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For the 7 Days to Die server, see 7 Days to Die Mindcrack Server

The Mindcrack Server, previously MindCrack Server,[a] is the whitelisted, unmodified Minecraft multiplayer server that the Mindcrack members and VIP Guests play on. Founded in December 2010 by Guude and friend since high school madcow21, the server is currently on its seventh world. A new season may be brought about by a variety of reasons, after which the previous map is no longer used. The first multiplayer world is referred to as season 2, since Guude's singleplayer series was called season 1. Therefore, the current world is known as season 8.

Season 2 persisted for 9 months until September 2011; season 3 for 22 months until July 2013; season 4 for 12 months until July 2014; season 5 for 27 months until October 2016; season 6 for 30 months until April 2019; and Season 7 for 14 months until June 2020.

In S2E12 of the Mindcrack Podcast on 18 May 2020 it was announced that Patrons supporting the Mindcrack Patreon at $25 per month would be able to join the Mindcrack server after the Patreon's $5,000 per month goal gets reached. Patrons would be unable to interact with the world within an undecided radius, and the server would be modded to allow Patrons to claim protected areas outside that radius.[1]

Season 2[edit]

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The first Mindcrack multiplayer map was founded by Guude and his real life friend madcow21, with the first video was released on 8 December 2010.[2] Beginning in Minecraft Alpha 1.2.5, the map was used prior to the release of Minecraft Beta 1.8. Since March 2011, Guude displayed an overviewer map of the world[3] and the server chat logs on guudelp.com.[4]


MembersJoin date
GuudeOctober 2010
ThejimsDecember 2010
AlcimedesDecember 2010
Madcow21December 2010
NebrisJanuary 2011
CrysixJanuary 2011
JSano19January 2011
Espie23January 2011
AdlingtontFebruary 2011
KuroroFebruary 2011
StennettMarch 2011
MhykolApril 2011
DavmandaveMay 2011
KennedyzakMay 2011
ShreeyamMay 2011
VintageBeefMay 2011
W92BajMay 2011


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Season 3[edit]

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The second multiplayer Mindcrack map began on 14 September 2011, upon the release of Minecraft Beta 1.8.[5] The seed was originally going to be MindCrack,[6] but was changed to Guude Is Best due to its preferred terrain.[5] The world spawn was somehow changed to 0, 0, instead of within the main (snow-less) taiga biome nearby.[5] Guude had originally teleported players away from the undesired spawn if they had not reset their spawnpoint.[7]


The map restart saw Kuroro and Kennedyzak removed from the server's whitelist, with BdoubleO100, Mhykol, and contest winners Pakratt0013, just_defy and Arkas joining the server at the same time.[6]

MembersJoin date
GuudeOctober 2010
ThejimsDecember 2010
Madcow21December 2010
JSano19January 2011
NebrisJanuary 2011
AdlingtontFebruary 2011
MhykolApril 2011
DavmandaveMay 2011
ShreeyamMay 2011
VintageBeefMay 2011
W92BajMay 2011
Pakratt0013September 2011
ArkasSeptember 2011
Just defySeptember 2011
BdoubleO100September 2011
PauseUnpauseOctober 2011
EthoNovember 2011
Docm77November 2011
SuperMCGamerDecember 2011
KurtmacJanuary 2012
AnderZELApril 2012
PyraoApril 2012
ZisteauApril 2012
MillbeeJune 2012
GenerikbAugust 2012
AvidyaZENSeptember 2012
BlameTCOctober 2012
PaulsoaresjrDecember 2012
DinnerboneJune 2013


In September 2012, the server updated to snapshot version 12w38b.[8] The server continued to update to the latest stable snapshot through to the end of the map, just prior to the official release of Minecraft 1.6. Guude continued displaying server chat logs on guudelp.com until it was unsupported in May 2013.

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Season 4[edit]

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Beginning of the World[edit]

The third multiplayer Mindcrack map began on 1 July 2013, upon the release of Minecraft 1.6. The server started in UHC mode, with the plan to turn off UHC mode after the Ender Dragon and a Wither had been killed. Each player had their amount of deaths displayed below their name and in the TAB list as an incentive to not die to reset their health.[9] The beginning of the world was recorded by easycgi. Footage of the introduction and the following night's zombie apocalypse was shown in the background of episode 44 of the Mindcrack Podcast.[10]




Entering the Nether[edit]

Members of the Mindcrack server entered the Nether of the season 4 world together on the evening of 3 July 2013. This group collected the first quartz and glowstone, explored the Nether fortress and fought blazes to make potions. Naming a zombie pigman "Zisteau" and visiting Sparkles the charged creeper





The server whitelist as of August 2013

Season 4 began with 24 active Mindcrack members.

JL2579 and SethBling joined the server as guests for the introduction of UHC Season 12. JL was later removed from the whitelist. Vechs1 joined the Mindcrack server as its newest member in July 2013.[11] On 16 August 2013, ShreeyamGFX announced via an /r/mindcrack post that he would be leaving Mindcrack.[12] Guude kept him on the whitelist, saying he was welcome to return.[13]

Vechs1 began using Vechs_ as his main account in September 2013.[14] The same month, an unidentified NewMindcracker began appearing on the server. Guude explained that the use of the alias was so that the new member could play without viewers knowing who they were, because they had a big project they wanted to serve as their reveal.[15] The new Mindcracker was revealed to be SethBling on 5 October.[16] Although Seth's project never became a reality, it was later revealed to be "Seth Week", a week where Seth would spend a week in creative mode to transition into his survival Let's Play.[17]

During 2013 Mindcrack Marathon, Guude proposed that a $10,000 donation would see the donor join the server as a guest.[18]

Aureylian joined Mindcrack in May 2014, having been introduced by a storyline created by mcgamer[19] that involved her "burning" down various buildings around spawn.[20] MC says the storyline was initially a way of getting more involved with other members of the server, but incorporated Aureylian after learning she would be joining the server.[21]

Having appeared as guests on the CrackPack server, both sevadus and Coestar joined the Mindcrack server in July 2014. Sev joined during a livestream on 4 July in which he "unintentionally" logged onto the vanilla server instead of the CrackPack server,[22] while Coe was introduced with his covert appearance in the Season 4 Server Tour.[23]


Shortly before the Wither fight it was decided by group vote to leave UHC mode on for an undefined amount of time.[citation needed] Kurt mentioned that UHC mode may be turned off with the full release of Minecraft 1.7,[24] however Guude later confirmed that UHC mode would be kept on for the foreseeable future.[25]

Some members, including Millbee[26] and W92Baj,[27] have expressed their dislike of UHC mode, while others have said that they enjoy it because it makes the game tougher, including Zisteau,[28] AnderZEL and Guude.[29]

On 2 April 2014, Guude announced via Twitter that UHC mode had been deactivated on the server.[30]

Season 5[edit]

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Beginning of the World[edit]

The fourth multiplayer Mindcrack map began on 18 July 2014, using the most recent stable snapshot, 14w28b. AnderZEL[31] and paulsoaresjr[32] had tweeted images of their starting homes to tease viewers before the initial videos were released the next day. The map began as a 500x500 area enclosed by the world border, with world spawn set to 0, 0. The world was to expand by 10 blocks every day (5 in each direction) until it reached 2000x2000 (which was expected to take 5 months), at which point it would increase by only 2 blocks per day for the remainder of the season.[33] The world seed was found via a program that sevadus wrote to view overworld biomes.[34] It was used to evaluate how beneficial the layout of the world would be in relation to the world border.[35]





Season 5 began with 29 active Mindcrack members, including Coestar and sevadus, who had both joined at the end of Season 4.

Aureylian revealed that the top overall donor to Mindcrack's Extra Life page during the 2014 Mindcrack Marathon would be given access to the server for 24 hours.[36] At the end of the stream, Mojang game developer SuperJohan2000's donation of $1337 was the largest standalone donation.[37] "Anonymousless"/Robert Meyers was thought to be a contender for highest overall donor, with at least $2500 worth of donations.[b] At the end of the stream, generikb proposed that a standalone $3000 donation would see the donor allowed access to the server for 24 hours as well.[37]

In October 2014, a spoooky_ghost began haunting the server. New member OMGchad was exposed as the ghost.[42]

To re-energize his series, Guude announced in February 2015 that he would record a new episode for every $500 raised on his Extra Life page, adding that when the total reached $10,000, the highest donor at the time would be allowed to join the server to feature as a guest in one of his episodes.[43] He clarified that safety measures would be in place to keep the server IP secure.[44] VintageBeef had plans to have a guest join the server as part of his series too.[45] Guude released his episode with top donor CH33ZY_89 on 3 March 2015, featuring the two of them building a hospital that CH33ZY had designed beforehand.[46]

PauseUnpause mentioned in March 2016 that he OMGchad were interested in inviting viewers to play on the server during their "Fancy Fridays" livestreams.[47]


The first major community area constructed was Spawn Town, located at the world spawn. After two weeks, development was to begin on four themed towns, one in each corner of the map. The themes were redstone, farming, minigames (Guudeland), and shopping.[48]

sevadus published @MindcrackStats, a Twitter account that regularly posted how large the world border had grown to,[49] though the account was not linked to the server itself, and it often became unsynchronized.[50][51] Guude revealed that the script he ran each day to expand the world border was named "Desmond",[52] a reference to the LOST character of the same name.[53]

With construction on the four themed towns underway, the group decided to slow the world border to half its original pace (now expanding only 5 blocks every day) in August 2014.[54][55] Some time in October the group decided to no longer have annual map resets.[56] World spawn was moved to Market Land in November 2014 in an attempt to counteract how laggy Spawn Town had become.[57] The Shrinking Border PvP event signified the world border being disabled.[58]

As part of the website update, the server chat logs and overviewer map have been displayed on MindcrackLP.com since 10 November 2014.[59] mcgamer found the server's first stronghold later the same month while he was caving and exploring.[60] Etho and Docm77 built an enderman farm the following day, while the Ender Dragon was still alive.[61] The Slaying of the Ender Dragon occurred as a group of 11 participants, with videos being released on 15 December 2014.[62]

In February 2015, Guude moved world spawn to Town Hall at 44, 0,[63] though AvidyaZEN reported spawning on the roof of Town Hall, instead of within the building.[64]

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