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NewMindcracker is a previously unidentified member of the Mindcrack Server. The first sighting of NewMindcracker was in an image tweeted by PauseUnpause on 23 September 2013.[1] The following day, NewMindcracker was added to the /r/mindcrack sidebar and as a flair,[2] implying it was more than just a simple practical joke. TerasHD had been tweeting vague messages, which gave fans the implication that he was NewMindcracker.[3] After the massive hype that was generated, TerasHD responded that he was not the new member.[4]

On 5 October 2013, SethBling announced he was joining the server when he uploaded his first episode from the server, revealing that he was the new member.[5]

During the 2013 Mindcrack Marathon, Notch briefly used the account to log into the server before the whitelisting of his main account was fixed.[6]

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