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The Minecraft avatar of AvidyaZEN
Artistic representation of AvidyaZEN's Minecraft avatar

Avidya in April 2013
Personal name Rob
Born (1973-03-23) 23 March 1973 (age 51)[1][2]
Country United States
Nationality American
Gender M
Other names
  • Avidya

AvidyaZEN, also known by his personal name Rob,[3] is an American former Let's Play commentator and current member of Mindcrack, having rejoined the Mindcrack Server in September 2012.[4] Avidya used to be a Let's Play commentator, but has ceased to be one, as video production cannot support him for a living; he now edits Guude's YouTube videos and Twitch livestreams.


Currently residing in Tucson, Arizona,[5] Avidya has stated that he moves often, changing residences at least ten times in the second grade alone.[6] He had at some point lived in Portland.[7] Avidya started to play video games when his dad brought an Atari home in the 1970s. He fell out of video gaming once other priorities took hold in high school. Avidya graduated from high school in 1991.[8]

When he served in the United States military, Avidya was stationed in Germany; this is when he bought a SNES and started playing video games again. He mentioned that he had to lug a M60 machine gun around every day.[9] He grew to greatly enjoy a PC game called Spear of Destiny while waiting for repairs on his own PCs. Purchasing this game led Avidya to play more and more computer and fewer and fewer console games, with Doom cementing his affinity for PC games.[10]

Avidya was a vegan for a number of years. He chose to be vegan because of health problems including being overweight.[11]

Let's Play[edit]

In August 2016, Avidya said that his "current living situation makes streaming/recording nearly impossible."[12] Many of his YouTube videos have since been deleted.

The YouTube avatar of AvidyaZen
Game Playlist Start date End date Brief description
Terraria 19 May 2011 Unknown Featuring Coestar, paulsoaresjr, davidr64 and Pizzle213
Quake "QUAKE!" 11 Jan 2012 Unknown
Portal 2 "Portal 2: CO-OP" 13 Aug 2012 Unknown Featuring Kalen
Quake Live "AvidyaZEN & Coestar Duel QuakeLive!" 30 Sep 2012 Unknown Featuring Coestar
Quake "Quake: Avidya + Coe Co-op" 3 Nov 2012 Unknown Featuring Coestar
Call of Duty: Black Ops II "AvidyaZEN BLOPS - Call Of Duty - Black Ops II" 28 Nov 2012 Unknown
Trials Evolution "Avidya Plays Trials Evolution" 15 Apr 2013 Unknown Featuring PauseUnpause
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive "Counter-Strike Global Offensive - Classic Competitive" 20 Apr 2013 Unknown Featuring BlameTC, PauseUnpause and W92Baj
Payday: The Heist "Payday: The Heist - Team Ca$h Money" 21 Apr 2013 Unknown Featuring generikb, Guude and PauseUnpause
Left 4 Dead "Left 4 Dead Co-op" 11 May 2013 Unknown Featuring Coestar, paulsoaresjr and davidr64
Rush Bros "Rush Bros VS PauseUnpause" 26 May 2013 Unknown Featuring PauseUnpause
Remember Me "Avidya Plays: Remember Me" 30 Jun 2013 Unknown
Cube World "Avidya Plays Cube World" 15 Jul 2013 Unknown Featuring PauseUnpause
Payday 2 "Payday 2 - Team Ca$h Money - The Crew Rides Again" 14 Aug 2013 Unknown Featuring generikb, Guude and PauseUnpause
Grid 2 "The Challenge: Grid 2 Time Attacks - S01" 21 Sep 2013 Unknown
Amnesia: The Dark Descent "Avidya Plays Amnesia: The Dark Descent" 8 Oct 2013 Unknown
Call of Duty: Ghosts "Avidya Plays Call Of Duty: Ghosts vs Pause" 12 Nov 2013 Unknown Featuring PauseUnpause
Battlefield 4 "Avidya & Pause Battlefield Bros." 14 Nov 2013 Unknown Featuring PauseUnpause
Garry's Mod "Random Gmod Mods" 30 Nov 2013 Unknown See Garry's Mod
Map Playlist or first video Date of First Video Date of Last Video Brief description
Survival single player "Avidya's Adventures Let's Play Series" 31 Oct 2010 Unknown
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer "AvidyaZEN MindCrack SMP" 28 Sep 2012 2 Sep 2015
Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer "FTB: Avidya + Coestar" 15 Nov 2012 4 Feb 2013 Featuring Coestar
Feed the Beast modded multiplayer "AvidyaZEN - Tame The Beast w/ Friends - 01 - Minecraft Feed The Beast Gameplay" 17 Nov 2012 Unknown On the "Tame the Beast" server by Biffa2001 and topmass, featuring many who are in the HermitCraft server
Mindcrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer "MindCrack: Feed The Beast" 24 Nov 2012 Unknown
Zombie Apocalypse "Minecraft: Zombie Apocalypse - Avidya + Coestar" 26 Jan 2013 Unknown Featuring Coestar


Having met each other through the Let's Play directory on the Minecraft Forums in November 2010,[13][14] Guude and Avidya became friends via The Spawn IRC created in March 2011.[15] According to a Reddit comment made by Avidya in April 2013, he was invited to join the Mindcrack Server in late-March 2011 before server whitelists were a feature of Minecraft;[16] server whitelists however were added in Minecraft Beta 1.3 in February 2011.[17]

Avidya released a video from the Season 3 server on 26 December 2011, titled "Happy Holidays Mindcrack!",[18] where he opened his community-gifted Christmas present.[19] He mentioned that his sandstone shack (location: 145, -785) was built in November 2011.[20] He said he rarely joined the server because he disliked multiplayer,[21] and as a result, was removed from the server whitelist for inactivity.[20]

Having retired from YouTube in May 2012,[22] Avidya came out of retirement in July 2012,[23] stating that he was interested in playing on the server, and was just waiting for Guude to supply him the IP address.[21] Avidya rejoined Mindcrack in September 2012,[24] releasing his first numbered video from the server on 28 September.[4]

Avidya's major project on the Season 4 server was his dojo. He currently resides in a collaborative base shared with Coestar,[25] and also a small solo base on the Season 5 server. His solo based is located on Zisteau's Lake SuckItAnderz,[26] surrounded by trees and tall grass to make the area more secluded.[27]


AvidyaZEN previously used the Minecraft account Avidya until June 2013. His first episode using the new account was Episode 42 released on 3 June 2013,[28][29] however UHC Season 11, which was released on 4 June 2013, was played using his old account as the season was recorded in May.

Avidya says he was informed by Mojang that his unpaid AvidyaZEN account could be taken from him, and upon learning that his alpha Avidya account has no special privileges, he decided to buy a new account to keep his online usernames consistent.[30]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Avidya's skin is based on "The Dude" from the film The Big Lebowski.[31] His shirt contains "The Spawn" logo, a gaming community website.

AvidyaZEN's clean skinAvidyaZEN's covered Minecraft skin

Previous/Alternate skins[edit]


  • Avidya has an 18-year old son.[34]

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