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An outside view of Guude's house

Guude's house on the MindCrack Season 3 server was constructed atop a hill in an extreme hills biome in the vicinity of the Casa BdoubleO, BdoubleO100's first house away from the Spawn village. The house is part of a wider area that includes the Arena, Guude's elemental towers, his village and the Ark, among other buildings. The house also included an extensive basement area.

The house was the target of a triple prank in which W92Baj seeded the house with melons; BdoubleO filled the house and basement with snowmen; and adlingtont filled his basement with a multitude of sheep and dyed them all different colors.[1] It was later targeted by Zisteau and converted into a "spidercube" in which the house was covered in chests filled with spider eyes.[2]

The house's basement was, for a while, home to the sheep BdoubleA.[3] The sheep was later dyed pink.[4] When adlingtont filled the basement with dyed sheep, Guude could not differentiate BdoubleA and killed all the sheep (presumably including BdoubleA) while cleaning up the prank.[1]

Guude left the house after updating the server to version 1.3, starting fresh in a more remote portion of the server.[5]


An interior shot of the mountain house

He started work on his house in an episode that he released on December 2, 2011; the first part of his house to have been constructed was a porch with mossy cobblestone flooring. Guude started his house shortly after BdoubleO had claimed a nearby region for the Casa BdoubleO.[6] Guude continued to work on his house for the next few episodes and finished constructing his house by an episode he released on December 7 and began to focus instead on furnishing the rooms of the structure.[7] He later decided to build a rope bridge to a nearby mountain[8] where he eventually decided to place his Fire Tower. A massive Guude carpet on that he built into his patio was replaced on a December 12 episode with a swimming pool[9] that adlingtont replaced with blocks of precious metal during his prank on the house in February 2012.[10] The fireplace in his living room, suggested by licorice528, was added on December 12 alongside the original swimming pool.[9]

A view of Guude's underground storage room

Basement and storage[edit]

During an episode that Guude released two days later on December 9, he showcased a water drop from his mountain home to the beginnings of his basement and discussed his intent to expand the basement to include a reed farm and a brewing room.[11] By December 12, Guude had developed the basement further, including a glass bridge across a ravine that could connect his basement to his main storage area.[9] He half-slabbed his basement corridors by December 19, adding a piston-based device that could introduce glowstone lighting into the dark hallways on demand.[12]

Guude released an episode on Christmas day showcasing a minecart storage system he devised against one of the walls of his basement corridors.[3] He later discovered on a January 15 episode that his chest-laden minecarts had disappeared, a possible result of a recent patch.[4]


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