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Noah was a villager in Season 3 found in the NPC village near Guude's mountain home. He was found by Guude in the Ark that Guude built within the vicinity of his base, trapped in dirt beside a sign that read "BREED HIM!".[1] Guude gave him the name Noah in the following episode.[2] He inhabited the cabin atop the Ark with a room furnished for him.[3] Noah went missing one day but was discovered in the hull of the Ark.[4] He, along with another testificate named Fred, was moved into a large village constructed by Guude, and left to populate the settlement. Noah and several other villagers were presumed to have been accidentally killed after a prank by AnderZEL in which the village was covered by an artificial hill whose underside was not completely well-lit. Guude created a unique outro in memory of Noah for episode 223. The artwork used in it was by 440Hertz.[5][6] The wheat farm atop the Ark was replaced with a memorial to Noah.[7]

  • Owner: Guude
  • Found: 11 January 2012
  • Status: Deceased


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