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The completed Ark as of 23 September 2012.

The Ark is was structure and passive mob sorter that was created by Guude on the vanilla post-1.8 server. It was designed in the shape of the Ark, a reference to Noah's Ark from the Biblical book of Genesis. Its purpose, also in reference to the story of Noah and the Ark, was to hold pairs of animals to be bred. Construction of the Ark began in a video that Guude released on December 30, 2011. The Ark lies next to the majority of Guude's builds, including his elemental towers and house.[1]

The Ark was the subject of a prank by Etho and Docm77 along with Guude's other properties in which a large number of boats were stuck into the Ark's walls. Guude's reaction to the prank was posted on January 11, 2012.[2] PauseUnpause later pranked the Ark by filling it with chickens, which Guude discovered on a video that he uploaded on January 19, 2012.[3]

Design and purpose[edit]

Guude used GIMP to find the Ark's dimensions and plan its assembly.[1] Within the Ark, pairs of each passive mob are stored within minecarts that are held in cubby-holes by glass blocks supported by pistons. Upon request, any pair of animals can be called to the back end of the Ark by means of tracks connected by redstone signals. Once the two animals are bred, the child animal falls into a shallow stream of water that carries it out the back end of the Ark and into a pen.[2] In practice, the pen was been used to breed sheep for use in other projects, including the sky blue wool necessary for use in the construction of Guude's netherwart farm.[3] The top of the Ark holds a house that was initially home to a villager testificate named Noah. A wheat farm was also built atop the Ark to facilitate the breeding process.[3]


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