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Christmas is an annual event on the Mindcrack Server and has been celebrated since 2010.

Christmas 2010[edit]

The first Christmas was celebrated by Alcimedes, Guude, and madcow21. The three built and decorated a tree using spawned items. The entire tree was rigged with TNT and lava, and was exploded several times (using backups of the map) in the attempt to achieve the intended result. The materials that were spawned in were destroyed.[1]

Christmas 2011[edit]

VintageBeef and W92Baj built a large tree in the spawn village. It was decorated with additional ornaments provided by adlingtont.[2] Pakratt0013 added a train around the base and made snow golems to carpet the area in snow.[3] Arkas built a large Santa statue on a hill overlooking the tree. VintageBeef, Baj, and Pakratt0013 left presents for everyone under the tree, and asked that they record themselves opening it, if they made videos. Guude also left everyone a diamond block at their house.[4]

Christmas Gifts[edit]

*Etho and Mhykol didn't open their presents at spawn; so their gifts were relocated to their homes when the ornaments and wrappings were removed from the Christmas tree.

Christmas 2012[edit]

generikb added redstone lamps[7] to the previous years Christmas tree in spawn village, with W92Baj and VintageBeef redecorating the tree.[8] BlameTC built a second tree on his plot in town[9]. paulsoaresjr built a tree inviting users to pick any one of the presents on the tree. Many presents took advantage of the new feature that allows players to use an anvil to name any item in the game.

Christmas Gifts[edit]

Christmas 2013[edit]

AnderZEL built a Christmas tree next to the town hall and decorated it with redstone lights and coloured wools. generikb added donkeys and VintageBeef added chickens to the tree. paulsoaresjr also had separate presents on his own with quirky names embedded to every present.

Christmas Gifts[edit]

Christmas 2015[edit]

Secret Santa.png

To celebrate Christmas in 2015, 18 Mindcrackers exchanged gifts anonymously in the "Secret Santa" format.[12] The gift givers remained unnamed until 25 December,[13] which lead to the creation of a guessing competition held on /r/mindcrack.[14]

Chad mentioned during a livestream with Pause on 11 December that European residents were paired with other European residents, and North American residents with other North American residents.[15] Avidya revealed in his video that there was a $50 price limit on gifts, which had seemed to been ignored by some.[16] Seth linked a Straw Poll in the description of his video listing 19 possible gift givers.[17] Millbee, Nebris, SuperMCGamer, and Zisteau were not included in the poll; Sevadus and Vechs were included, but weren't participants in the Secret Santa. AnderZEL's gift did not arrive in time for him to open it before Christmas.[18]

The gift givers were revealed on 25 December in a video uploaded to the Mindcrack Network YouTube channel, entitled "Mindcrack Secret Santa: The Reveal!" . Aureylian, Docm, and Avidya had successfully guessed their Secret Santas during their videos. Docm's Santa, AnderZEL, was the most common correct guess in the subreddit guessing competition.[19] Chad's gift for Coe was highly commended for its rarity and ability to appeal to Coe's interest in retro video game consoles.

Giftee (gifter) Date
Video Gift(s)
Pakratt0013 (Guude) 7 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa day 1 - Pak" Nicholas D. Wolfwood (from the anime Trigun) action figure and satchel
Guude (VintageBeef) 8 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa Day 2 - Guude" Life-size cardboard cutout of Jeff Probst, host of Survivor
Aureylian (PauseUnpause) 9 Dec 2015 "A Merry MINDCRACK Christmas | Secret Santa Unboxing" Christmas-themed "ugly sweater" featuring a Star Wars stormtrooper
OMGchad (adlingtont) 10 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa Unboxing!" Cat slippers, and Hoverkraft board game
adlingtont (Pakratt0013) 11 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa Day 5 of 2015!" Iconic Doctor Who scarf worn by the Fourth Doctor (Tom Baker), and Doctor Who-themed Yahtzee set
JSano19 (kurtmac) 12 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa Day 6 - JSano19" LEGO fire truck (set 60002), post-wax cooling gel, and "got hose?" t-shirt
kurtmac (SethBling) 13 Dec 2015 "VLOG: Mindcrack Secret Santa Day 7 w/ KurtJMac (and Eva)" The Magic School Bus: The Secrets of Space
Docm77 (AnderZEL) 14 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa | Docm77" Various small items with Swedish design or moose theme, snus (chewing tobacco popular in Sweden), a variety of Swedish gummy candies and chocolate bars, among other things
Coestar (OMGchad) 15 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa!" Neo Geo AES console, with Neo Geo CD controller
Arkas (W92Baj) 16 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa!" Excess amounts of glitter, The Long-Distance Relationship Survival Guide, several fake moustaches, pair of googly eyes, knitted boob
Pyrao (Docm77) 17 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa 2015!" Wii Fit U
AvidyaZEN (Coestar) 18 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa Day 12 - AvidyaZEN" The Dude (from The Big Lebowski) Pop! vinyl figurine, plush Doom space marine, life-size cardboard cutout of former UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion Ronda Rousey
SethBling (Mhykol) 19 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa -- Day 13" Pet rock, Mario and Yoshi dolls
PauseUnpause (JSano19) 20 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa - Day 14" Verified Twitter t-shirt, electric roll-on wax kit
W92Baj (Pyrao) 21 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack secret santa gift opening - Dec 21st" Christmas-themed Star Wars t-shirt, Pikachu amiibo, Q4 H111 Nano Mini Quadcopter, Mario hat, box of tissues, £10 Amazon giftcard
Mhykol (Aureylian) 22 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa with Mhykol" Black circuit board-patterned scarf
VintageBeef (AvidyaZEN) 23 Dec 2015 "Mindcrack Secret Santa! (360 Video)" Model 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, model 1969 Chevrolet Camaro, $25 Chipotle giftcard
AnderZEL (Arkas) 29 Jan 2016 "Swed vlog S04 E02 Im Back! The FineBros Rant And Po Box!" Toilet-shaped coffee cup

Christmas 2016[edit]

Like the previous year, 16 Mindcrackers celebrated Christmas by exchanging gifts in the "Secret Santa" format. European residents were paired with other European residents, and North American residents with other North American residents.[20] The gift givers were revealed on 26 December in a video uploaded to the Mindcrack Network YouTube channel, entitled "Mindcrack Secret Santa 2016: The Reveal!" . Pyrao's and Docm77's gifts did not arrive before the reveal video was released.

Giftee (Gifter) Date
Video Gift(s)
adlingtont (Mhykol) 9 Dec 2016 "Mindcrack Secret Santa 2016" Sheriff of Nottingham board game
JSano19 (Pakratt0013) 10 Dec 2016 Detroit Lions t-shirt hidden inside a Green Bay Packers plush bear
Guude (kurtmac) 11 Dec 2016 "Mindcrack Secret Santa Day 3 - Guude" The Eat-A-Bug Cookbook by David George Gordon
W92Baj (AnderZEL) 12 Dec 2016 "Mindcrack Secret Santa 2016 - Day 4" Donald Trump mask, Justin Bieber mask, penis-shaped straws, "grow a poo", sex dice, balloons with German and Russian text, solar-powered disco gnome
PauseUnpause (adlingtont) 13 Dec 2016 "Mindcrack Secret Santa 2016 - Day 5" Zombie Fluxx card game, Zombie Dice dice game
Aureylian (JSano19) 14 Dec 2016 "My Secret Santa Did WHAT?! (Mindcrack Christmas Exchange)" Pokemon cards for Boo, sparkling pink Santa hat, unicorn slippers
Pakratt0013 (SethBling) 15 Dec 2016 "Secret Santa 2016" Codenames and Codenames: Pictures board games
SethBling (Guude) 16 Dec 2016 "Mindcrack Secret Santa 2016 -- Day 8" Giant Mario figurine
Mhykol (OMGchad) 17 Dec 2016 "Mindcrack Secret Santa 2016 - Day 9" Hawkeye, Deadpool, Spider-Man, and Ant-Man POP! vinyl bobbleheads
AnderZEL (Pyrao) 19 Dec 2016 "Vlog - Anders A Good Boy? Mindcrack Secret Santa" Wario amiibo figurine, Tayto potato chips (spring onion, beef and onion, and salt and vinegar), small remote-controlled quadcopter
VintageBeef (Coestar) 20 Dec 2016 "Mindcrack Secret Santa Unboxing!" Santa hat, assortment of toys and treats for Daisy and Bubba, Christmas-themed cat sweater for Sara, collection of Super Nintendo games, Funko figurines, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim dragon figurine, Vegeta POP! vinyl, Enchantress figurine, Five Nights at Freddy's figurine, Super Scope for Super Nintendo, Montreal Canadiens cap
Coestar (PauseUnpause) 21 Dec 2016 "Mindcrack Secret Santa! Day 12" Mario Kart 8 blanket, Super Nintendo controller-shaped bar of soap
kurtmac (Aureylian) 22 Dec 2016 "Mindcrack Secret Santa Day 13 w/ KurtJMac" Remote-controlled Enzo Ferrari model
OMGchad (VintageBeef) 23 Dec 2016 "Mindcrack Secret Santa 2016, Day 14" Rick Sanchez (from Rick and Morty) Christmas sweater
Pyrao (Docm77)
Docm77 (W92Baj)


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