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The Minecraft avatar of pantone2738U

Pantone2738U in real life
Country Canada
Gender F
Other names Pantone2738U, Pantone

pantone2738U, also known simply as Pantone, is a former inactive member of the defunct MindCrack Fan Server. She joined the server on May 2012 after she was invited by her boyfriend armagedon41.[1][2] She left the server on May 2013. Pantone's name comes from a proprietary color space called Pantone Matching System. 2738U is a Pantone uncoated color, equivalent to the hex color #2D008E.[3]

MindCrack Fan Server[edit]

Before the 1.5 map reset, Pantone had a plot in the Alpine Valley neighborhood of Blockhaven. She built one of the largest structures in town: a giant blue TARDIS. According to Pantone, "it obstructs views, and is awesome."[4] The giant bike on top of the TARDIS was built as a Christmas gift because she wanted a bike for Christmas.[5] Pantone had built and had helped build several community structures, including the cow farm, the sheep farm with PurpleNepenthe,[6] the town hall with RainbowCrisp at the center of town[7] and the Halloween party area with several others.

Pantone traveled thousands of blocks across a massive ocean in search of new lands. Her base could be accessed through the ridiculously long Blue tunnel in the Nether. In her portion of the tunnel, she planned to build a spirit town and forest road based on Spirited Away. At her base, there was a villager hut and a mountain village that she had planned to build with others, including rayman86.[8]

Video Notable events Featuring
7 Oct 2012 "Metabolizing the Adipose"
  • Cleaning up Oddmast's Adipose prank

Minecraft skin[edit]

pantone2738U's skin

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