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Season 2[edit]

The second season of 7 Days to Die is a faction-like battle between two teams. The season premiered on 21 July 2015, with episodes being released every second day until its conclusion on 13 September. The objective is to be the first team to destroy the opposing team's land claim block, which can be protected by fortifications and defenses. The range of the land claim blocks was set to 1.[1] Players are not allowed to travel further than 2000 from the map center. The season was played in version Alpha 12.1, and Alpha 12.4 since episode 7.


According to Doc, Anderz was "extremely overconfident" and felt that the teams didn't need to be equal in size.[2] Avidya reaffirms this in his intro to episode 1, saying that the playing field was balanced by putting Anderz on the smaller team.[1] Coe says "none of us are in his league".[3]

Team Members
Team 1 Arkas AvidyaZEN Coestar W92Baj
Arkas AvidyaZEN Coestar W92Baj
Team 2 AnderZEL Docm77 Guude
AnderZEL Docm77 Guude



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