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Etho's jungle base was the second permanent residence he created on the MindCrack vanilla server's Season 3 map after his first settlement, which was created in a cave system. It was located in the vicinity of Zisteau's domain, which included the Lens and the "temporary" house. The jungle base was a work in progress that housed a storage structure equipped with beacons, a number of spawners preserved from the base's excavation, and three grass terrace rings that followed the circumference of the bridge. The structure was not completed at the time of the map reset.


Etho first expressed his desire to create a new underground base in a jungle biome in a video that he released on September 11, 2012. He was inspired in concept by a build he witnessed during the Alpha phase of Minecraft and used lessons learned from Nebris' underground fortress to create his design. One of the major issues he hoped to resolve involved the fact that the central chamber in Nebris' base was not always completely visible. During this episode, Etho envisioned the floating central storage room and the three grass ring tiers he would later build into the base.[1]

Excavation started during the September 11 episode.[1] Etho estimated that the excavation was approximately two-thirds complete by an episode released on September 27, 2012[2] and later hunted Withers for Nether stars in beacons so that the Haste II upgrade would make the remainder of the excavation more bearable.[3]


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