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The Minecraft avatar of PauseUnpause
Artistic representation of PauseUnpause's Minecraft avatar

Pause from his vlog
Alternative names Pause, Poose, Alex, James Blunt[1]
Gender M
Age 27[2][3]
Country Canada

PauseUnpause, also known simply as Pause, or as his personal name Alex, is a Canadian Let's Play commentator, a member of Mindcrack since November 2011 and a founding member of N3RDFUSION. He joined Mindcrack having been invited by Guude.


Alex, Andrea, and their dog Zelda unboxing a Loot Crate, October 2014

Pause is of Native Canadian descent from his mother's side. Pause's mother speaks Cree fluently, but Pause admits he had never embraced the culture growing up.[4] Pause regularly refers to himself as such, or includes jokes about his background in conversation.[5] He lived in Winnipeg, Manitoba before moving to Duncan, British Columbia in October 2012.[6]

Pause made his first public appearance in a vlog in November 2011 after hitting 3,000 subscribers,[7] and then again in a vlog celebrating New Year's Eve 2011.[8]

Pause described his previous full time job as a blue collar job working in a warehouse packing beer into crates for shipping.[9] At the beginning of May 2012, Pause announced that he had resigned his existing job and would be publishing to YouTube on a full-time basis.[10]

Contact and questions[edit]

Pause actively welcomes questions submitted by viewers and responds to them during his SMP videos and occasional dedicated features, which in the past have included "Triple Eh" shows (a play on the phrase 'triple A' and the stereotyped Canadian vocal mannerism of appending "Eh" to the end of sentences) and "Mailbox Thursdays".[11][12] These question and answer sessions are normally done in partnership with his wife, Andrea.

He provides two methods of contacting him to offer these, in addition to the usual YouTube features of video comments and private messaging. The first is via a dedicated e-mail address, which is He specifies these conditions for submitting questions:

  • "Please tell us whether or not you would like to be called by your name, if not maybe an alias. Troll questions wont be asked, so don't bother. Questions can range from personal issues to gaming or even just every day stuff. And again, we aren't professionals in anyway and that these will be our own opinions." (sic)
  • "And be sure to leave in the subject whether it is a 'Mailbox Thursday' or 'Triple eh Monday' question!"

The second is via his PO box, which includes sending gift items or items of unique interest.

PO Box 21024 Duncan Village PO
Duncan BC V9L 0C2[13]


Navi, Pause's pet cat

Pause and Andrea have a pet cat called Navi and had a hamster called Link (now deceased),[14] which are references to the Zelda characters of the same names. Pause has since adopted a Siberian Husky Pup named Zelda.[citation needed]

Let's Play[edit]

Pause previously uploaded Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 gameplay videos to a YouTube channel by the name of CODTurtle.[15] Pause reuploaded his first ever Minecraft video to his channel on 6 October 2012.[16]

Game Playlist Start date Brief description
Amnesia: The Dark Descent "Amnesia The Dark Descent" 5 Jun 2011
Terraria "Terraria" 7 Jun 2011 Featuring KyleTheBear, later lakersfan111888
Duke Nukem Forever "Duke Nukem Forever" 14 Jun 2011
Dead Horde "Dead Horde" 30 Jul 2011 Featuring lakersfan111888
Nightmare House 2 "Nightmare House 2" 22 Aug 2011
Dead Island "Dead Island" 5 Sep 2011
Amnesia: White Night "Pause Plays: Amnesia: White Night" 7 Dec 2011
AMY "Pause Plays AMY" 11 Jan 2012
Amnesia: Followed By Death "Pause Plays: Amnesia: Followed by Death" 28 Jan 2012
Alan Wake "Alan Wake" 20 Feb 2012
Left 4 Dead "Left 4 Derps" 29 Feb 2012 Featuring Millbee, VintageBeef and W92Baj
I Am Alive "I Am Alive" 7 Mar 2012
Octodad "Octodad" 17 Mar 2012
Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City "Resident Awful" 20 Mar 2012
The Walking Dead "The Walking Dead" 25 Apr 2012
Shoot Many Robots "Mindcrack Plays: Shoot Many Robots" 27 Apr 2012 Featuring Guude, VintageBeef and W92Baj. See Shoot Many Robots
Sniper Elite V2 "Sniper Elite V2" 9 May 2012 Featuring Guude. See Sniper Elite V2
Diablo III "Diablo 3" 15 May 2012 Featuring Zisteau
Project Zomboid "Pause Plays - Project Zomboid" 24 May 2012
Lone Survivor "Lone Survivor" 5 Jun 2012
Super Meat Boy "Super Meat Boy" 17 Jun 2012
DayZ "Day Z" 25 Jun 2012
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier "Ghost Recon: Future Soldier" 26 Jun 2012
The Binding of Isaac 30 Jun 2012
Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason "Pause Plays - Cryostasis" 16 Jul 2012
Mirror's Edge "Mirror's Edge" 18 Jul 2012
Deadlight "Pause Plays - Deadlight" 1 Aug 2012
Dark Souls 24 Aug 2012
Call of Cthulhu "Call of Cthulhu" 25 Aug 2012
Grey "Grey (Face Cam)" 28 Aug 2012
Black Mesa "Half-Life: Black Mesa" 20 Sep 2012
Chivalry: Medieval Warfare "Chivalry: Medieval Warfare" 2 Oct 2012 See Chivalry
Dishonored "Dishonored" 9 Oct 2012
Silent Hill 2 "Silent Hill 2" 16 Oct 2012 Featuring Andrea
Assassin's Creed III "Assassin's Creed" 30 Oct 2012
Mark of the Ninja "Mark of the Ninja" 2 Nov 2012
Halo 4 "Halo 4" 6 Nov 2012
Call of Duty: Black Ops II "Call of Duty: Black Ops II" 20 Nov 2012
Metro 2033 "Metro 2033" 22 Nov 2012
New Super Mario Bros. U "New Super Mario Bros. U" 6 Jan 2013 Featuring Andrea
Penumbra "Penumbra (All)" 21 Jan 2013
The Cave "The Cave" 24 Jan 2013
No Time To Explain "No Time To Explain" 30 Jan 2013
ARMA 2 "Wasteland" 1 Feb 2013 Featuring AnderZEL and W92Baj
Crysis 3 "Crysis 3" 19 Feb 2013
Trials Evolution Pause Plays: Trials Evolution 13 Mar 2013
Lego City Undercover "Lego City: Undercover" 19 Mar 2013
Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon "Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon" 5 Apr 2013 Discontinued due to copyright strikes
Counter-Strike: Global Offensive "CS:GO" 20 Apr 2013 Featuring Avidya, BlameTC, W92Baj and Juicetra
Payday: The Heist "Mindcrack FPS: Payday: The Heist" 21 Apr 2013 Featuring Avidya, generikb and Guude. See Team Ca$h Money
Heavy Rain "Pause Plays: Heavy Rain" 2 May 2013
MUD Motocross "MUD Motocross" 23 May 2013 Featuring W92Baj
Remember Me "Remember Me" 4 Jun 2013
Metro: Last Light "Metro Last Light" 24 Jun 2013
LittleBigPlanet "Little Big Planet" 28 Jun 2013 Featuring Andrea
Cube World "Cube World" 15 Jul 2013 Featuring AvidyaZEN. See Cube World
Payday 2 "Payday 2" 14 Aug 2013
Gone Home "Gone Home" 16 Aug 2013
Outlast "Outlast" 5 Sep 2013
Super Luigi U "Super Luigi U" 8 Sep 2013 Featuring Andrea
Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs "Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs" 10 Sep 2013 Featuring Andrea
Beyond: Two Souls "Beyond Two Souls" 9 Okt 2013
The Cat Lady "The Cat Lady - Episode 1 - Suicide" 5 Dec 2013
The Walking Dead: Season Two "The Walking Dead Season 2" 18 Dec 2014
Rust "Rust: The Tuna Bandits" 7 Jan 2014 Featuring OldManWillakers as the Tuna Bandits
Tiny Brains "Tiny Brains" 9 Jan 2014 Featuring kurtmac, Chiib and LDShadowLady
Garry's Mod 20 Jan 2014 See Garry's Mod.
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons "Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons" 29 Jan 2014
Octodad: Dadliest Catch "Octodad: Dadliest Catch" 31 Jan 2014
The Wolf Among Us "The Wolf Among Us" 5 Feb 2014
SpeedRunners "SpeedRunners" 6 Feb 2014 See SpeedRunners
Jazzpunk "Jazzpunk" 7 Feb 2014
Thief "Thief Gameplay Walkthrough" 26 Feb 2014
DayZ "DayZ Standalone" 10 Mar 2014 Featuring Chief
Yoshi's New Island "Yoshi's New Island" 16 Mar 2014
GoldenEye: Source "Goldeneye Source" 3 Apr 2014 Featuring AvidyaZEN, Coestar and Phedran
Viscera Cleanup Detail "Viscera Cleanup Detail" 10 Apr 2014 Featuring AvidyaZEN and Coestar
ARMA 3 "Arma 3 Battle Royale" 27 Apr 2014 Featuring Coestar and sevadus
Daylight "Daylight" 1 May 2014
The Hidden "The Hidden" 12 May 2014 Featuring Guude, OldManWillakers, Coestar and Millbee
Grand Theft Auto V "Grand Theft Auto 5 Multiplayer" 13 May 2014 Featuring VintageBeef, later Coestar. See Grand Theft Auto V
DreadOut "Dreadout" 16 May 2014
Space Engineers "Space Engineers Multiplayer" 19 May 2014 See Space Engineers
Among the Sleep "Among The Sleep" 30 May 2014
Mario Kart 8 31 May 2014
Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare "Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare" 24 Jun 2014 Later featuring Pyro_0, then Coestar
BattleBlock Theater "Battleblock Theater" 28 Jun 2014 Featuring OldManWillakers
Sniper Elite III "Sniper Elite 3" 9 Jul 2014 Featuring Guude
Journey "Journey" 19 Jul 2014
Wii Fit U "Wii Fit U 30 Day Challenge" 26 Jul 2014
Unturned "Unturned" 31 Jul 2014 Featuring AvidyaZEN, Coestar, Juicetra and sevadus
Magicite "Magicite" 3 Aug 2014 Featuring Coestar, HCJustin and Pyro_0
Call of Duty "Call of Duty" 18 Aug 2014 Featuring AvidyaZEN, W92Baj, Coestar, Juicetra, kurtmac, OMGchad and Pyro_0
The Sims 4 "The Sims 4" 5 Sep 2014
Various games "Battle Of The Bros" 8 Sep 2014 Featuring KyleTheBear. Loser of the selected game is punished
Destiny "Destiny" 10 Sep 2014 Featuring Guude and, for the final two episodes, Millbee
World of Diving "World Of Diving" 11 Sep 2014 Featuring OldManWillakers
The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter "The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter" 26 Sep 2014
Kraven Manor "Kraven Manor" 24 Oct 2014
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth "The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth 5 Nov 2014
Depth "Depth" 5 Nov 2014 See Depth
Never Alone "Never Alone" 18 Nov 2014
Don't Starve Together "Don't Starve Together" 7 Jan 2015 Featuring OldManWillakers
H1Z1 "H1Z1" 21 Jan 2015 Taken from a livestream
Life Is Strange "Let's Play Life Is Strange" 31 Jan 2015
The Order: 1886 "The Order: 1886 Gameplay Walkthrough" 20 Feb 2015
Hand Of Fate "Hand Of Fate | Pause Plays" 24 Feb 2015
Map Playlist Start date Brief description
"Minecraft's Edge" "Let's Play Minecraft - Minecrafts Edge" 3 Jul 2011
"Minecraft's Edge 2" "Let's Play Minecraft - Minecraft Edge 2" 6 Jul 2011
"Super Hostile #5: The Black Desert" "MineCraft: The Black Desert" 11 Jul 2011
"Super Hostile #9: Sunburn Islands" "The Sunburn Island" 20 Jul 2011
Survival singleplayer "Pauses Pursuit" 14 Sep 2011
"Super Hostile #8: Nightmare Realm" "Nightmare Realm" 26 Sep 2011
"Guude's 404 CTM" "Guude's 404 Challenge" 22 Oct 2011
Mindcrack Survival multiplayer 7 Nov 2011
"Super Hostile #10: Spellbound Caves" "Mashed Potatoes Spellbound Caverns" 4 Jan 2012 Featuring Mhykol
Modded Survival singleplayer with the Aether mod "Aether Mod" 5 Jan 2012
"Vinyl Fantasy" "PauseUnBeef - Vinyl Fantasy" 7 Feb 2012 Featuring VintageBeef. See Vinyl Fantasy
"Zelda Adventure" "Zelda Adventure" 26 Mar 2012
"Super Hostile #11: Lethamyr" "Lethamyr" 3 May 2012 Featuring VintageBeef. See Lethamyr
"The Chamber of the Creators" "Chamber of the Creators" 24 May 2012 Featuring VintageBeef and W92Baj. See The Chamber of the Creators
"Deathly Trails" "Deathly Trails with Beef" 29 May 2012 Featuring VintageBeef. See Deathly Trails
"MineZ" "MineZ" 26 Jun 2012 See MineZ
"Stay Forever Together" "Beef & Pause: Forever together" 7 Jul 2012 Featuring VintageBeef. See Stay Forever Together
"Super Hostile #14: Waking Up" "Super Hostile #14 - Wake Up" 31 Jul 2012
"AmnesiaCraft" "AmnesiaCraft" 12 Sep 2012
"Alucard" "Team Nancy Drew - Alucard" 30 Sep 2012
"Super Hostile #5: Black Desert II" "Black Desert II" 6 Dec 2012 Featuring VintageBeef. See Black Desert II
Mindcrack Feed the Beast Modded multiplayer "Feed The Beast" 7 Jan 2013
"From Ashes" "From Ashes" 29 Jan 2013 Featuring VintageBeef. See From Ashes
Dungeon Realms Modded Survival multiplayer "Dungeon Realms" 20 Feb 2013 Featuring Team Nancy Drew. See Dungeon Realms
"Dwarves vs Zombies" "Dwarves Vs. Zombies" 21 Mar 2013 Featuring many, including OldManWillakers, Guude, W92Baj, Millbee and BlameTC
"Ruins Of The Mindcrackers" "Ruins Of The Mindcrackers" 6 Apr 2013 Featuring Team Canada
"Ruins Of The Mindcrackers II" "Ruins Of The Mindcrackers II" 16 Jul 2013 Featuring Team Canada
"Uncharted Territory 3" "Uncharted Territory 3" 20 Sep 2013 Featuring Team Canada
PixelLeague Pixelmon server "Minecraft Pixelmon" 17 Jan 2014 See PixelLeague
"Simulation Protocol #01 – Animosity" "Simulation Protocol : Animosity" 11 Feb 2014 Featuring Team Canada
Orespawn SMP server "Tuna Bandits: Orespawn" 27 Feb 2014 Featuring OldManWillakers
"15 Seconds" "Seth Bling's 15 Seconds" 4 Mar 2014
"From Flames" "Pause & Beef From Flames (CTM)" 27 Mar 2014 Featuring VintageBeef. See From Flames
Mindcrack CrackPack Modded multiplayer "Mindcrack Crackpack" 20 May 2014
"Revenge of Cookie" "Revenge Of Cookie" 6 Jul 2014 Featuring Arkas, Guude, JustVan, OMGchad, Coestar and OldManWillakers
"Lords of Minecraft" "Lords of Minecraft" 24 Jul 2014
"Diversity" "Diversity #1 ft. VintageBeef" 25 Sep 2014 Featuring VintageBeef. See Diversity
"TolkienCraft II" "Minecraft: TolkienCraft II" 23 Nov 2014 Featuring sevadus
"Diversity 2" "Minecraft Diversity 2" 22 Dec 2014 Featuring VintageBeef. See Diversity 2
"DayM" "Minecraft: Day M" 17 Jan 2015 Featuring sevadus
"Terra Restore" "Minecraft Terra Restore" 10 Feb 2015 Featuring VintageBeef. See Terra Restore


Having been a fan of Super Hostile, Pause interviewed Vechs1 in August 2011. Through Vechs, Pause became friends with Cleophas, joehillssays and Zisteau. Zisteau formed Team Tunnel Rats with Joe, Cleo and Pause to participate in the second Race for Wool. It was here that Pause first met Guude.[17] Guude had previously watched Pause's 404 Challenge series and was entertained by his poor style of gameplay.[18] Pause has said he is "super happy and super grateful" and "wouldn't be in this position today" without it, particularly for the friendships developed through his membership.[19]

Pause joined the Mindcrack Server soon after the members were allowed to leave the spawn village. His first video on the server was released on 2 November 2011, titled and misspelled "Minecrack Guided Tour with Guude".[20] Guude allowed Pause a plot next to jsano19 but Pause chose not to settle there after digging into a cave that connects to jsano's. Pause also chose not to build in town because he didn't want to bring down the visual quality of the surrounding builds. He traveled west of spawn and settled there instead.[21] His first base was a teepee near spawn,[22] which was changed into an igloo during a prank by W92Baj.[23]

Pause's second base was over 10,000 blocks in a Westward direction. It was built underground and housed his donation room, a brewing room, wheat and melon farms, and an underwater tree farm. At one point the brewing room was named Billy's Brewing Room, named after Pause's first chicken "Billy". Pause moved a villager from the closest village to the brewing room. Prior to making this room for brewing, it was used as an Egg harvester for use on a prank on Guude. Above ground, Pause started to build the Great Deku Tree but Baj built a Fez on top of it. Pause liked the Fez so much that he kept it. Pause also built a floating pyramid above the water.

Upon the map reset in July 2014, Pause's activity on the server fell. He only joined the server few times, notably during a drunken livestream with Coestar on 9 August 2014,[24] and later the Slaying of the Wither event.[25] On 30 October 2014, Pause joined the server during one of Pakratt0013's livestreams with his ghost_Pause account to "haunt" Pakratt alongside spoooky_ghost.[26] Upon OMGchad joining the server, Pause became active on the server again.[27]

Ultimate Miner[edit]

SuperMCGamer had been publishing a long running tournament to find the most accomplished Mindcrack player competing, which was organized in collaboration with the Minecraft community website "The Spawn" and server hosting company "Xela Servers."[28] Pause was announced as the winner of this tournament on 28 April 2012, beating 17 other players to attain the accolade.[29] As a prize for winning the championship, mcgamer pranked him by covering his home in chests filled with Wooden Pickaxes.[30]


Interviewer Recording(s) Topics
5 Nov 2013 OMGchad "PauseUnpause and OMGchad Chat // Minecon 2013"

Personal life[edit]

Pause suffers from anxiety disorder, and seasonal affective disorder during autumn and winter.[31][32] He has previously been prescribed lorazepam[31] and clonazepam,[33] but now currently uses medicinal marijuana to alleviate symptoms.[32] His anxiety caused him to miss PAX East 2015.[34]

Pause uploaded a video to his channel on 18 January 2012 protesting the Stop Online Piracy Act.[35]

In Pause Tweeted disapproval of the Russian LGBT propaganda law and the increased level of violence against LGBT people that followed.[36] He Tweeted support following the Marriage and Civil Partnership Act being passed in February 2014, which legalized same-sex marriage in Scotland.[37]

Pause has stated he is heterosexual,[38] but has otherwise shown to be flexible with his sexuality jokingly referring to his sex life as a "a rotating door of men" during episode 1 of the N3RDFUSION Podcast.[39]

On 12 October 2014, Pause wed his long time girlfriend Andrea in a small ceremony in Canada.[40] As a surprise, Andrea had the Legend of Zelda phrase "it's dangerous to go alone" engraved on the inside of Pause's wedding ring.[41] During a 18 April 2015 livestream, Pause announced he and Andrea were expecting their first child, sharing images of the ultrasound.[42]

Minecraft skin[edit]

Pause's Minecraft skin is inspired by his First Nations ethnicity. Since late-2014, Pause has used a 1.8 skin featuring his formal suit as the outer layer.[1][43]

PauseUnpause's Minecraft skin

Previous/alternate skins[edit]


  • Pause's birthday is incorrectly set to 18 September on his Skype profile.[45]
  • Pause is the only Mindcracker to have met thejims in real life, having met him at BlizzCon 2013.[46]

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