  • Mentions his future prank yet again stating "It might get me kicked off the server. :P"
  • Discusses his efforts on moving out of his mother's and buying a house for himself and his friend Alex.
  • Talks about updating his Fun for Freedom server to 1.3 and the troubles in doing so.
  • Nothing goes his way. :P
  • Random Opinion: "Chicken Tenders are better than Chicken Nuggets."
30 Aug 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 8/30/12 - YouTuber Improvement Session"
  • Starts constructing a storage area at his 1.3 cabin.
  • Talks about how to become a "better" YouTube Commentator and how you need a fine balance between fun commentary, skill at the game you're playing, and a good schedule.
  • Discusses how he can get better at YouTubing, asking questions such as; "Should I put out more content? Should I put out less content? Should I play different games? Should I collaborate more often?" to the audience.
  • Talks about his donation link and where the funds go to.
  • Random Opinion: "Delegating people is hard, which is the reason why I work alone."
31 Aug 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 8/31/12 - Goal Get!"
  • Collects Sugar Cane for some Bookshelves, then builds some stairs for his mine at the 1.3 cabin.
  • Adds a new section called "Response" where he responds to comments from the previous episode.
  • Talks about his new partnership with The Game Station.
  • Pitches ideas for an upcoming show codenamed "The Adventures of MCGamer."
  • Random Opinion: "The chord of the Wii sensor bar is too long."
1 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/1/12 - Live and Crazy"
  • Adds 9 more Lapis Blocks to his collection.
  • Chops down another set of trees to make some more Bookshelves.
  • Talks about the differences between recording normally, and recording live.
  • Discusses "excitement."
  • Discusses the origin of Kappa, as requested by the live chat.
  • Random Opinion: "Live Recordings are a lot more scary and stressful."
2 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/2/12 - Don't Do Drugs!"
  • Organizes his storage area at his 1.3 cabin.
  • Discusses drugs and alcohol.
  • Talks about his efforts on obtaining an orange suit (To match his Minecraft skin.) to wear during live-streams and at conventions.
  • Random Opinion: "I hate surge protectors."
3 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/3/12 - Who and What?"
  • Heads back to the Underwater Palace to bury the Bane of Arthrosmite Sword.
  • Talks about organizing his computer and the surprisingly massive amount of Gigabytes deleted.
  • Discusses the Doctor Who series and how he gave it a second chance in watching it.
  • Discusses the possibilities of a new Minecraft show.
  • Asks for ideas on how to make Good Morning Mindcrack more about Mindcrack.
  • Random Opinion: "98% of energy drinks taste full."
4 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/4/12 - The Upcoming Prank"
  • Gathers more Bookshelves for an enchanting area at the 1.3 cabin, then goes mining for Obsidian.
  • Talks about how he wants to expand his Minecraft series including changes to Good Morning Mindcrack, (Maybe.) shows based around Tekkit or MineZ, or even a Creative Mode building show.
  • Reveals some hints about his upcoming prank, saying he needs to gather some Gunpowder, Redstone, and Sticky Pistons.
  • Discusses more of his troubles in obtaining his orange Giovanni suit.
  • Random Opinion: "Honey Mustard Sauce is good in most scenarios unless, of course, the mustard overtakes the honey flavor."
5 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/5/12 - So Much TNT"
  • Starts the episode off at Pakratt's Valley Trap, harvesting some Gunpowder, then heads back to the Underwater Palace and grinds for some Sand getting blown up in the process.
  • Talks about what game genres he likes, putting them into a YUS!, Meh..., or NO! category.
  • Discusses his new MineZ series and asks if the fans want more of it.
  • Random Opinion: "Extra sharp cheese is good, just a little too sharp. I think the regular sharp cheese is better than extra sharp cheese."
6 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/6/12 - Lucky Tech"
  • Begins connecting his main Nether rail line to his 1.3 cabin Nether rail line.
  • Proceeds to be confused by Redstone.
  • Gets interrupted by Pause bringing him the gift of Lapis Lazuli.
  • Gives a final hint for his next Zelda Let's Play premiering later that day.
  • Talks about some of the reception he got from his first MineZ video, posted a few days earlier.
  • Gives details on three new Minecraft series he intends to start along with MineZ. (Tekkit, Creative Building, and "The Mindcrack Bonus Round.")
  • Random Opinion: "Contact lens are pretty scary, glasses are better."
7 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/7/12 - Dat Redstone"
  • Continues to work on his Nether rail.
  • Has an argument with his brain.
  • Talks about interaction with his fans.
  • Random Opinion: "Pens that are low on ink are worse than a paper cut."
9 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/9/12 - Vault Decor"
  • Gathers Sand and Lava to decorate his Lapis Vault.
  • Talks about his shows and the structure of a good scheduale for a Let's Player.
  • Discusses his stance on give-aways.
  • Gives updates on his house hunting.
  • Random Opinion: "A sore throat is the worst part of being sick, by far."
10 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/10/12 - B Stands for Bribery!"
  • Goes to check out the progress on BdoubleO's Arena when he gets invited to a call by BdoubleO and GenerikB.
  • Takes B Team's bribe of 31 Lapis Lazuli Blocks and 3 Emerald Blocks.
  • Gives a quick update on house hunting, followed by a discussion about Good Morning Mindcrack as a whole.
  • Random Opinion: "This is cute. Thanks to Sixelona. :3" (Referring to sixelona's drawing of himself holding Makaar from Zelda: Wind Waker.)
BdoubleO100, generikb
11 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/11/12 - Lava Scare!"
  • Breeds some Sheep, then goes to decorate his Lapis Vault with a Lava wall.
  • Almost dies due to a Lava mishap.
  • Talks about life without Mindcrack.
  • Hints about his next prank saying it could be dangerous and will cause lots of controversy.
  • Discusses how he doesn't do much building on the server.
  • Random Opinion: "Mini Doughnuts are like dry sponges covered in wax. I hate it."
12 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/12/12 - Turbo"
  • Goes mining for about fifty seconds.
  • Talks extremely fast during the episode.
  • Very quickly discusses life without computers.
  • Is the shortest Good Morning Mindcrack episode to date.
  • Random Opinion: "I hate the time between when the air conditioner is supposed to be in the window and the fan is supposed to be in the window because it makes for really weird conditions in your house."
13 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/13/12 - Talking B-Team"
  • Removes the Lava from his Lapis Vault walls to replace with Water.
  • Goes on a quest for Glowey Rock. (Glowstone)
  • Talks about the B-Team Trial and his stance regarding it.
  • Discusses all the old stuff he found while cleaning out his closet.
  • Random Opinion: "Moving companies that advertise their businesses on change of address forms are the most brilliant minds that I've ever seen in advertising."
14 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/14/12 - Wii U"
  • Works of his Lapis Vault.
  • Discusses the Wii U and all the new news regarding it.
  • Talks about being recognized on MineZ and how he doesn't respond well to recognition.
  • Random Opinion: "The best way to eat a chocolate bar is to let it melt in your mouth."
15 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/15/12 - Bayonetta 2"
  • Repairs his track selector after blowing it up in frustration during a recent Mindcrack at Dusk.
  • Talks about Bayonetta 2 and the slight controversy surrounding it's Wii U exclusiveness.
  • Gives updates on the house that he plans on moving into.
  • Random Opinion: "Honey Barbecue Slim-Jim does not taste as good as I would imagine."
16 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/16/12 - TourLand"
  • Takes an in-depth tour of Guudeland.
  • Teases about something called; "MC Gamer 2.0" taking effect in early October.
  • Random Opinion: "Black pens are better than blue pens... Other colored pens, we don't even need to talk about."
17 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/17/12 - Science Overload!"
  • Does some redstoning to fix his track selector.
  • Discusses his reasons for not going to MineCon 2012.
  • Talks about The Legend of Zelda's Timeline and why he doesn't want to discuss it during Mindcrack.
  • Random Opinion: "The hardest thing to wait for is a phone call."
18 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/18/12 - Throne of Pirates"
  • Tests out his new and improved track selector and goes to the 1.3 cabin.
  • Goes caving at the 1.3 cabin.
  • Talks about piracy and his stance on it.
  • Discusses The Game of Thrones and his difficulties in trying to watch it.
  • Random Opinion: "When you're waiting for a call, doing anything other than sitting in front of the phone staring at it is the scariest moment ever because that phone can ring at any time and if you're not there, your entire day is ruined."
19 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/19/12 - MoMinecon!"
  • Starts building some weird platform out in the ocean by his 1.3 cabin.
  • Briefly talks about Star Wars.
  • Discusses MineCon 2012.
  • Random Opinion: "Holy gosh, phone! Why won't you ring?!"
20 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/20/12 - End Game"
  • Gathers some Glowstone in the Nether.
  • Talks about what he would want in the final update in Minecraft if Mojang decided to stop updating it.
  • Random Opinion: "Boomerangs is cool."
21 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : 9/21/12 - Season 2 Finale"
  • Last episode of Season 2.
  • Last episode to use the term "Bits & Bobs."
  • Creates some weird Glowstone contraptions at his 1.3 cabin to replace the Torches outside.
  • Discusses traveling and where he would go if he could go anywhere he wanted.
  • Random Opinion: "My audience rocks! :D"
22 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : What IS a Gamer?! - 9/22/12"
  • First episode of Season 3.
  • First ever "Storage Saturday."
  • First episode to include "Around the Server."
  • First episode to use the term; "Topic of the Day."
  • Puts some Half-Slabs over his Nether rail to the 1.3 cabin to prevent Zombie Pigmen from trolling.
  • Talks about what defines a gamer.
  • Random Opinion: "Clicky pens are better than slidey pens, by a long shot."
23 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Are Games Art? - 9/23/12"
  • Despite it being Sunday, MC goes mining for the first "Mining Monday."
  • Discusses if video games are considered art.
  • Random Opinion: "I find that people who insult the people who say 'First!' are just as bad as the people who comment 'First.'"
24 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Violence in Games - 9/24/12 (BONUS ROUND!)"
  • Goes mining at the 1.3 cabin for the actual "Mining Monday."
  • Talks about video games and their social impact.
  • Discusses violence in video games.
  • Random Opinion: "Beds are too soft. When you get up in the morning, they're so comfy that you don't want to get up."
  • First Good Morning Mindcrack episode to be merged with Bonus Round.
  • Continues to mine during the Bonus Round.
  • Sails off to find new chunks.
  • Finds a big island and considers building there.
25 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Death by Zisteau! - 9/25/12"
  • Goes to Zisteau's lens for the first ever "Tour Tuesday."
  • Dies.
  • Makes his way back to continue the tour.
  • Talks about different languages.
  • Random Opinion: "I love the new Minecraft sounds. Especially the new Minecart sound, it makes those long trips ever so more satisfying.
26 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Talking Love - 9/26/12"
  • Makes another Nether rail to his new 1.3 home for the first "Work Wednesday."
  • Last episode to include the prompts such as "Topic of the Day," "Around the Server," etc.
  • Discusses romance and his former girlfriend.
  • Talks very briefly about pre-marital sex.
  • Talks about the iPhone 5.
  • Discusses the possibility of creating a true Mindcrack Let's Play and make Good Morning Mindcrack a weekly show.
  • Random Opinion: "You should eat before you record anything, otherwise you might burn yourself. :
27 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Screw the Thought Control! - 9/27/12"
  • Performs a "Mini-Prank" in which he leaves several different colored Wool for AnderZEL for the first "Trickery Thursday."
  • First episode to have the new structure of the show in which he is less organised and does the Random Opinion in the middle of the episode.
  • Talks about YouTube comments and how they tend to psych him out from time to time.
  • Discusses his opinion on other Vanilla, white-listed Minecraft servers like Mindcrack.
  • Random Opinion: "The best things happen without planning."
28 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Go Carts Go! - 9/28/12"
  • Puts down Redstone Torches on his Nether rail while talking with The_Silver for the first "Friend Friday."
  • Sends all of his things from the 1.3 cabin to his new 1.3 home.
  • Talks about the use of emulators.
  • Random Opinion: "Josh Woodward really needs a TV Tropes page." (Silver)
29 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : New New Home - 9/29/12"
  • Begins working on his new new 1.3 home for the last "Storage Saturday."
  • Talks about Toaster Stroodles.
  • Random Opinion: "The erasers on dry erase markers suck, bad craftsmanship!"
30 Sep 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : The Science of Awesome - 9/30/12"
  • Creates a doorbell type device at the entrance to the Underwater Palace for the first "Science Sunday."
  • Talks about his recent prank on the Mindcrack community.
  • Random Opinion: "Pokémon need to be in 3D. I think I said this already, but whatever."
1 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : The Jitters - 10/1/12"
  • Starts a mineshaft for "Mining Monday."
  • Talks about the future of gaming
  • Random Opinion: "Remember when I said calendars were stupid? I take it back. Calendars are a perfect way to display awesome images."
1 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Castle Beef Tour - 10/2/12"
  • Goes to VintageBeef's castle for "Tour Tuesday."
  • Talks about guns in the United States and hunting.
  • Random Opinion: "Once you go to HD you can't go back to standard definition, you just can't."
3 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Friendly - 10/3/12"
  • Expands his new mountainside home for "Work Wednesday."
  • Talks about family friendliness and swearing.
  • Takes the Nether rail to Woolopolis to end the episode.
  • Random Opinion: "Generic brands are way too generic."
4 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Stringing DocM - 10/4/12"
  • Preforms a similar prank to Pause's "The Thread" on Docm77 for "Trickery Thursday."
  • Talks about Bloat-ware.
  • Random Opinion: "Beds should auto-make themselves. I'm sure we have the technology to put blankets on a track or something."
5 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Shree's Slave - 10/5/12"
  • Chops down trees for ShreeyamGFX at his Underwater base for "Friend Friday."
  • Talks about colleges and universities.
  • Random Opinion: "Pancakes with injected nuttela are the best." (Shree)
6 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : The Sweat Shop - 10/6/12 (Bonus Round!)"
  • Constructs a room in the Nether Hub as sort of a prelude to "Service Saturday."
  • Talks about different dimensions in Minecraft.
  • Random Opinion: "The stand for the Wii sensor bar is a piece of crap. It comes with tape, but the tape wears off so fast and it's not re-stickable. It's pretty ridiculous."
  • Takes GenerikB's Nether rail in search of Nether Brick in the Bonus Round.
  • Finishes the Service station.
  • Longest episode of Good Morning Mindcrack to date.
7 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Light The Way - 10/7/12"
  • Hooks up some Redstone Lamps to his Nether rail for "Science Sunday."
  • Talks about what period in time he thinks he should have been born in.
  • Random Opinion: "When I see chat Moderators in Twitch streams that overshadow the chat, it makes me really not want to watch the stream anymore."
8 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Mining for Life - 10/8/12"
  • Shows off some changes to his 1.3 mountain home and then goes mining underneath it for "Mining Monday."
  • Talks about what he would do if he couldn't make money off YouTube anymore.
  • Discusses donations and his chip-in link.
  • Random Opinion: "Diet Pepsi ain't too bad. It's a lot more decent in comparison to Diet Coke."
9 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Touring Pause - 10/9/12"
  • Visits Pause's Zombie Fortress for "Tour Tuesday."
  • Stumbles upon his desert village in the middle of nowhere.
  • Random Opinion: "eBay auctions are a double-edged sword. Sometimes you're really glad when you're winning the bid and then you realize that you don't want to spend that much money."
10 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Floor 2 - 10/10/12"
  • Creates a second floor in his 1.3 home for "Work Wednesday."
  • Talks about all the Zelda related things he's been buying lately.
  • Random Opinion: "Zeldathon season is almost upon us. And that's a good thing."
12 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Millbeeful - 10/12/12"
  • Works on the hallway to his Donation Hall of Awesomeness with Millbee for "Friend Friday."
  • Discusses Pokémon and 'Pokémon snobs.'
  • Random Opinion: "There are not enough gophers in this world." (Millbee)
13 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Dazed and Confused - 10/13/12"
  • Delivers a Carrot to Nebris for the first "Service Saturday."
  • Heads to Shree's underwater base to gather Jungle Wood for GenerikB.
  • Talks about villains in video games.
  • Random Opinion: "Nintendo systems are the most durable video game systems I have ever seen."
14 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Good Science! - 10/14/12"
  • Builds a Melon farm at his 1.3 mountain base for "Science Sunday."
  • Wraps up his thoughts on villains from the last episode.
  • Random Opinion: "I think white lights are so much better than yellow lights."
15 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Game Collecting - 10/15/12"
  • Goes branch mining underneath his 1.3 mountain base for "Mining Monday."
  • Talks about collecting video games.
  • Random Opinions: "Cats sleeping are too cute to bother." & "Sleeping on a chair for eight hours does not do good for your health."
16 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : AvidyaTour - 10/16/12"
  • Takes a tour of Avidya's base for "Tour Tuesday."
  • 'Death Warps' home and spruces up his mountainside base.
  • Mentions a commenter who said that he was greedy for accepting donations rather than donate to charity and shares his thoughts on the matter.
  • Random Opinion: "You always need more suits. I want to get more suits. I want to wear suits all day."
17 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : PanDuh Problems - 10/17/12"
  • Enchants a Diamond Shovel and works on the entrance to his mountainside base for "Work Wednesday."
  • Talks about board games.
  • Random Opinion: "Nothing is better than cold, clean water."
18 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Pyro Trickery! - 10/18/12"
  • Places Laddars and Wooden Buttons all across Pyrao's base for "Trickery Thursday."
  • Shows off his new 'Shovel' that he made.
  • Shows the new improvements to his mountainside base.
  • Talks about the poll that was given to his veiwers a few days before.
  • Random Opinion: "Sandals are icky."
19 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Nerdfighteria! - 10/19/12"
  • Extends his Melon farm with pkmnnerdfighter for "Friend Friday."
  • Talks about 'Nerd Fighters' and tablet computers.
  • Random Opinion: "The rudest thing you can ask someone who's engrossed in a book is; 'What are you reading?'" (PKMN)
20 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Wool for Millbee - 10/20/12"
  • Gathers White and Light Grey Wool at Nebris' place to deliver to Millbee for "Service Saturday."
  • Takes some Jungle Saplings from Shree to farm for Jungle Wood to deliver to GenerikB.
  • Talks about overrated and underrated video games.
  • Random Opinion: "Almonds and milk chocolate... Approved."
21 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Repeater Heaven - 10/21/12"
  • Cleans up the giant G left by Guude at the ruins of his 1.3 island home.
  • Works on his Nether rail system for "Science Sunday."
  • Shows off the new changes to his mountainside base.
  • Random Opinion: "I don't like cinnamon gum. Big Red? Mm-mm. Stride-Cinnamon-Whatever? Mm-mm, nope. Cinnamon gum; not my thing."
22 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : All the Emeralds - 10/22/12"
  • Goes caving in an Abandoned Mineshaft underneath his mountainside base for "Mining Monday."
  • Realizes he forgot Torches and heads back to make some.
  • Returns, Torches in hand, and explores the Mineshaft.
  • Talks about his failed attempts at house hunting.
  • Random Opinion: "A password isn't good unless it's longer than sixteen characters."
23 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : GenerikTour - 10/23/12"
  • Checks out GenerikB's place for "Tour Tuesday."
  • Death Warps home and recovers his Sword that he dropped on his Nether rail.
  • Suggest a Let's Play of Darksiders.
  • Random Opinion: "The 'Do Not Eat' packets that you find in, like, beef jerky and other such foods; they don't taste good. Nope."
24 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Charity Time Again - 10/24/12"
  • Places Nether Bricks and Sandstone in the second floor of his donation room for "Work Wednesday."
  • Talks about Zeldathon and how it will affect his schedule.
  • Random Opinion: "Computers are way too noisy."
25 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Tricking Avidya - 10/25/12"
  • Places Cobblestone Walls all over Avidya's base for "Trickery Thursday."
  • Talks about how he first met Avidya and the server they used to be on together.
  • Random Opinion: "No work, and all play makes MC an unfulfilled boy."
26 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Th' New Visitor - 10/26/12"
  • Expands on his Cow farm with Pakratt0013 for "Friend Friday."
  • Talks about Pakratt's 'Terrafirmacraft' PvP series.
  • Random Opinion: "When pigs fly, don't forget to duck." (Pakratt)
27 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Lost in Baj Land - 10/27/12"
  • Delivers Rails and Powered Rails to Avidya for "Service Saturday."
  • Gets lost in Baj's Nether rail system.
  • Gets confused by his Sheep farm.
  • Talks about gaming and video views.
  • Random Opinion: "Pakratt's opinion wasn't an opinion in my opinion."
28 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Piston Problems - 10/28/12"
  • A teaser for his new Mindcrack series starting later that day.
  • Random Opinion: ".............."
29 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Looking Up - 10/29/12"
  • Branch mines under his mountainside base for "Mining Monday."
  • Explains the previous episode and his new series.
  • Talks about BlameTC's addition to the server and how the community is reacting to him.
  • Discusses the progress he has made on buying his own house.
  • Random Opinion: "People aren't good at receiving surprises. It surprises me how bad people are at receiving surprises."
30 Oct 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : EthoTour - 10/30/12"
  • Checks out Etho's Jungle base for "Tour Tuesday."
  • Death Warps home and briefly talks about "Huprah!", his reoccurring sound that he makes.
  • Random Opinion: "Little Ceasar's Pizza is the best pizza. The sauce, man. The sauce!"
8 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Tricking Mhykol - 11/8/12"
  • Places Coal Ore all over Mhykol's lighthouse for "Trickery Thursday."
  • Death Warps home and tries to put up some donations but is disconnected from the server.
  • Talks about his new house that he had just moved into.
  • Random Opinion: "Dressers are way too heavy. They really need to start figuring out a way to make dressers out of a lighter wood that looks just as nice."
9 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Zeldathon Memories - 11/9/12"
  • Goes caving under his mountainside base with 1862011 for "Friend Friday."
  • Upon running out of Torches, he digs to the surface and finds two Mooshroom Islands, much to his surprise.
  • Discusses their favorite Zeldathon memories.
  • Random Opinion: "Smelling like the backside of a locomotive is not fun." "Don't Google that!" (Mike)
10 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : A Bit of Guudeland - 11/10/12"
  • Redesigns his Service Station for "Service Saturday."
  • Goes to Guudeland and checks out the new attractions.
  • Talks about Cyber Bullying.
  • Random Opinion: "Cooking is fun, but it's messy and if you're bad at it; you don't want to taste the results."
11 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Taco Night - 11/11/12"
  • Repairs a Diamond Pickaxe at the Ender Ender, then blows up a part of the mountain for "Science Sunday."
  • Talks about his new roommates interrupting his recordings.
  • Gets distracted when said roommates begin eating tacos.
  • Random Opinion: "The smell of tacos cooking is really enticing."
12 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Consider Our Options - 11/12/12"
  • Goes mining underneath his mountainside base for "Mining Monday."
  • Finds a cave and explores it for a while.
  • Discusses weather or not to kill the B-Team for Lapis.
  • Talks about useless items in video games.
  • Random Opinion: "Creepers are the worst mob in Minecraft."
13 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : PyroTour - 11/13/12"
  • Takes a tour of Pyrao's base for "Tour Tuesday."
  • Gets interrupted by Mike texting him.
  • Random Opinion: "A runny nose is honestly one of the most annoying thing your body can do."
14 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Work Maniac! - 11/14/12"
  • Destroys a hill to provide a sun roof in the storage area for "Work Wednesday."
  • Discusses collaborations and adjusting to the partner's schedules.
  • Talks about having to cook for himself and conserving money.
  • Random Opinion: "This! Mojang! When you have Fire Spread off, this has to go." (Referring to the stationary Fire from lightning strikes.)
15 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Tricking Adlington! - 11/15/12"
  • Places Stone Brick Slabs all over Adlington's ceiling for "Trickery Thursday."
  • Talks about hoagies and Harry Potter.
  • Random Opinion: "'Feed The Beast' is something special inside the Minecraft modding community. I was not interested in modding Minecraft at all until I started to see 'Feed The Beast' in action and I am really enjoying it."
16 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Put Down the Phone! - 11/16/12"
  • Places Glass as a sun roof with his friend PurpleSteph for "Friend Friday."
  • Talks about cell phones and double-crossing the B-Team.
  • Random Opinion: "Tap water is just as good as expensive water in plastic bottles." (Steph)
17 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Paying Etho! - 11/17/12"
  • Delivers 96 Diamonds to Etho for "Service Saturday."
  • Checks out Guude's Pig Jousting Arena afterwards.
  • Talks about 'Feed the Beast.'
  • Random Opinion: "Diamonds aren't that rare."
19 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Wii U Expectations - 11/19/12"
  • Goes strip mining at his mountainside base for "Mining Monday."
  • Finds a Skeleton Spawner after a lot of mining.
  • Talks about his expectations for the Wii U.
  • Random Opinion: "The Wii U does look amazing. I'm really excited."
20 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Touring Guude's NEW Place! - 11/20/12"
  • Takes a look at Guude's 1.3 base for "Tour Tuesday."
  • Discusses what he thought of the Wii U after playing it the day before.
  • Random Opinion: "The Wii U is amazing."
21 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Stairway to Village! - 11/21/12"
  • Tests Gravel, used in an upcoming prank for "Work Wednesday."
  • Works on a spiral staircase leading from his mountainside base, to the newly created village below.
  • Tells a story from when he was baby MC.
  • Talks about the Zelda Timeline.
  • Random Opinion: "2% milk is the best milk."
22 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Tricking Etho! - 11/22/12"
  • Leaves a giant smiley face at Etho's underground fortress for "Trickery Thursday.".
  • Talks about opening a T-Shirt store.
  • Random Opinion: "Salad is alright... with bacon, dressing, chicken, occasionally apple slices; especially if you have a dinner roll on the side. Perhaps a good, meaty meal beside it. Maybe just a whole steak... Salad's alright."
23 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Friendless?! - 11/23/12"
  • Works on the sky light with a very sick Alex (RandomRice) for "Friend Friday."
  • Talks about Thanksgiving.
  • Random Opinion: "I think cranberry sauce is disgusting." (Alex)
24 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Baj Gets Clay! - 11/24/12"
  • Gets lost trying to deliver Clay to Baj for "Service Saturday."
  • Random Opinion: "Cherry Cola is worse than regular Cola."
25 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Mindcrack PANEL?! - 11/25/12"
  • Works on the third floor of his donation room for the last "Science Sunday," on the vanilla server.
  • Talks about the Mindcrack panel at MineCon 2012.
  • Discusses swearing in videos and the primary demographic of Mindcrack.
  • Random Opinion: "I love this server. <3"
26 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Zerduathern! - 11/26/12"
  • Strip mines at the mountainside base for "Mining Monday."
  • Talks about getting a P.O. Box.
  • Discusses Zeldathon.
  • Random Opinion: "Jelly beans are not good."
27 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : AvidyaTour 2.0 - 11/27/12"
  • Takes a look at Avidya's 'Isle of Tranquility' as he puts it for "Tour Tuesday."
  • Talks about donations.
  • Random Opinion: "Zelda's Adventure on the CDi is not good, but not terrible."
28 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : The Life of Mindcrack - 11/28/12"
  • Finishes his sky light for "Work Wednesday."
  • Makes a Sugar Cane farm in his mountainside base.
  • Talks about collaborations, Mindcrack as a whole, Feed The Beast, The Legend of Zelda, and "boring" video.
  • Random Opinion: "They were correct in the Mindcrack panel, we need more underwater mobs."
29 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Tricking BDoubleO! - 11/29/12"
  • Places a Cobblestone box around BdoublO's Beacon and fills it with water for "Trickery Thursday."
  • Random Opinion: "Waking up after Noon is the best time to wake up."
30 Nov 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Isn't that weird!? - 11/30/12"
  • Works on the third floor of his donation hall with Wilco from the FunForFreedom server for "Friend Friday."
  • Heards Sheep back to his base.
  • Talks about school and jobs.
  • Random Opinion: "A blue sky is better than a green sky." (Wilco)
1 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : NEW NEW NEW - 12/1/12"
  • Hangs up banners advertising his Lapis Exchange for "Service Saturday."
  • Random Opinion: "A desktop that's more than three icons is disgusting and needs to be cleaned up."
2 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Mooshrooms Forever - 12/2/12"
  • Builds a bridge from the Mushroom Island and leads Mooshrooms to his mountainside base for "Sunday."
  • Finds his lost Wolf, Jerry along the way.
  • Talks about make happened to "Science Sunday" and the upcoming T-Shirt shop.
  • Random Opinion: "Pay Day is fun until Rent Day."
3 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Dirt - 12/3/12"
  • Strip mines at his mountainside base for "Mining Monday."
  • Discusses a new Let's Play series since his Ocarina of Time LP had recently ended.
  • Random Opinion: "Too much cereal can be a bad thing."
5 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Crazy Man - 12/5/12"
  • Works on his staircase for "Work Wednesday."
  • Discovers Baj's... odd form of payment for the Clay he had delivered.
  • Goes to the Nether in hopes of obtaining Glowy Rock but instead, gets bombarded by a Blaze spawner.
  • Talks about being sick.
  • Random Opinion: "Opinions are hard to formulate when you are sick."
7 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Choco - 12/7/12"
  • Caves out another village hut with his Zeldathon buddy ChocoPoptartFTW for "Friend Friday."
  • Talks about being sick again and going to Japan.
  • Random Opinion: "Hamburgers are not as tasty as hot dogs." (Choco)
8 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : New YouTube Thoughts! - 12/8/12"
  • Works on the third floor of the Nether Hub for "Service Saturday."
  • talks about the new YouTube layout.
  • Random Opinion: "The Common Cold is too common."
10 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Counterproductive - 12/10/12"
  • Goes caving and strip mining for "Mining Monday."
  • Talks about still being sick and counter productivity.
  • Random Opinion: "Red plastic cups are more useful than just drunk college parties."
11 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Pause Tour... 2? - 12/11/12"
  • Takes an impromptu tour of Pause's Deku Tree for "Tour Tuesday."
  • Random Opinion: "Twilight Princess has very excellent dungeons."
12 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Stalking PaulSoaresJr! - 12/12/12"
  • Stalks Paulsoaresjr and Guude as they take a tour of the spawn town and Nether Hub for "Work Wednesday."
  • Talks about a possible Zelda build on the server.
  • Random Opinion: "Paulsoaresjr is a good addition to the Mindcrack server."
Guude, paulsoaresjr
13 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : NEW Fireworks with Darkphan! - 12/14/12"
  • Tries out the new Fireworks in Minecraft with darkphan for "Friend Friday."
  • Talks about holiday plans.
  • Random Opinion: "Vacations days are awesome." (Darkphan)
13 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Avidya gets OWNED! - 12/13/12"
  • Hides Avidya's Iron underwater for "Trickery Thursday."
  • Talks about Feed the Beast.
  • Random Opinion: "Febreze is far better than Glade."
15 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Marketing Strategy - 12/15/12"
  • Goes to the Underwater Palace and gathers Wool for a carpet in the Lapis Exchange for "Service Saturday."
  • Talks about the Orange Wool live stream happening later that day.
  • Random Opinion: "Endermen aren't really that scary of enemies."
17 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Creeper Army! - 12/17/12"
  • Goes caving for "Mining Monday."
  • Talks about some interesting finds at a local thrift store.
  • Random Opinion: "The five dollar bill is probably the best money amount."
18 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : BajTour! - 12/18/12"
  • Takes a look at Baj's ravine village for "Tour Tuesday.".
  • Random Opinion: "There are way too many video games released at this point, we don't have enough time to play them all. We just need to have, like, a year off just so we can catch up."
19 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Epic Enchants? - 12/19/12"
  • Goes to the Ender Ender to enchant Diamond equipment for "Work Wednesday."
  • Discovers his relocated Nether rail.
  • Talks about Zeldathon.
  • Random Opinion: "The Nintendo DS Lite is the best version of the DS. (Besides the 3DS.)"
20 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Trees for Docm! - 12/20/12"
  • Last episode of Season 3.
  • Places Jungle Trees all over Docm's jungle base for "Trickery Thursday."
  • Talks about Zeldathon, (again.) Doctor Who, and Good Morning Mindcrack: Season 4.
  • Random Opinion: "Carpet is better than hard-wood floor.
21 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Taso - 12/21/12"
  • First episode of Season 4.
  • Begins working on a tree farm with TasogareKen for "Friend Friday."
  • Talks about the Mother (EarthBound) series.
  • Random Opinion: "Reese's cups are pretty great." (Taso)
22 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : PaulSoaresHouseJr - 12/22/12"
  • Delivers two Diamonds to Jsano for "Service Saturday."
  • Stops by PaulSoares' Hobbit hole to be more of a stalker.
  • Talks about his upcoming Walk-athon during the week of Zeldathon.
  • Random Opinion: "I think Christmas lights are more dangerous than they actually are."
23 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Store Jacked - 12/23/12"
  • Gets surprised to find his Lapis Exchange relocated .
  • Leaves a present at the Spawn Village for whoever finds it first on Christmas.
  • Random Opinion: "The jelly gel type deodorant is far better than the white stick type of deodorant, hate that stuff."
24 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Minecraft Movie Review - 12/24/12"
  • In this episode of "Mining Monday," MC goes, wait for it... MINING! :O
  • Gets called by his aunt.
  • Talks about "The Story of Mojang," a Minecraft documentary.
  • Random Opinion: "Wii U video chat is just a teeny bit creepy."
25 Dec 2012 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Happy Holidays - 12/25/12"
  • Last episode of Good Morning Mindcrack of 2012.
  • Opens presents at the spawn village.
  • Random Opinion: "You guys are the best fans ever!"
3 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : A Whole New Year - 1/3/13"
  • First episode of Good Morning Mindcrack of 2013.
  • Works on the roof and stairwell of his tree farm.
  • Talks about his experiences during Zeldathon.
  • Random Opinion: "Painted fingernails are pretty, even on guys."
4 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : A Long Long Time Ago - 1/4/13"
  • Gathers Spruce Wood with lucariMew, a FunForFreedom moderator, for the last "Friend Friday."
  • Talks about how magnets work and trying to not die.
  • Random Opinion: "Oreos are delicious" (lucari)
5 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Zistonian Advertising Techniques - 1/5/13"
  • Places an advertisement as Zisteau's Lens for his Lapis Exchange for "Service Saturday."
  • Talks about the upcoming "Redstone Update" for Minecraft and B-Team shenanigans.
  • Random Opinion: "Sad people make me sad. We need more happiness, I like happiness. :3"
6 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Dat Swede - 1/6/13"
  • Works on the wall design of the tree farm with Silver for the first "Swede Sunday."
  • Talks about his next Nintendo Let's Play.
  • Random Opinion: "Knowing yourself well is a blessing and a curse." (Silver)
7 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Docm Teaches Me Good - 1/7/13"
  • Goes to Doc's place to check out a duplication glitch and his automated Chicken farm.
  • Random Opinion: "Pistachios are too good for being such a hard nut to open."
8 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : The Viking's Domain - 1/8/13"
  • Wanders around AnderZEL's village for "Tour Tuesday."
  • Enchants a Diamond Pickaxe at the Ender Ender.
  • Talks about the MindCrack server being down recently.
  • Random Opinion: "Feed the Beast needs a WARNING tag attached to it that should warn you that what you're about to get yourself into is going to take a lot of time to learn before you have fun."
9 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Boing? - 1/9/13"
  • Works on the Donation Hall and the walls of the tree farm for "Work Wednesday."
  • Talks about some trouble with his roommates and the return of MC vs. Silver.
  • Random Opinion: Teaser for his Mother 3 Let's Play.
10 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Trick Gone Wrong - 1/10/13"
  • Leaves Signs all over Millbee's base to lead him on a wild goose chase for a White Wool block for "Trickery Thursday."
  • Gets killed by a Skeleton and desides that he had done enough and works on the tree farm walls.
  • Talks about his Mother 3 Let's Play coming out the next day.
  • Random Opinion: "The Wii Classic Controller Pro is not as good as the original Wii Classic Controller."
11 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Crazy Wacky - 1/11/13"
  • Works on the main staircase and the tree farm walls.
  • Talks about going to the post office.
  • Random Opinion: "This face: :3 and this face: ^_^ are the best smiley faces."
12 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Pyro? Where's the Lapis!? - 1/12/13"
  • Opens his Christmas present from Pyrao and tries to advertises the Lapis Exchange at his base for the last "Service Saturday."
  • Talks about Designers' Lament.
  • Random Opinion: "I like acoustic guitars better than electric guitars."
13 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Dr. Who? Dr. Swede! - 1/13/13"
  • Gathers different colored Wool at the Underwater Palace for "Swede Sunday."
  • Talks about Doctor Who and late Christmas presents from his mother.
  • Random Opinion: "The 3DS XL is far more superior to the normal 3DS in terms of what it can do, the screen size, and the colors." (Silver)
14 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Discussion & Mining - 1/14/13"
  • Finds a Skeleton spawner for "Mining Monday."
  • Talks about things to talk about, speed-running, livestreaming, and the "Girl's Night" MC IRL video.
  • Random Opinion: "Simplistic styles for website designs are nice."
15 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Beef's Jungle Village Tour - 1/15/13"
  • Takes a long awaited tour of VintageBeef's jungle village for "Tour Tuesday."
  • Random Opinion: "Doctor Who is my new favorite television show."
16 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Quartz Failure - 1/16/13"
  • Tries to find Nether Quartz for "Work Wednesday."
  • Talks about Nintendo and Bronies.
  • Random Opinion: "Fruit pop-tarts are better than the chocolate pop-tarts."
17 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Tricking Mhykol - 1/17/13"
  • Holds Mhykol's Melon Pants Army hostage for the last "Trickery Thursday."
  • Talks about his old skits and why he stopped making them.
  • Random Opinion: "JSano's Nether rail design is the best."
18 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Follower Friday?! - 1/18/13"
  • Works on the main staircase for the first, last, and only "Follower Friday."
  • Answers questions from Twitter.
  • Random Opinion: "UPS is better than FedEx."
19 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Cave of Spookiness! - 1/19/13"
  • Due to the Lapis Exchange having terrible business lately, MC goes on a caving expedition for the first, last, and only "Salami Saturday."
  • Talks about running a charity marathon and his new channel; SuperMCPhone.
  • Random Opinion: "All liquid containers should have some sort of handle on them, I'm tired of spilling things on me because they're too heavy and I can't hold them properly."
20 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Pyro Strikes BACK! - 1/20/13"
  • Cleans up Pyrao's Ladders and Wooden Buttons left at his mountainside base for the last "Swede Sunday."
  • Talks about the best stories in video games, the best concepts in video games, the best executed concept in a video game, and what he would do if playing Zelda games was illegal.
  • Random Opinion: "I think that the Random Opinions of this show should be a little bit more random." (Silver) "Chocolate is better than vanilla." (MC)
21 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : The Mod API? - 1/21/13"
  • Goes mining and caving for the last "Mining Monday."
  • Talks about the Mod API in Minecraft and his new channel SuperMCPhone.
  • Random Opinion: "Generic doesn't mean bad, but 58% of the time, it is bad."
22 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : PaulSoares Gets a Tour Job - 1/22/13"
  • Checks out paulsoaresjr's village and spawn house for the last "Tour Tuesday."
  • Talks about how Melons are better than Beef.
  • Random Opinion: "I think that the best electronics companies are currently HTC and LNG."
23 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Tearing Down the Walls - 1/23/13"
  • Adds walls to his mountainside base's Wheat farm and molds a second floor for the last "Work Wednesday," and the last episode of Good Morning Mindcrack to have specialized days of the week.
  • Talks about his pet peeves.
  • Random Opinion: "Down tempo music is absolutely fantastic, give it a Google, that is some good music that you may not have heard of."
24 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : BOOYAH - 1/24/13"
  • Re-thinks having each day specialized on something.
  • Talks a lot about making videos.
  • Works on leveling the ground of the Forsaken Fortress.
  • Heads back to the mountainside base to find his Pistons are bugging out.
  • Random Opinion: "It is hardest to lie to yourself."
25 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Get On My Level - 1/25/13"
  • Fixes the bugged out Pistons from the previous episode.
  • Works on carving out the future Mooshroom farm.
  • Talks about the announcement of The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD for the Wii U.
  • Random Opinion: "Ham is better than sausage on a pizza."
26 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Phone Wars! - 1/26/13"
  • Enchants a Diamond Pickaxe and a Diamond Chestplate at the Ender Ender.
  • Talks about different phones and his sleep schedule.
  • Random Opinion: "Super Mario World is better than 93% of games today."
27 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Quiet Guys! - 1/27/13"
  • Cleans up the water around the Forsaken Fortress.
  • Talks about Speed-Running.
  • Random Opinion: "Vampires are better than ware-wolves, which are better than ghosts."
28 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Take THAT Zisteau! - 1/28/13"
  • Leaves a message at Zisteau's Lens stating that "Melons Rule!" written in Melons.
  • Talks about the Speed-Running community.
  • Random Opinion: "Hot cocoa - when you make it - it's too hot, way too hot, it needs to be less hot.
29 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : I Enjoy Chicken - 1/29/13"
  • Works on an automated Chicken farm.
  • Talks about a possible new partnership.
  • Random Opinion: "Tax forms are scary."
30 Jan 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Community Nights? - 1/30/13"
  • Enchants a Diamond Pickaxe at the Ender Ender.
  • Cleans up the Mooshroom and Chicken pens.
  • Talks about possible community meet-ups in real life and in Minecraft.
  • Random Opinion: "Hyrule Historia is good."
  • First episode of Good Morning Mindcrack to have the new outro sequence.
1 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Regenerated - 2/1/13"
  • First episode of Good Morning Mindcrack with the new format including a new intro, varying video lengths, a new Random Opinion font, and no longer being a guaranteed daily show.
  • Chops down trees at the mountainside base.
  • Talks about these new changes.
  • Random Opinion: "Clear Kool-Aid is scary, I don't... I like my Kool-Aid being Kool-Aid colored, not water colored, that's... confusing and stupid."
2 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Bit Tripping - 2/2/13"
  • Works on his Mooshroom pen.
  • Talks about the new Bit.Trip game and Google Glass.
  • Random Opinion: "The best time to wake up is noon."
4 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : The New Jerrys - 2/4/13"
  • Collects Sand and finds two Wolves to bring home.
  • Talks about the new Android console.
  • Random Opinion: "Sleep is mean in the sense that you need it, but sometimes don't want it."
5 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : TURBO - 2/5/13"
  • Finishes the Mooshroom pen and moves all the Mooshrooms in.
  • Talks about the new Twitch TV Turbo function.
  • Random Opinion: "The Super Nintendo was a better system than the Nintendo 64 in terms of games released."
6 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : New YouTube... Again!? - 2/6/13"
  • Digs out an area in the mountainside base for a Sheep farm.
  • Talks about the upcoming new YouTube channel design.
  • Random Opinion: "Hoagies are better than pizza."
7 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : LP Timing? - 2/7/13"
  • Works some more on the Sheep farm.
  • Talks about the timing of Let's Plays.
  • Random Opinion: "Receipts use too much paper, and it feels like my entire desk is covered in receipts."
8 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Rayman For All?! - 2/8/13"
  • Works on improving the look of the Mooshroom pen, then farms for more Birch Wood.
  • Talks about Rayman Legends being delayed seven months so it could be released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.
  • Random Opinion: "String cheese is good, but it's really dry sometimes and I hate it."
9 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : The Pirate Bay - 2/9/13"
  • Works on the walls and floor of his Mooshroom and Chicken farms.
  • Talks about The Pirate Bay and his opinions on pirating.
  • Random Opinion: "New shirts, they have such a great feeling, like: 'Mmmm,' good."
11 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Basketball Robots - 2/11/13"
  • Collects Yellow, Black, and Grey Wool at Nebris' base for an upcoming prank.
  • Talks about a robot that was built in a Harvard classroom that can jump thirty times it's height.
  • Random Opinion: "The IRS is the silliest organization that I have worked with thus far. They have a lot of papers for such... things."
12 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Rayman Rage - 2/12/13"
  • Tears down his big staircase outside his mountainside base.
  • Talks about the seven month Rayman Legends delay.
  • Random Opinion: "Ubisoft is still a good game making company."
13 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Scramble Ramble - 2/13/13"
  • Works on rebuilding his Nether Portal room that burned down, due to Lava.
  • Talks about the newly announced Pokémon Scramble U and the Rayman Legends fiasco.
  • Random Opinion: "Cappuccino is good, but hot chocolate is better."
14 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : The State - 2/14/13"
  • Repairs Diamond equipment at the Ender Ender.
  • Talks about the state of his "MCPO" series and Twitch Turbo.
  • Random Opinion: "Plastic bags should come with handles."
15 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Direct - 2/15/13"
  • Goes caving around his mountainside base.
  • Talks about the Nintendo Direct video that was released about the "Year of Luigi" and other Nintendo games coming out in 2013.
  • Random Opinion: "One of the worst forms of filth inside the world is that light dust that you get on your monitors."
16 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Sneaky Hermit! - 2/16/13"
  • Races to the Nether Hub to trade Iron and Gold for Diamonds and Emeralds with BTC, only to be beat by GenerikB.
  • Random Opinion: "Space is cool."
18 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Pachter - 2/18/13"
  • Does some miscellaneous tasks around the mountainside base.
  • Talks about Michael Pachter and his predictions for Nintendo.
  • Random Opinion: "PlayStation Plus is totally worth it."
19 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : G4 - 2/19/13"
  • Collects Glowstone from the Nether.
  • Builds a doc outside his mountainside base.
  • Talks about the missed potential that G4 had as a gaming network.
  • Random Opinion: "Crappy pens are almost as bad as The Plague."
20 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Ubisoft Damage Control - 2/20/13"
  • Works on a pathway coming from the doc.
  • Talks about how Ubisoft is trying to cover their tracks about the whole Rayman Legends dilemma.
  • Random Opinion: "Juicy Fruit is a bad gum, I don't like it."
21 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Interviewed! - 2/21/13"
  • Works on the walls and ceiling of the Chicken farm.
  • Talks about his recent livestreams.
  • Random Opinion: "Lip balm is icky."
22 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : PlayStation 4 - 2/22/13"
  • Goes on an unsuccessful hunt for Nether Quartz.
  • Shares his opinions about the recently announced PlayStation 4.
  • Random Opinion: "Mild salsa is the best salsa and everything else is too hot."
24 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Mountain Home - 2/24/13"
  • Works on prettying up his mountainside base.
  • Talks about his Twitch livestreams.
  • Random Opinion: "The GameCube controller is the best controller ever created."
25 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Wall Cleanup - 2/25/13"
  • Pretties up his mountainside base even more!
  • Talks about his new "Temporary Podcast."
  • Random Opinion: "Re-heated pizza is about half as good as original pizza, not three fourths good, not a quarter good, about half as good."
26 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Temporary Talk - 2/26/13"
  • Fixes up his Ladders in the mountainside base.
  • Talks about his new "Temporary Podcast."
  • Random Opinion: "Stealth R Us is absolutely hilarious and I don't want it to go away."
27 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Icky Gooey - 2/27/13"
  • Goes mining and caving in search of Diamonds.
  • Talks about the new Google Chromebook Pixel.
  • Gets interrupted by Mike eating smelly cheese.
  • Random Opinion: "I think that Nether Quartz should be craft-able because if you're playing on an old world (like mine) it's really hard to find new chunks in the Nether."
28 Feb 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : PAX East HYPE - 2/28/13"
  • Works on the main staircase for the mountainside base.
  • Talks about PAX East and an idea for a MC Gamer meetup.
  • Random Opinion: "Vaporizers are cool, I want one, I want to go to there."
3 Mar 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Reed Hall - 3/3/13"
  • Works on expanding his Sugar Cane farm.
  • Talks about why there hasn't been many Good Morning Mindcrack videos recently.
  • Random Opinion: "Pandora Internet Radio is the best internet service I've used thus far. Even better than Netflix, and that's saying something."
4 Mar 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Spruce and Birch - 3/4/13"
  • Works on his Sugar Cane farm again.
  • Talks about the Temporary Podcast.
  • Random Opinion: "The best form of lighting in Minecraft is Torches. Screw Redstone Lamps, screw Glowstone, screw Pumpkins, screw everything. This is the best form of lighting ever, it's so pretty."
5 Mar 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Endermang Talkz - 3/5/13"
  • Enchants Diamond equipment at the Ender Ender.
  • Talks about a strange time at the laundromat, wanting to start bowling, and World of Warcraft.
  • Random Opinion: "The Temporary Podcast is the best show I've ever done. I am really enjoying doing this show and it's very comedic and it's very informative and it's very good."
6 Mar 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Hunt For Diamonds - 3/6/13"
  • Goes caving for Diamonds to give to Etho.
  • Talks about Minecraft on other consoles and
  • Random Opinion: "One of the most disappointing things that you can have happen in your life is to receive a delivery pizza and it is wrong, they screwed up your order, and then you have to wait for them to bring you another one."
7 Mar 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Etho Delivery - 3/7/13"
  • Delivers Etho's Diamonds at his underground Jungle base.
  • Reaches the goal of a full Ender Chest filled with Lapis Lazuli Blocks.
  • #EthoIsCute
  • Random Opinion: "The ukulele is the best form of string-guitar-instruments."
8 Mar 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Jimmy Sprucewood and the Pines - 3/8/13"
  • Works on the Sugar Cane farm.
  • Talks about PAX East
  • Random Opinion: "The song Landslide is probably the song most likely to make you tear up."
9 Mar 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Sneaky Sheep - 3/9/13"
  • Finishes up the Sugar Cane farm.
  • Talks about doing more co-labs with the MindCrackers.
  • Random Opinion: "My favorite passive mob in Minecraft is the Chicken."
10 Mar 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Bring a Friend! - 3/10/13"
  • Celebrates Bring-Your-Friend-To-Good-Morning-Mindcrack-Day!
  • Works on miscellaneous tasks throughout the mountainside base.
  • Welcomes new viewers to the show.
  • Random Opinion: "Note cards are better than giant pieces of white paper."
12 Mar 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Live! - 3/12/13"
  • Second episode of Good Morning Mindcrack recorded live on TwitchTV.
  • Works on the main staircase.
  • Talks about World of Warcraft and being tall.
  • Random Opinion: "Siamese cats are the best kinds of cats."
  • Last episode of Good Morning Mindcrack before cancellation.

Good Morning Mindcrack - Season 2[edit]

This season takes place on the post 1.6 world after the series return from hiatus. The playlist for this series is "Good Morning Mindcrack".

Video Notable events Featuring
1 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Dawn - 9/1/13"
  • First episode of Good Morning Mindcrack since hiatus
  • Talking about "Game Burn-Out"
  • Chopping down trees around Dooceiopolis
2 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Ze Zombies! - 9/2/13"
  • Collecting stone for the Dooceiopolis wall
  • Talking about pre-order exclusive content in video games
3 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - New Biomes?! - 9/3/13"
  • Setting a parameter for the walls of Dooceiopolis
  • Talking about the upcoming terrain update for Minecraft
4 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - GET COBBLED - 9/4/13"
  • Working on the Dooceiopolis wall
  • Talking about the Nintendo 2DS
5 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - DinnerboneDiscussion - 9/5/13"
  • Continuing work on the Dooceiopolis wall
  • Talking about Dinnerbone and his involvement in recent Minecraft updates
6 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Xbox 180 - 9/6/13"
  • Working on the main entrance of Dooceiopolis
  • Talking about the Xbox One
7 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Indie Overload?! - 9/7/13"
  • Going over the progress of the first week
  • Talking about Indie developers
  • Random Opinion: "One of the most addicting foods is macaroni salad. Seriously, everyone go out to the store - get some macaroni salad - have a great time."
8 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - If I Was Dinnerbone - 9/8/13"
  • Chopping down trees
  • Talking about what he would do if he were in charge of Minecraft development
9 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Rayman Recap - 9/9/13"
  • Working on the new Ravioliogonni Villat
  • Talking about Rayman Legends
10 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - PC Master Race - 9/10/13"
  • Tearing down parts of the mountain
  • Talking about the "PC Master Race"
11 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Minecraft on Playstation!? - 9/11/13"
  • Working on the roof of the new Ravioliogonni Villat
  • Talking about Minecraft being ported to the Playstation
12 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Dat Lapis? - 9/12/13"
  • Working on the layout of the new Ravioliogonni Villat
  • Talking about changing existing features in Minecraft
13 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Gotta Go Fast - 9/13/13"
  • Working on a staircase leading to the new Ravioliogonni Villat
  • Talking about speedrunning new games
14 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Why Mindcrack is Cool - 9/14/13"
  • Organizing materials
  • Talking about Let's Play only Minecraft servers like MindCrack
16 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Minecraft Mobile - 9/16/13"
  • Tearing down the original wall around Dooceiopolis
  • Talking about Minecraft: Pocket Edition
17 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Mighty No. 9 - 9/17/13"
  • Escorting villagers into a breeding station
  • Talking about Mighty No. 9
  • Random Opinion: "Squids are too weary, this one here is the first I've seen in two weeks."
18 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Etho, This Isn't A Tree Farm - 9/18/13"
  • Working on the villager breeding station
  • Talking about using resource packs as a Let's Player
19 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Exclusive! - 9/19/13"
  • Digging up dirt
  • Talking about third-party exclusive titles
21 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Wake the Winds! - 9/21/13"
  • Tearing down his previous house in Dooceiopolis
  • Talking about The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD
23 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - The Newther Tunnel - 9/23/13"
  • Working on his Nether rail
  • Talking about Indie Humble Bundles
  • Random Opinion: "The postal service is one of the most fair-priced services out there."
24 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Sheepish - 9/24/13"
  • Working on a sheep farm
  • Talking about "mini-games" in Minecraft
25 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Emulators, Good or bad? - 9/25/13"
  • Digging up dirt
  • Talking about the rights and wrongs with emulators
  • Acknowledging the mysterious "NewMindcracker"
26 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - VIOLENCE - 9/26/13"
  • Mining
  • Talking about violence in video games
27 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Tunnel Walls - 9/27/13"
  • Working on the main hallway
30 Sep 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - The Red Tape - 9/30/13"
  • Placing "red tape" over the house built next to Dooceiopolis
  • Leaving a message for the owner
1 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Pokémon - 10/1/13"
  • Working on a living room in his house
  • Talking about Pokémon X and Y
2 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - NEW NEW NEW - 10/2/13"
  • Talking with NewMindcracker
  • Advertising the new Lapis Exchange 2.0
3 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack - Remakes - 10/3/13"
  • Working on the Nether rail
  • Talking about remaking video games
4 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : B-Team Realty - 10/4/13"
  • Negotiating with GenerikB
BdoubleO100, generikb
6 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Tough Game Man - 10/6/13"
  • Working on the embassy
  • Talking about the increasing difficulty in video games
10 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Game Marathons - 10/10/13"
  • Tearing down the mountain
  • Talking about Zeldathon
  • Random Opinion: "ValPak is the biggest waste of paper ever and I really hate it."
11 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Lapis NEW Exchange - 10/11/13"
  • Working on the new Lapis Exchange
12 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Build the Walls Higher! - 10/12/13"
  • Miscellaneous work
  • Talking about SteamOS and the new Steam controller
15 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Chit and Chat! - 10/15/13"
  • Digging dirt
  • Talking about MineCon
16 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : PYRO WAT IS THIS?! - 10/16/13"
  • Building a roof on the Lapis Exchange
  • Discovering Pyro's rival Lapis Exchange
18 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : Bridges of Deucison County - 10/18/13"
  • Working on roads of Dooceiopolis
  • Talking about the MindCrack Marathon and livestreaming
21 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : What a Weekend! - 10/21/13"
  • Working on roads
  • Talking about fund raising, livestreaming, and Twitter
23 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : First Diamond Enchanted Sword!! - 10/23/13"
  • Enchanting at the new Ender Ender
25 Oct 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : What the Nether! - 10/25/13"
  • Working on the Nether rail
  • Talking about Halloween
  • Random Opinion: "We need to invent a pillow that will wake you up for you"
9 Nov 2013 "Good Morning Mindcrack : BACK FROM MINECON! - 11/9/13"
  • Receiving a beacon from SethBling
  • Talking about his experiences at MineCon 2013


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